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How to make a Homemade Bong

Ever wondered how to make a homemade bong? A pipe or bong is easily one of the best ways you can smoke marijuana. Pipes are super useful and incredibly simple devices. And they’re very easy to use too. Simply put your weed in the bowl, light it up, and grab the mouthpiece to take a hit. Bongs are just larger versions of pipes with a few additional features. With bongs, you get a base that can purify and cool the smoke before you inhale it.

Pipes and bongs come in a variety of shapes and designs. But making your own homemade pipe or bong is possible. If you sometimes get stuck in a desperate situation where you have the weed but nothing to smoke it out of, a homemade pipe of bong can be incredibly useful.

How to make a homemade bong or pipe.

how to make a homemade bong

With some ingenuity and our tips, you can make a pipe or bong from almost anything in the house. You’ll find that the raw materials are usually already nearby. Some of these everyday items include pumpkins, apples, plastic containers, peppers, toilet paper rolls, etc. In addition to common items like these, there are a few other items you’ll definitely need.

Pens are one of the handiest items for homemade pipes and bongs. Just the pen alone can be made into a simple pipe. However, with homemade bongs, they’re better used as the downstem. Empty the insides of the pen and make sure that both sides have holes. Other similar items like plastic straws can also fit the purpose. But pens are easier to find around the house.

Get some sellotape or Blu-tack to seal up the holes and vents in your pipe/bong. If nothing else is available, even chewing gum works as a temporary fix. But we’d recommend getting the sellotape as far as possible.

For the bowl, you have to use a material that is safe to burn. Aluminum foil can be a great alternative here. Wrap the aluminum foil around any plastic elements in your homemade pipe/bong. This will prevent the plastic and similar materials from burning.

How Should a homemade Pipe or Bong work?

Homemade pipes and bongs work on the same simple principle. You’re essentially turning a hollow item into a smoking apparatus. Bottles are a great example. All you have to do with bottles is add the pen as a downstem, put water in the base, make a foil-bowl, and it’s ready to go.

With items like metal cans, it becomes even easier. Just make some holes around the can, and it’s almost ready to smoke up from. Basically, any item that can hold the weed in a bowl and make the smoke travel up through a stem will work. Once you understand this process, almost anything around the house can become your homemade pipe or bong.

Awesome examples of homemade Pipes and Bongs

Water Bottle Bong

Water bottles come with the ideal shape and size when it comes to homemade bongs. The overall structure already looks and works like a bong. The most you have to do is add a few components that make up the smoking apparatus.

Poke or make a hole on the side and place a pen-tube (downstem). Make sure you seal the sides of the hole with some tape (Sellotape or Blu tack). Fashion a cone out of aluminum foil and poke some holes into it. This cone should go on the other end. Fill the bottle with a water level below the downstem.

Put your weed in the bowl and light it up. You can inhale the smoke using the top of the bottle.

The Pepper Pipe

Bell peppers also make great pipes because they’re usually hollow. Just cut a small hole on the pepper’s side and place the tube in. Cut an opening on the top of the pepper and remove whatever core still remaining. Use some foil to cover the top portion, and poke some holes into it. Your pepper pipe is now ready to go!

The Apple Pipe

Apples make great homemade pipes because they don’t require a lot of work. You do need something to cut holes in it. Besides that, it’s easy to make because there’s no plastic or toxic components to burn.

Use a knife or sharp tube to cut out the core of the apple. Also, make a hole on the sides to smoke out of. Keep the top hole of the apple small and narrow. This way, you can just pack in your marijuana and start burning. As you light up the weed, take a hit from the side hole. It should add a fruity flavor to the smoke.

The Pen Pipe

The Pen pipe is the ultimate homemade pipe because of its ease-of-use and versatility. Remove all the components of the pen so that you’re left with only the hollow plastic bit. Take the metal cap which you removed and insert it backwards in one end. Seal the lid with some tape, and your pipe is ready.

You can also cut a hole on the side of the pen. Then, use the cap or some foil to create a bowl. Seal the hole with some tape, and you have a functional and portable homemade pipe.

The Ice Block Pipe

For this type of homemade pipe, start by freezing a sizeable block of ice in your freezer. Once the block is ready, use a cutting tool to carve out a tubular hole from one side. Then, cut a hole from one of the sides to use as a bowl. Once the carving is done, simply place the weed into the bowl, and your pipe is ready to smoke. The hits should come with an icy and cool flavor every time.

If you’re having trouble carving out the stem and bowls, you can get molds to freeze it in shape.

The Steamroller (Cardboard roll)

Steamrollers are actually bongs that are made of glass-pipes. But you can make a homemade steamroller from paper towel rolls.

Make a hole about 1/4th of the section from one end. Use a foil to make a cone and insert it here. As usual, seal the cone hole with some tape. To use it, cover one side of the roll while lighting up the bowl. Inhale from the other end, and you’ll get a strong hit because of the wider air-flow.

The Tic-Tac bong

Get an empty tic-tac box and make a hole on the side for the tube. On the other end, place a cone made of aluminum and seal the sides. You can use a pen or a plastic straw for the tube. Place the weed inside the bowl, light it up, and inhale the smoke through the top opening.

Final Thoughts

DIY ideas for homemade bongs are super helpful and easy to execute. But make sure you do it with caution and care if you aren’t used to making these. If you have the extra cash, it’s sometimes better to invest in a properly made bong that isn’t too expensive.

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