How To Dry Weed Fast 

Let’s face it; we’ve all scored or grown some weed that won’t burn the way we like it. You could’ve dried out a few buds in a hurry to smoke it, or maybe your plug gave you the worst batch in his stash. So these things might add to the reason why your bud won’t give you that satisfying burn.

No matter what type of situation, it’s really annoying and ruins your plan to get high. Luckily, there are a couple of tips and pointers you can try to help you dry your weed better.

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Here, you’ll learn that the quickest process in drying weed definitely is not the correct option. Regardless, you can apply those procedures in other situations. Let’s just admit that we have been in scenarios where we’ve tried to make the weed dry faster, and if anyone denies these facts, they’re not honest.

The Best Method To Dry Cannabis

Prior to us giving you insight on how not to dry your weed, here are some tips on how you should do it.

To get a clean toke with no harsh smoke in your throat, the process of drying weed should be done with the utmost patience. Curing your buds take time, and trimming is also a vital step in the curing process. It’s up to personal preference if you want to trim your buds before or after drying your weed, as this doesn’t affect the outcome in any way possible. However, trimming while the buds are fresh out the harvest is comparatively easier and more convenient.

What you’ll need to do is place your weed in a room with very little light and maintain a temperature of about twenty-one degrees Celsius, with a humidity level of fifty percent. You can keep a check on the humidity levels through humidity meters. If you don’t dry your buds in a damp room, you shouldn’t worry about the end result.

Hang the cannabis buds upside down in a line or wire and make sure that the buds are not in contact with other buds. Also, make sure you place a fan in the middle of the room to have a proper airflow around the area. Ample airflow will decrease the chances of your cannabis plant from rotting away. Make sure to keep some distance between the fan and cannabis plants to avoid the buds’ uneven drying. You can look into the

drying process after four days. Try to separate a stem, and if it breaks off instantly, the weed is ready to be cured.

Cannabis plants all vary in smell, size, and appearance. So the growth time might also differ from one strain to another. The curing process will take about two weeks. The curing process consists of placing the buds in a closed container and letting out any moisture thrice in twenty-four hours. Once the moisture levels are all evened out, it’ll eventually reach the perfect texture level and will be ready to smoke.

Quickest Way To Dry Cannabis

The art of drying weed is not necessarily laborious, but it takes some form of patience. You can feel and smell the contrast in cannabis when it is effectively dried over time. Nonetheless, if you want to dry your weed in the quickest way possible, here are a couple of things you can follow.

  • Through the oven 

If you have a handful of weed that needs to be dried pronto, you can use the oven. Turn the temperature up to an optimal level and set the timer. Place the weed nugs across the tray using butter paper. Set the temperature to 50-60 degrees Celsius and set the timer to about four minutes. While you’re baking the weed, check if it’s drying up like the way you want it. You’ll be able to tell when the consistency comes to a crispy texture. The taste won’t be great, but if it gets you high, the job is done.

  • Through a microwave – The quickest way to dry your weed 

This method is the mother of all shortcuts. If you don’t want to wait in an oven, a microwave is your best bet. Even though you can smoke the buds, the end result won’t taste or smoke that good, though. Regardless, this is the quickest way to dry your weed in an instant so that you can get to smoking.

Open your microwave and set your buds on the plate inside the microwave. Set your timer to twenty seconds and turn it on. Make sure to keep checking every time you turn the microwave off. You can eventually see that the buds have reached a smokeable level that you can be proud of. In the case of over-dried weed from the microwave, you can add some moisture through an orange peel and an airtight bag. This method will bring moisture to your buds. However, using a microwave will not bring out the flavor that you want in your weed.

  • Using a food dehydrator 

Using a food dehydrator will also get the job done quickly. This process will reduce moisture to your weed and dry it fast. This method will work out better than an oven because it takes more than ten hours to dehydrate.

  • Through a light bulb 

The sense of illumination through a light bulb brings heat and humidity to your cannabis, so this process isn’t a bad idea to dry your weed fast. Using a light bulb is not a bad idea if you want to

dry a small portion of your weed while waiting for the primary batch. Consider using a light bulb under 100w to avoid burning your weed. Just make sure to keep the bulbs on for at least fifteen minutes at a time before you turn them off. Repeat this process until you get the results you want. But don’t count on this process to give you a top-grade flavor.

  • Using a boiler room 

Using a boiler room to dry your weed quickly will give a consistent temperature to your cannabis. Store your weed buds in a bag and place them near the edge of the boiler. This process should take you about two hours. Since the procedure takes time, your weed will have a better quality, but you should never settle for any of these steps.

With that all said, nothing beats a proper drying and curing process if you want to max out the potential in your cannabis.

Is it a Good Idea to Push the Drying Process Faster?

Drying your weed is a fundamental step in acquiring the dankest and premium buds that your stash spot has ever seen. However, pushing the drying process is not a good idea. When you force weed to dry up quicker, it will result in giving you an unpleasant taste. Smoking on weed that’s been pushed to dry up using methods other than natural drying, the THC levels also tend to drop. This happens because of the trichomes being obliterated during the forced drying process. Also, if you compress your weed too tight in a container, the weed will not retain its moisture and will be unevenly spread out.

Growing a good batch of weed takes time and patience. It’s like taking care of a baby and molding it into what you envision it to be. If you want your weed plant to reach its full potential, you should give it love and care, just as how you would treat someone you love. It would be best to use the right tools and equipment to get the maximum concentration of THC in your buds. Nobody wants to smoke weed that’s stale and does not get you high, leaving you only with a slight buzz. Every stoner wants to be blown away and get a sense of immersion with the joint or blunt that is lit up. You want the smoke you inhale to be smooth and leave you with a high that blows your mind away.

Whether it is Indica or Sativa, pushing the drying process way ahead of its time is not recommended. Make sure your buds are optimally dry by following the correct protocols and time periods.

Sometimes there may be instances where you’ve run out of weed to smoke, and you’d want to hasten the drying process. If you have no time to spare, there’s an exception of hurrying up the process. But beware that you shouldn’t smoke your weed like that simply because it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Also, losing the chlorophyll levels means that your buds will lose their color during the forced drying process. So at the end of the day, the best option is to wait it out naturally. The longer you wait the better quality of weed you’ll get.

Other Alternatives to Dry Weed

  • Sun-drying method 

Using the sun to dry your weed is one of the best natural methods. You can either expose your weed directly to the sun or place it in a brown bag. This process will help remove humidity overtime. The best time to use this method is when the skies are clear and the day is hot. The con is that the sun will damage the aroma of the weed. It also reduces the level of THC in the buds.

  • Using a deep freezer

While this is not an ideal method, you can use a deep freezer if you are desperate enough to dry your weed quickly. Make sure you keep checking on the buds so that it does not fully freeze up. You should do this method for about fifteen to twenty minutes only to avoid complete freezing of the cannabis.

  • An electric heater 

While people use a heater for warming themselves up, you can also use it to dry a good amount of weed in your stash. Be sure to ventilate the room you’re using to dry the weed during this method. Keep some distance between the weed and the heater to avoid the growth of mold. Keep in mind that if you over-heat the weed, it’ll give you a bad taste through the smoke.

While these are some additional steps to dry your weed, make sure you invest your time for a slow, drying, and careful curing process.

Avoid Damaging Your Weed

The lines as mentioned earlier are pointers that you should not force a batch of weed to dry. Even though you can smoke it, the weed will not have the full potency and consistency as it should.

Over-drying the weed will result in crunchy buds that will burn fast and have no flavor at all. Although it might get you high, it’ll nowhere be near as potent and flavorful as it should be.

In case you have to dry your buds where there are no alternate options, you can follow one of the steps mentioned on just a small batch of weed only. If you choose to do it on a bigger batch, you’ll have to risk losing all your weed. Waiting for an extra three days will prove totally worth it. So what you should’ve learned by now is that the quicker you try to dry your buds, the worse the flavor.

Cannabis is meant to be harvested, dried, cured, and smoked the proper way. This means investing the time and resources in the journey to acquiring the best batch of weed one has ever seen. Whether you are smoking Indica, Sativa, or hybrid, each toke should leave you with a smooth sensation and an unforgettable flavor in your palate. You’ll also want your weed to maintain its color and texture while proving that your patience has paid off with a great shelf life. So, the more patience you have, the higher the quality your weed will be. Have faith in investing your time, trust the process, and leave those quick-drying alternatives to the compromising moments in your stoner life.

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