Weed Smells

How to Get Rid of Weed Smells

The smell of smoking good weed is one of the most pleasant experiences for the smoker. But for the non-smoker, it can often become a source of bother or discomfort. Also, if smoking is a somewhat private affair for you, you want to keep the smell within limits too. The weed’s smell can become a dead giveaway if you’re smoking in a place where there are wary eyes and noses around.

The good news is that it’s not all that hard to get rid of the smoke smell. There are easy DIY remedies and other tricks you can use to keep the aroma on the down-low. Today, we’ll give you an easy technique for creating your own homemade sploof, plus lots of other ways to take care of the smoke-smells.

DIY Homemade Sploof or Air Filters

How to get rid of weed smells

The homemade sploof is a simple but ingenious way of masking the smell of your smoke. As a filtering agent, it was one of the first ways of masking the smell of your smoke. It’s been around for quite some time now. Fortunately, it’s still easy to make and super useful in most situations.

First, find an empty toilet roll tube. Next, get some dryer sheets and fill them into the tube. Finally, take a couple of sheets more and cover the other end of the tube. You can use an elastic/rubber band to hold the sheet in place. There you go! Your DIY, cost-effective, and homemade sploof is ready. The only downside is that you’ll have to keep replacing the sheets once their strength runs out.

Alternatively, you can buy air filters that come readymade for the purpose. Other cheaper ways include smoking near a vent, window, or a vacuum cleaner.


Vaporizers are among the handiest pieces of tech for smoking efficiently. The main reason behind the smell of smoking cannabis is the burning of the weed/concentrate. With vaporizers, however, there’s no flaming combustion of the weed. It uses one of two methods – conduction or convection. Both these methods involve the exposure of weed to heat without combusting flames.

Since these devices use materials like metal or ceramic, heat gets transferred to the weed before you start inhaling. There’s no direct flame that burns the weeds. So, you don’t have to deal with a wall of smoke that smells throughout your house/corridor.

Storing your stash correctly.

Weed has a natural smell to it because it is, after all, a dried plant. This smell does not need any burning or smoking to appear. So, if you store your weed in places where the scent can escape, it can easily permeate through the room. In these cases, the smell of the dry weed gives you away even before you start smoking.

The best way to deal with this is to get air-tight containers for storage. You can invest in a medical-grade container that not only seals air but may come with grinders built-in. These containers can also come in a variety of sizes. So, you can store anything from a few grams to more significant quantities.

Using an Air Freshener or Incense

Using a countering aroma can work great in masking the smell of smoking weed. Homemade sploofs and modern smoking devices do not wipe out 100% of the smoke. There is always a whiff or remnant that stays suspended in the air. And although it may not be obvious to you, it can be pretty strong for a non-smoker. So, you can reinforce your smell-removing efforts by using fresheners or incense that can mask the smoke’s smell.

You have a couple of products/options if you want to add this extra layer of masking aroma to your room or space. One is to use an air freshening dispenser, and the other is to burn incense. Both work well as long as your room or space is reasonably sized (It’s fine as long as you don’t live in an auditorium). Dispensers can come in a variety of scents and aromas. You can go for a generic type like lavender or lemon. These are natural and plant-based scents that can mask the weed smell well. Other aromas like cloves or cinnamon can also work well. Burning incense is not necessarily a new thing, but it’s very helpful. Just make sure that your room gets adequate ventilation. Accumulated smoke from incense can become harmful in the long run.

Keeping yourself fresh of weed smells

If you’re a smoker, you already know that the weed smells can linger on you long after you’re done smoking. Smoke smells can especially stick to clothing and fabric for a much longer time. So, you want to be sure that you don’t carry around the smoke smell wherever you go. Fortunately, a few hygienic habits can take care of this problem.

One of the best ways to tackle this smoke problem is to wash the clothes you had on while smoking. It feels like an extra chore at first, but the benefits of timely laundry will outweigh the costs. If you don’t have time for laundry, at least change so that you don’t wear the same clothes to a meeting or a date. A lazier way to counter the smell is to put on some deodorant (But don’t overdo it). Sometimes the food or beverage you take in between can also add some counter-balancing smell, but don’t rely completely on this.

Besides your clothes, your hands can also be a primary source of the smell sticking around. One way to handle this is to use a smoking device (bongs, vaporizers, pipes, etc.). Alternatively, you can carry a hand sanitizer with you. They usually have alcohol-based content plus some fragrance to freshen up your hand.

Final note

Enjoying your weed or any other smoke is an individual choice. But it becomes a nuisance if you don’t consider the discomfort of people who may not enjoy the smoke and smell. As discussed here, there are multiple ways you can handle this through homemade sploofs, smoking devices, responsible habits, and the right hygiene.

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