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What is a Carb Cap

You Need a Carb Cap Right Now – Here’s Why.

Any weed smoker worth his smoke knows that dabbing is the new way of smoking. Humans have been smoking since time immemorial. However, the bong was what started the crusade to make smoking cleaner. It was also the creation of the bong that made everyone realize that it was possible to make every hit a lot more powerful.

Joint smokers are one of the most curious groups of people. So it is no surprise that they always explore ways to make smoking as effective and revolutionary. And dabbing has proven to be an effective way to make the most out of your joints.

Reasons behind the rising popularity of dabbing.

The medicinal benefits of cannabis have been a hot topic for ages. Naysayers will never stop having their doubts. However, the fact that ingesting herbs has proven their benefits is inarguable. The reasons why dabbing has been steadily increasing in popularity include the following.

  • Dabbing provides immediate relief for certain ailments. In particular, those who suffer from debilitating nausea and chronic pain get the most benefit. This can be a fantastic remedy for those who need effective relief from their symptoms.
  • Another great reason behind the love of dabbing is its easy effect on the lungs. Dabbing gets rid of unwanted products from the joint and produces a clean hit. So every hit that you take from your pipe is without any harsh components. Moreover, it also makes the smoke a lot more potent. And getting a kick with every hit is the ultimate dream of every smoker.
  • The art of dabbing has also spurred interest in technology and gadgets. This is because these dabbing tools facilitate easy extraction. Some of the trendy dabbing tools include oil cartridges, terpene infusions, full-spectrum extraction, and of course, carb cap.

The technicalities of dabbing.

carb cap

The conventional method of dabbing involves heating nails to a high temperature. The heating process is usually done with a butane torch. Butane torches can reach up to 1000 degrees.

However, this is a high temperature that your herb concentrate cannot handle. It also breaks down the essential oils and ruins your dab. The warm gaseous vapor that you inhale through the high temp dabbing has underwhelming quality in flavor and potency. The high temperature ruins the herbs’ authentic taste, so you do not get half of its benefits. You also don’t get as much vapor on an extremely high temp dab that’s possible with other methods.

This is where the low-temperature dabbing comes in. The ideal temperature to produce the best vaporization concentrates is between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating your concentrate at this temperature is necessary for optimal flavor and increased efficiency. In addition, it also keeps the waste of the concentrates minimal. Any temperature above this zone will reduce the integrity of the concentrate and burn it.

But how do you achieve this optimal dabbing temperature for your concentrates? There are a couple of ways.

  • One, you need an e-nail and an electronic heating coil for your rig. This setup sounds easy enough but is the more premium option and expensive.
  • Two, you follow the traditional ways and a bit of ingenuity. You heat up a quartz nail and monitor the temperature. The nail will turn red at about 800 degrees. This, of course, is too high for dabbing, so you wait for at least 40 seconds to cool down.

By this time, the head of the nail should be about 300 to 400 degrees F. Unfortunately, although this temperature is ideal for adding the concentrate, it will not vaporize completely. This means that you waste your precious herbs. Why is this? Because the ratio of the right temperature and pressure is not present in the dag rig.

  • The third, and the best way, is to use carb caps. We elaborate more on carb caps in the section below.

What are carb caps?

Carb caps are one of the many dabbing tools. The mechanics of carb caps is similar to a car’s carburetor. The tool works by capping the nail and restricting the airflow. As you draw air through the pipe, simultaneously, you cap the nail. This means that only a small amount of air passes through the carb cap while a lot of air leaves the nail compartment through sucking.

The imbalance creates a low-pressure environment underneath the carb cap. In turn, the reduced air pressure causes the concentrate to boil and vaporize effectively without burning it.

When the concentrate is cooked this way, you get clean, flavorful hits from every single hit of your pipe. But most importantly, the hits are powerful and very potent, which is what every savvy smoker desires.

What is the science behind carb caps, you ask?

Well, it is a matter of simple science. With lower pressures, the water vapor that induces the boiling also reduces. This, in turn, decreases the boiling temperature as well. So when the amount of air that passes into the carb cap versus the air that is sucked out from the nail is displaced, there is low air pressure.

This means that vaporization of the concentrate takes place at the ideal temperature of 300 to 400 degrees F. Therefore, essentially, you get a potent and clean smoke into your pipe since the concentrate does not burn. The moderate to cool temperature also preserves the essential oils’ integrity, so every hit is also exceptionally flavorful.

In addition, you get the most out of every herb bag. This is fantastic, as you can stretch your dollars. So why not get yourself a new carb cap? Once you hit a couple of joints by dabbing the right way, you will not look back.


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