Recycler Bong

What is a Recycler Bong

Smoking enthusiasts are continuously creating newer ways of enjoying their herbs and strains, such as recycler bongs. Some designs, like the conventional bongs, continue to enjoy wide usage. But every once in a while, a new design may enter the market and take it by storm. One such product that’s recently gaining wide popularity is the recycler bong. Recycler bongs aren’t entirely new creations. They’re a modified version of the traditional bong with additional functionality. Now, if you’ve never heard of recycler bongs, this article should bring you up to speed on what they are and how they work.

So, what are Recycler Bongs?

Recycler bong

Recycler bongs are essentially bongs, but with a secondary chamber. Like regular bongs, the first chamber contains the water. As you smoke, the water passes through the second chamber before being returned to the first. This working principle is also the reason why they call it a ‘Recycler.’ When you start smoking, a recycler creates a water-to-smoke action that continues on an infinite loop. The smoke gets continually fed into the additional chamber. Meanwhile, the intake tube drains the water back into the original chamber.

Benefits of Recycler Bongs

So, you understand how the additional chamber recycles the water. But how does this benefit you, the user? To get a hold of this advantage, we need to know why filtration is essential to begin with.

The benefit of Water Filtration

Water filtration works in several ways to give you a better smoking experience. First off, the water surface inherently allows the smoke to have lower temperatures. So, you get much cooler hits off a water chamber. But more importantly, there are potential health benefits compared to a dry pipe, for instance. How so? Well, water filtration may remove small particles from the smoke before it hits your lungs. Ash and tar are some possible contaminants you get without the filtration system. This reason alone accounts for the popularity of water chamber devices among users worldwide. There are academic studies that show the reduction of toxins when smoked with water. The point is that water filtration creates a more wholesome and healthier experience compared to zero-filtering styles.

Benefits of Recycler Bongs

The main benefit of recyclers is that they enhance this effect of water filtration. The hits from a recycler bong are noticeably cooler and smoother. And there are two primary and big reasons for this change.

  1. The smoke spends a longer duration in contact with water. With constant contact, it’s more active in removing the impure elements.
  2. The smoke has to travel a longer distance (thanks to the second chamber). This gives it the time to cool down even further. The result is a pleasant hit that both newbies and veterans can enjoy.

The recycler bong makes sure that the smoke does not sit around getting stale. Essentially, if you like the kind of smoke that does not scorch your lungs, you’ll enjoy the recycler.

The Structure of a Recycler Bong

The dual-chambered design is the main component of the recycler. The two compartments usually have one in the bottom and the other on top. An intake tube connects the two chambers where the smoke goes back down. The first/bottom chamber contains the water. The smoke goes from here through the joint before the filtration process. You’ll see this feature in any standard bong or rig design. However, with the recycler, the smoke goes through the tube to reach the second chamber. Here, the upper chamber whips the smoke and feeds it back through the intake tube. As the smoke reaches the water chamber, the whole process begins again.

Different types of Recyclers

The Standard (or External) Recycler

The standard recycler is the design you’ll see most often in the market. It comes with the basic two-chambered setup. The kit should have two intake tubes that connect the two chambers. It works precisely on the principle described above.

The Incycler or Internal Recycler

Besides being a tongue-twisting name, the Incycler also has a unique style. Here, the secondary chamber usually sits inside the primary chamber. It goes against the conventional style of separating the chambers and then connecting them by tubes. The name is, thus, a union of its two main features – internal and recycler. Two excellent examples of the Incycler design are the Ball Perc incycler and the Rigception Showerhead.

Some designs, however, may come with an external tube that connects the incycler with the primary chamber. In this design, there’s in the lower chamber, which begins the filtration process. The holes on the incycler draw in the smoke as they rise up. The water and smoke interact like they’re in a vortex of sorts. This enhances the purifying and cooling of the smoke. The water gets drained and replenished continuously, which creates the infinite loop.

The Klein Recycler

The Klein recycler bong is easily the most complex and sophisticated. The simplest way to describe it would be to call it a ‘marriage’ between the recycler and the incycler. Instead of the singular intake tube, the Klein comes with two tubes. One tube performs the intake while the other takes care of the drainage. Since the filtration and drainage happen through separate tubes, the recycler works incredibly well. It’s not a simple mechanism, but it’s easily the coolest to watch!

The Slyme Accented Cone Perc Bong and the Big Puck Dab Rig are two of the best products with the Klein-style recycler body.

The Donut Recycler

Donut recyclers are a result of innovative ideas and creative application. Instead of a tube connecting a separate second chamber, this model comes with a donut-shaped chamber. It creates a vortex like the Incycler, but in this case, the donut-shape aids the process. It becomes a whirlwind of water and smoke that is not just smooth but incredible fun to look at!

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to tell that recycler bongs represent the most creative side of smoking devices. They’re complex but very efficient. And they give you a visual spectacle you won’t find in an ordinary bong. The best part is that your hits are smoother, calmer, more pleasant, and healthier.

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