cbd oil under tongue

Why to Apply CBD Oil Under Tongue

Ever since CBD gained a rise on the market, the variety of CBD products has skyrocketed. Not only can you get it in different concentrations, tinctures, and even CBD oil under tongue, but you can choose how you want to apply or ingest CBD oil yourself. Everything from balms, oils, sprays, drops, or even chewables like gummies and capsules are available. You can puff CBD, apply it to your skin, or take it by mouth. There’s nearly no limit to it.

Each method of taking CBD has its pros and cons. But the method we are going to focus on is called the sublingual method. In layman’s terms, it’s placing CBD oil under the tongue to take it. We believe this is one of the most efficient ways to use CBD oil. Still, it may seem a bit questionable, so we’re here to clarify any questions or info you may have about it.

In this article, we will cover topics like how to perform the sublingual method with CBD oil, why it works, why it’s great, and any potential risks that may come with it. So sit back, get ready for a quick read, and let’s begin.

CBD Oil and the Sublingual Method

A Quick Summary

Don’t have time to go in-depth? Here’s a quick summary of everything you need to know about it.

The sublingual method of taking CBD oil is effective because of the thin sublingual membrane under your tongue. By letting the CBD oil come in contact with the membrane, it can more easily enter your bloodstream and have a faster effect on your body.

All you need to do to have it absorb properly is to lift your tongue. After dropping a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, don’t swallow it. If you swallow the oil, it will likely take longer to enter the bloodstream since it will go through your digestive tract.

Hold the CBD oil on your sublingual membrane for anywhere between 1 minute and 2 minutes. That should be enough time for the membrane to absorb a good amount of the oil. If you still feel oil remaining after those 2 minutes, then you can safely swallow it.

CBD oil is the only version of CBD that can use this method. Unless there is an MCT carrier, other forms like vapes and e-liquids won’t really hold on the sublingual membrane.

The Detailed Procedure

cbd oil under tongue

We’ve given you the quickest explanation and method of the sublingual method of administering CBD oil. If you’re searching for more details and info, then keep reading.

How To Apply CBD Oil Under Tongue

Being able to do this without gagging or swallowing right away might take some practice. First, open your mouth wide enough. You have to be able to lift your tongue comfortably. Then, use the dropper of your CBD oil to place a few drops. Don’t use more drops than necessary, or it will become more difficult to hold in your mouth.

Don’t swallow the oil yet. Let it sit underneath your tongue for 1-2 minutes. This will let the membrane absorb as much oil as it can during that time.

Should you swallow it? As long as you leave the oil for long enough under your tongue, it should be okay to swallow afterward. CBD oil is generally safe to swallow and ingest. We advise you not to swallow it right away since absorption under the tongue will act faster than if you swallow it and absorb it through digestion.

One downside to this method is you will likely taste the oil. CBD oil has a peculiar, earthy taste that isn’t everyone’s preference. If it’s not up to your taste, be ready with some water or juice to wash it down.

Advantages of Sublingual Absorption

So why is it good to take CBD oil under your tongue?

Sublingual absorption is the method’s name because it takes advantage of a part in your mouth called the sublingual membrane. That membrane covers a pretty wide blood vessel on the underside of your mouth. If you allow that membrane to absorb a liquid, in this case, CBD, it can enter your bloodstream much faster than by swallowing it.

Why would you want it to be fast-acting? The faster your body absorbs CBD oil, the faster you can feel its effects. Many people take CBD oil to relieve stress and anxiety. Some even take it to help them sleep. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep sooner rather than later?

Another advantage to this method is that it’s quick and easy. Once you get used to holding it under your tongue, dropping in CBD oil barely takes any effort. You can easily sneak some oil under your tongue during a quick break, whether at home or at the workplace.

Not only does it absorb faster, but the sublingual membrane also absorbs it more efficiently. Since it’s pretty much direct absorption, you will need less oil to gain the effects and benefits. By taking a less efficient, slower absorption method like swallowing it, the effects might be dulled a bit once it reaches your bloodstream. You can be more thrifty on those expensive CBD drops, too.

Disadvantages of Sublingual Absorption

This all might sound too good to be true. So are there any negatives or downsides to taking CBD oil via the sublingual membrane?

The main downside is that you need to get used to it. This is a habit that will get easier with practice. The first few times, you will likely fumble with the dropper, accidentally swallow it, or be unable to position your tongue properly. These are all normal learning steps that you will get past eventually.

Here are some tips on how to to take CBD oil under the tongue for the first time:

Use a mirror. Whether a hand mirror or your bathroom mirror, it will help to see yourself drop the oil. You will get a better grasp of the distance of the dropper from your mouth.

Ask a friend. Your friend and companion can either guide your hand or be the one to drop it in directly. Of course, you don’t want to keep relying on your friend for taking the CBD, so you’ll want to learn it on your own eventually.

Get a special dropper. Some CBD oil droppers are made specifically for this method. They do make the process easier, but you’ll still have to figure it out.

Does CBD Oil Taste Bad?

Another downside to taking CBD oil this way is how it tastes. Although you will taste it more if you ingest it above your tongue instead of keeping it beneath, the taste can still be quite intense. In most cases, it’s bitter and a bit overwhelming. It may burn a bit, even, because of how bitter and grassy it gets. This is a common problem that can be overcome by washing the taste out with juice or water.

You should be aware, though, if you begin having adverse reactions. If you start feeling a burning pain instead of just a burning flavor, that is another situation. Once that happens, consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

Why might this happen? If the oil wasn’t extracted well, it might have other chemical compounds or solvents in it. This means it’s a bad product. In other cases, it might be an allergic reaction. Although the likelihood of you having allergies to CBD is low, it’s still possible. You might want to get some allergy tests to uncover any other allergies you may have.

Other Ways of Taking CBD Oil

How does the sublingual method compare to other ways of ingesting CBD oil? As we mentioned, there are so many other ways to take CBD, whether in gummy form, vapor form, or other liquid forms. Let’s look at some comparisons:

Effect Time

How long does it take for different methods to take effect? Simply swallowing the oil will require 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect. If you apply it rectally, it could take up to an hour. Inhaling or vaping is probably the fastest, taking 10 to 20 minutes. Topical application may need up to 45 minutes. The sublingual method needs 15 to 25 minutes to take effect.

So if vaping is faster, why isn’t it more popular? Well, vaping needs a vape pen or a vaporizer to do it. Not everyone wants to carry around a vape pen or vaporizer. Bringing a vial of CBD oil is still much more convenient. The time difference isn’t that great anyway.

Eating CBD

cbd oil under tongue

Why not just eat CBD? As we saw from the time comparisons, it’s a very ineffective way of absorbing CBD. Not only does it take long, but it gets broken down more on its way to your body. The more broken down it gets, the less potent it becomes. Once the CBD oil reaches your body through stomach absorption and digestion, you might not feel the effects. You will end up needing more oil just to get the same intensity of relief and relaxation from CBD.

Numerically, only 4% of the CBD oil you swallow will be absorbed by your bloodstream and to your receptors.

Topical Application of CBD

Wouldn’t topical applications of CBD be more convenient than a dropper? After all, people are used to rubbing balms or creams on their skin.

You may think it’s more effective, but topical applications of CBD don’t enter your bloodstream. They will only take effect in the area you applied it to. These are more for skin relief than any full-body effect such as relaxation.

Vaping CBD

So is vaping CBD still the most effective? Technically, it is. You get to absorb more than 50% of the CBD you vaporize. This is a good ratio since the sublingual method only lets you absorb about 30-40% of the CBD potency. Vaping CBD is helpful because the membranes of your respiratory system instantly let the CBD enter the bloodstream and take effect on your body. Once vaped, you only need about 10 to 20 minutes before you’ll feel it.

The only downside is, as we’ve mentioned, the convenience of it. Besides, vaping isn’t as discreet as using an oil dropper, and it isn’t as fast either. Vaping isn’t welcome in all workplaces, too.

Rectal Application of CBD

Taking CBD through the rectum is still a valid method. It’s fast and effective. But, it can be inconsistent. You can’t always estimate how fast the effect will come or how much CBD is absorbed by your body. You also don’t want to do this too often because it could compromise your bowel movement or even give you hemorrhoids. It could get quite uncomfortable, too.

We still wouldn’t advise rectal application. There aren’t many CBD products yet that are designed specifically for rectal application, so we’re not sure how trustworthy it is yet.

Choosing Your CBD Method

So there you have it, the pros and cons of the sublingual application of CBD oil. We’ve also discussed the ups and downs of other ways of absorbing CBD oil. Not only should you consider how fast the CBD oil will act depending on its method of absorption, but you should also consider any health risks, conveniences, and preferences you might have. Maybe swallowing the oil is easier, but do you want that taste lingering in your mouth?

Our top recommendation will still be to take the CBD oil by putting it under your tongue. It’s quick, easy, and you can wash it down with your favorite drink afterward. It’s convenient for any time of day. The effects will also stay longer, going for up to 8 hours. If you take CBD to help you sleep, that’s a perfect amount of time.

If you’re still unsure of how to go about CBD oil, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your physician, healthcare professional, or even us can provide you with lots of info. It’s important for you to decide how you want to take CBD oil for yourself. It’s your medicine, so take control and do what you think is best.

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