how to make a gravity bong

How to make a Gravity Bong in 5 minutes

Smokers of cannabis usually include people who really know how to appreciate creativity and innovation. Eventually that creativity leads to one question, how to make a gravity bong. Just the sheer variety of smoking devices in the market proves this to be true.

Whether it’s bongs, bubblers, pipes, vaporizers, etc., you’ll find a whole lot of designs and devices. And each of these smoking devices comes with unique features and distinct benefits.

The great thing about a lot of these smoking kits is that you can make homemade versions. However, you may have seen most device types already. So, if you’re looking for one that’s both rare and useful, the gravity bong is the kit for you!

If you know what a ‘gravity bong’ is, just hearing the name can get you excited and worked up. With these devices, you know for sure that it’s going to be an unforgettable smoking bout with some very potent hits.

However, if you haven’t heard or seen these kits before, you’re in the right place. We’ll get you the rundown on how gravity bongs work, and even better, we’ll show you how to make your own.

So, what is a Gravity Bong?

Gravity bongs are smoking devices that channel the smoke through two hollow plastic bottles. The bottle size allows a larger volume of smoke to funnel through the water and into your lungs.

The bottles should be of different sizes for it to work. You have to pack the weed on the cap-end of the smaller bottle. Then, cut open one side of the bigger bottle and place it in. The larger bottle contains the water, so the smaller one will submerge partially inside. If you don’t have a larger bottle, a bucket can also work just as well.

Once you light up the weed in the cap/bowl, slowly lift the smaller bottle out of the larger bottle/bucket. This allows the lower chamber/bottle to fill up with smoke. Next, take the cap off, and place the tip of the bottle in your mouth. Finally, push the mouthpiece/small bottle down again and let gravity take over. The smoke in the bigger bottle will make its way into your lungs and give you that oh-so-awesome hit you’ve been waiting for.

How to make a Gravity Bong

As a DIY gravity bong, buckets are more commonly used. This may be because two bottles of appropriate sizes are sometimes hard to find. The size can depend on the size of your bucket or the smaller bottle (smoke chamber).

The essentials

To make a kick-ass bucket gravity bong, you’ll need:

  • An empty water bottle (1-2 ltr)
  • The bottle cap
  • A bucket (slightly larger than the bottle)
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • A bowl for the weed
  • A good strain
  • Any lighter

Build the base

Fill the bucket (or bigger container) with water but not up to the brim. An ideal water level should be around an inch from the top. Use the drill to make a hole in the bottle cap. Make sure the hole isn’t too big. It should be narrow enough to hold the stem in place. Carefully place the bowl on the lid so that the stem goes through the hole. Make it as airtight and sealed as possible.

Fit the stem (along with the bowl)

The stem of your bowl has to go through the hole nicely. But not so much that it comes out excessively the other side. Be careful as you push the stem through so that you don’t ruin the bowl. You can push, twist, and maneuver it through the opening. Some people use canola or coconut oil to lubricate the hole for easier fitting.

Get the smaller bottle ready.

Take the plastic bottle and a handy knife. Now, cut the bottle at the base so that this end is completely hollowed out. Plastic bottles usually have bases that curve inwards. Try to make a clean cut around this level.

Prepare the Bowl

Take a sizeable pinch of the strain you have, and mince them into smaller bits. Next, place and pack them nicely into the bowl. If you’ve never taken a hit from a gravity bong before, we’d recommend using a small pinch of the goods (0.3 -0.5 grams). Gravity bongs can pack a punch, and you shouldn’t treat it lightly.

Final Assembly

It’s now time to give shape and structure to your DIY gravity bong. Place the bottle (hollow side down) in the bucket (with water). Submerge it to a level where only the top portion of the bottle is out. Screw the cap in place (with the bowl attached), and you’re ready to go!

How to use a Gravity Bong

Keep your lighter ready on one hand as you hold down the submerged bottle with the other. Ignite the bowl and very slowly lift the submerged bottle from the bucket. You’ll need a steady hand. If you pull off too fast, the smoke will dissipate, and all you’ll have to start from scratch.

As the strain finishes burning, you’ll see the smoke gathering in the bucket. When you’re nearly done pulling off the bottle, keep your lighter away. That’s because you’ll need both hands for this next gravity move!

Remove the cap/bowl from the bottle and quickly place your mouth over it. Next, push the bottle back down slowly and gradually inhale the smoke coming out. Take it slowly, especially if this is your first try. For newbies, we recommend not inhaling. Just keep your mouth in position and let the smoke make its way to your lungs.

If you think you can take another gravity hit, simply place the bottle inside and repeat the same process.

Gravity Bong: The Benefits

Gravity Bong

The biggest advantage you get with a gravity bong is that it creates a lot out of a little. Because of the bottle-bucket structure, even 0.3 grams of your favorite strain can give out a lot of smoke. So you don’t have to use a lot of the good stuff, just get the most out of it.

With blunts or pipes, you don’t get this efficiency. Smoke invariable escapes because of multiple holes.

Summing up

Yes, gravity bongs aren’t the most convenient to carry around. Plus, you can’t use a gravity bong everywhere because of the sheer power you get in every hit. But no other device comes close if you want to use your strain in small quantities without compromising on the kick and feel.

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