How to Fix Vape Pen Cartridge

How to Fix Vape Pen Cartridge

As an alternative to regular cigarettes, vaping is a rising trend in today’s world. A quick that comes with that is how to fix Vape pen cartridge. The oil cartridge is the most frequently used and preferred vaping concentrate among the other concentrate types. The underlying reasons are due to their reasonable prices, availability, and varying options.

While having a chilled vaping session, your oil vape cartridge may suddenly stop functioning. So, to know the reason behind the malfunction, you’ll want to inspect and even operate it. Before you proceed with your drastic measures, do go through the following points for effective troubleshooting.

How to Fix Vape Pen Cartridge

Why is the vape cartridge clogging?

How to fix vape pen cartridge

Clogging of the vape cartridge usually happens after the use of your vape pen for a considerable time. When it comes to how to fix vape pen cartridges, clogging is a popular issue. It is the buildup of residues or liquid of high consistency at the device’s outlet. Though it is a hassle to have one, it is easy to take care of this problem. For most clogs, you can warm up the oil cartridge and thin out the wax. Or you can take out the power button to allow the proper flow of the air. You can detect such problems if you see vapor escaping from the sides while trying to vape.

To prevent clogging of your vape cartridge, try to use your vape pen frequently and avoid over-filling. Place or store your vape pen at a suitable temperature to prevent a change in oil consistency. Also, avoid spitting into the mouthpiece while vaping.

Are the cartridge and the vape connected correctly?

Though cases like these don’t happen often, their occurrence is not impractical. You cannot rule out such possibilities because it does happen. When you have not fully screwed in the cartridge, then there might be a loose connection. Sometimes, the contact between the vape battery and the cartridge can be weak due to an internal defect or damage.

Is the provided battery power enough for vaping?

Checking your battery is high on the list on how to fix vape pen cartridges. For the cartridge to produce vapor, it needs a somewhat high temperature. Hence, if you’re not getting any while vaping, consider increasing the power or temperature. Depending on the type of cartridge, the power requirement can vary. Usually, the battery has an adequate power  supply to form vapors when vaping most cartridge types.

How to know if the vape battery is charging or on?

When charging your vape pen, a blinking LED display usually indicates that it is charging. In case your vape cartridge is not warming up, tap on the power button to make sure it is on. Most vape pens will automatically go off if not used for some time. If it still doesn’t charge, you can try taking out the cartridge and reinserting it. Another way is to try switching the battery with a spare and check if it solves the problem.

Do you wait for some time so the vapor could form?

Most times, once you heat your vape pen, the set temperature is enough to vaporize the oil instantly. However, a chilled environment can affect the vaporizing time to some extent. When you vape at a low temperature, it may take some time for the oil to vaporize. That is due to the temperature difference between the environment and that of vaporizing temperature.

Smoke vs Vapor

Their appearances may seem similar, but smoke and vapor are different things. Smoke is thicker and more visible than the light vapors. Though you may expect to get a smoke-like appearance when you vape, it doesn’t happen that way. In case you want thicker vapor, you will have to increase the temperature of your vape pen.

Wick-based vs ceramic-based vape cartridge?

Depending on your preferences, any of the two may attract your eyes. The reason is that they both have their perks. When it comes to ceramic-based cartridges, you can create thicker vapors with them. On the other hand, wick-based cartridges are more suitable for thinner oils. Consequently, their power requirements also vary, depending on the vapor’s thickness you want to create. Additionally, using wick coils without a concentrate can affect the flavor of the vapor.

Causes of cartridge burnouts

When trying to figure out how to fix vape pen cartridges, check out the below causes of cartridge burnout.

Excessive unessential supply of power

A prevalent cause for cartridges to burn out is by excessively supplying power more than necessary.

Long duration of power supply

Another reason which causes the cartridges to heat up and burn is the duration of the power supply. As long as you allow power to flow through the pen to the coil, it will keep producing heat. After continuous use for an extended period, it may damage the cartridge. Hence, it would help if you allowed the coil to rest by switching off the power button.

Worn out product

After using your cartridge for a reasonably long period, its chances of burning out become higher. It also depends on how frequently you vape and how long you’ve been using the cartridge. With continuous use, though it may still work, it becomes more vulnerable to burnouts. After all, nothing lasts forever.

Manufacturing defects or shortcomings

Depending on the cartridge’s material quality and brand, the probability of it burning out can vary. Cartridges, when built with superior quality and technology, tend to last longer. However, inferior quality products may even get damaged within a few weeks of use. Sometimes, there can be faulty manufacturing, which can contribute to the early cartridge burnouts.

Detecting the problem and fixing the oil cartridge

After a complete evaluation of your oil cartridge, you may finally understand the underlying problem. If you find no issues with the device, then the trouble lies with the cartridge. Consequently, you can try to fix it. Usually, if the coil does not heat up, you will have to replace it. But as cartridges come with in-built heating elements, it becomes difficult to replace the coil. That makes it unrepairable and unfit for future use. Hence, your only option left is to buy a new cartridge. However, you can still make use of the oil concentrate inside the cartridge.

Steps to transfer oil from a vape cartridge

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If your vape cartridge stops working too soon, then you can still make use of its oil concentrate. Making use of the remaining oil is a smart way of saving some money. While we would love to find out how to fix vape pen cartridges, sometimes you have to salvage the wax. You can make use of it by transferring the oil to a refillable cartridge or by dabbing.

Refilling another cartridge

To make use of your oil concentrate from the damaged cartridge, you will require an oil syringe. You will need to fill it in another cartridge to use the oil as previously intended. You can start by purchasing a new cartridge or even use a refillable cartridge. Remove the mouthpiece of the old cartridge and withdraw the remaining oil with the syringe. Do this in an open space to prevent spilling. Then insert the oil into the new cartridge neatly. Repeat this process until you finish up all the wax.

Utilizing the oil concentrate for dabbing

Another way of making use of the oil is by transferring it to a dab nail for dabbing. You can use an oil syringe or allow the broken cartridge’s oil to drop onto the dab nail. In case the oil consistency is high, you can thin it by heating it with a lighter. Slowly shake the cartridge to and fro for uniform thinning. Be careful not to heat it to the extent that the oil starts to vaporize.

Looking to buy oil cartridges?

With their rise in popularity, you can find various refillable oil cartridges, types of vaporizers, and replacement parts effortlessly. IF you can’t figure out how to fix vape pen cartridge. You can head over to your nearest vape shop or buy them at different online vape stores.

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