Bong Accessories Mega Guide


Could you even call yourself a smoker if you don’t own a Bong? If you haven’t had the divine smoking experience with amazing flavours and intensity that relieves you of all worry in the world, you cannot possibly be an avid smoker.

The water pipes may seem like a hefty investment initially, but later you will easily assess how you can save supplies and other costs. Also, the amazing smoking experience is worth the extra bucks. But you can enhance this experience by attaching accessories, depending on the type and structure of your bong.

Many bong attachments offer filtration, several assists with the diffusion processes and others are there to improve the aesthetic aspect of the bong. So, in this post, we will meticulously examine the Best Bong Attachments in 2020 with which you can make your smoking experience more pleasurable.

  • Ash catchers
  • Percolators
  • Diffused Downstems
  • Quartz Bangers
  • Glass Bowl Attachments
  • Res Caps
  • Nails
  • Dab Torches
  • Male to Female Adapters

So, let us explore all these accessories

Ashcatchers – For Smoother Cleanup & Hits

Ashcatcher is an attachment that is a smoker’s dream come true. This water pipe attachment keeps any undesirable ash getting into the bong and ruining your smoking experience. Usually, they come along with percolators, but it’s not always the case. You can attach this at the stem of your bong (you can recognize it from where the slide is located), and then you can attach the bowl to the end of the ashcatcher after it is securely placed in the bong. You would want to attach an ashcatcher as it keeps your bong clean for a longer time and so your smoke becomes cooler and smoother. It acts as an extra mean of conducting filtration and diffusion.

How Much Do Ashcatchers Cost?

A well-performing ashcatcher will b priced somewhere in the range of $40 to $60, and it can be cheaper occasionally. While purchasing an ashcatcher from an online store, make sure that its quality is good.

Where Can I Find an Ashcatcher for My Bong?

You can purchase your own Ashcatctcehr from this online store. Here you can easily find affordable and high-quality accessories to attach to your bong and improve your smoking experience.

Will My Ashcatcher Fit My Bong?

Another factor that you must take into consideration while you are purchasing an ashcatcher is the size and girth of the fitting that will be adjusted at the end of it. As male joints and compatible to and match to female joints and so vice versa. The most common joint in Bongs is the female joint, and so it has to be matched with an ashcatcher with a male joint. But don’t get confused, most ashcatchers bongs and attachments will claim their size and gender so you can match them respectively.

Percolators – For a Smoother Smoke

Percolators are commonly confused with ashcatchers, but they are categorized in the same category. But the distinctive difference between the two is that the percolators are an inclusive part of the bong. In comparison to this, ashcatchers are basically an added accessory that improves the use of the bong.

If you have any trouble finding a good quality percolator, just browse this selection.

You will be astonished to see the plethora of types of percolators that are available in the market. It is literally a stoner’s paradise. Each percolator comes in a special and unique design, intended to make your smoking experience more fun. Though their functionality is quite similar; they provide a cooler, better filtered, and a smoother smoking hit.

For the most part, the percolator attachments that we have to offer are technically ashcatchers because of the fact that they are not a part of the bong. But we wanted to include percolators on this list as their own best bong attachment because not all ashcatchers are created equally. Some focus more on the basics of just catching the ashes and adding a bit more filtration. While others are well thought out, complex pieces of glass that add more diffusion and filtration than most bongs have to begin with.

But you may notice that markets mostly offer ashcatcher that are emulated as the percolator attachments because as we mentioned earlier, a percolator is pre-installed in the bong. What markets offer is an attachment. Still, if you are an avid smoker, you must know about this as it is one of the best bong accessories. You may feel this way as all ashcatchers are different and unique in their way. Some are more concerned with catching ashes and offer enhanced filtration. And others focus on making the whole experience a memorable one. This intricate piece of glass adds more diffusion and offers that level of filtration that most bongs can’t compete with.

We would suggest that you purchase a bong or a dab ring if you are purchasing a percolator. If you didn’t buy any of these, and you have broken perc or are in need for additional filtration, but are not too keen on spending money, then a percolator or ashcatcher is perfect for you.

Which Percolator is Best for Me?

There is no one perfect percolator. Mostly stoners wind up opting for the perc that appears to be the coolest, is most reasonably priced, or is already installed in the piece they are purchasing. In the end, they all will have the same job to perform. Though some percolators may be better at a scientific level by thin margins, they all have the same goal to achieve; cooler smoke and improved filtered smoking experience. The ideal percolator will solely depend on your preferences and taste.

Percolators are fashioned to offer more filtration to the smoking hit. They can be easily attached to a bong in a similar way that an ashcatcher is adjusted; carefully by removing the slide underneath and putting it in the stem, then placing back the slide on the stem of the perc.

Percolators function by cooling down the smoke via offering additional filtration, making the flow of smoke even by letting the smoke pass through several holes arranged in various patterns.

You could easily think of various ways to arrange these holes, and therefore there is a wide range of percolators available in the market. The most widely known are:

  • Honeycomb Percolators
  • Tree Percolators
  • Matrix Percolators
  • Inline Percolators
  • Turbine Percolators
  • Downstems
  • And more….

How Much Do Percolators Cost?

You can expect the prices of a high-quality and efficient percolator to range from $30 to $50. But as thee offered features get more complex and well-functioning, the prices will turn north.

Will A Percolator Fit My Bong?

We can’t answer this question, particularly for you as this solely depends on the bong’s joint size and gender. And as your bong’s specification will vary you have to find this one yourself. But it won’t be difficult to search for the percolator that attaches to your water pipe perfectly. Make sure you know whether the joint of your bong is male or female, and then see its diameter (measure it in millimetres). If you have all of this relevant information, you are good to go!

Diffused Downstems – Simple, Yet Effective

As the name suggests, the diffused downstems offers extra filtration and improved diffusion just at the point where the smoke enters the bong; this is located as the bottom of the stem. This amazing attachment is highly affordable and makes the smoke smoother. You oughta get these bad boys!

Based on the kind of bong you own; you must look for a diffused downstem that is of the perfect length, and it fits the bong’s joint size. It is imperative to look for a downstem based on its length meticulously. If you get an attachment, which is too long, it won’t fit the bong properly. And in contrast, if you get one which is too short, you would need to add water which would be more than the pipe could handle.

Something else that must look for while you are purchasing a new downstems attachment is to see if it rightly fits the glass bowl of your current attachment. If it doesn’t, you should start searching for either a new bowl or a downstem that easily fits.

For most people, bongs come with diffused downstems. However, they can easily be broken when cleaning, if you drop the piece, or become very clogged over time. You should always try to clean your downstem them if possible, but if you have tried everything, a new downstem is a cheap way to make your bong useful as new again.

Mostly, bongs come with diffused downstems already packed. But you can easily break them while cleaning. You could either drop a piece, or it could clog over time; it will require replacement. You can rectify this by either cleaning the downstem time and again. But still, if it fails to work, you can always spend a few bucks to make sure the bong good as new.

How Much Do Diffused Downstems Cost?

If you purchase this attachment from the common markets that offer the accessories for stoners, you can easily get it for a price ranging between $10 to $20. You would steer away from any item costing south of $10 as it means that it will be made from cheap imported glass which is a major NO. You would also refrain from purchasing any item north of $20 as it would mean you are overpaying.

Where Can I Find the Right Size Downstem?

If you are looking for a gift for your stoner friends, you can find a wide array of selection of good-quality diffused downstems here. You wouldn’t have to worry about the size of the bong and the gender of the joint. Diffused Downstems of multiple sizes and lengths are available here. So, browse this selection to find the perfect bong attachment to attain a pleasurable smoking experience.

Quartz Bangers – Turn Your Bong to a Dab Rig

This bad boy can revamp any old bong into a fancy, new one. It can withstand high temperatures of dabbing so now you can smoke without any fear. It is the perfect gift for a stoner who loves dabbing.

You will find certain types of quartz bangers that aim to improve airflow and smoking experience via domes. Some bangers are even wider so the smoker can exercise large dabs at one time.

Most quartz bangers available are ideal for maintaining a moderate temperature that ranges from 350F to 750F, which is the recommended dabbing temperature. As this attachment is made from quartz, bangers usually lose heat fastly, which can stimulate the need for them to be heated again so that the smoker can take another hit.

For some, this can be problematic, but for most, it is a small price to pay for an awesome bong attachment that turns a regular water pipe into a dab rig ready to accept extracts.

This may prove to be problematic for some people, but it will be worth the unmatched smoking experience offered by this amazing bong accessory. You can transform your old water pipe to an awesome dab rig.

For anyone who considers this to be a problem, you can always attach nails to the bong, which will hold the heat better. Titanium and ceramic nails are easily available; quartz ones are also widely distributed.

How Much Do Quartz Bangers Cost?

A typical quartz banger is usually priced in the region of $25 to $35. Some can be available at a cheaper price, but you would want to pay a good sum of money to ensure the attachment is made from good quality glass. It would help if you did not compromise on that.

Where Can I Find the Best Quartz Bangers?

Quartz banger products are offered in just the right size Which can perfectly fit any dab rig or bong. You can easily attach them as they are made from high-quality brands that are popular in the cannabis community.

Glass Bowl Attachments – Upgrade That Pack

Like the other attachments, we mentioned glass bowl attachments are quite similar, but it doesn’t mean that they are any less effective. a good glass bowl attachment can make your smoking experience more pleasurable as it has nubs for better grip, rush holes of different sizes so you can adjust your airflow, and many more features. If you are captivated by this, then go and get yours.

Possibly there are two main reasons why you would be looking for a glass bowl attachment. Either you could find it aesthetically pleasing, or maybe it’s more feasible in functionality. The making of a glass bowl attachment is much simpler than one might think. So, a deep and wide pack will optimize the performance of the attachment.

It is understandable if one is more inclined towards purchasing an aesthetically appealing glass bowl to enhance the look of the bong. Some people are avid collectors of eccentric glass bowls that are commonly hand blown as they are more reasonably priced, have a beautiful outlook, and are easy to maintain and clean without compromising the good performance. You can also have a couple of pieces lying around so that if any of them breaks or clogs, you have a replacement ready at hand.

How Much Do Bowl Attachments for Water Pipes Cost?

If you like a glass bowl attachment, then you are in luck because they cost as low as $5 just for the basic replacement, but if you’re looking for a custom made glass bowl attachment, then you must loosen up your wallet strings as they can cost up to $40. But these will be worth it as these handblown innovative glass bowls are unique and the dream of a collector. For a typical glass bowl, you would have to pay around $10 to $15.

Where Can I Shop for Glass Bowl Attachments for Bongs?

If you are worried about purchasing a glass bowl attachment, don’t worry because we have got you covered. You can find some extraordinary designer bowl attachments well crafted for the collectors and some reasonably priced and quiet authentic-looking glass bowls for your Stoner friends who are not interested in purchasing anything fancy. You can check out this amazing selection in the online stores to avail discounts on all bong attachments. So, happy bong shopping!

Res Caps – For Easy Cleaning & Travel

You may notice that Res Caps are an unusual pick for the list of bong attachments as they barely conform with the ones we discussed previously. This might be because their purpose in enhancing the smoking experience is slightly different.

Res caps are these small rubber gaskets that are utilized to keep water from spilling outside the bong while you are travelling. Res caps can also keep the smell of the bong from diffusing. So, no one is affected by the strong smell of the bong. These are also helpful in the cleaning process, which is claimed to be very intricate and complex. They keep the cleaner sealed tightly in the bong so that while cleaning and shaking, the resin in the bong disintegrates completely.

How Much Do Res Caps Cost?

You are in luck because these amazing attachments are so cheap that you can purchase them in bulk and store them for the future. Each piece costs around $5 to $10. You can purchase a full set to make sure the piece fits rightly in your bong. These pieces are very sturdy and can last for a very long time. Their flexibility allows them to fit in eccentrically shaped Bongs and other pieces whilst you are cleaning.

Should I Get A Res Cap?

If you are an enthusiastic cleaner and cannot see a water pipe get clogged or dirty, then we strongly suggest that you should purchase a res cap. It will prevent everything from becoming a mess while you’re smoking. These are also very cheap, user friendly, and you can easily depend on them as they can fit into any bong.

Nails (Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz)

You can easily transform a conventional bong into an awesome dab or concentrate rig with the simple addition of ceramic, quartz, or titanium nail attachment. You will notice that this is more cost-effective than purchasing a dab rig as it also expands the options to improve the bong smoking experience.

Unlike quartz bangers, nails are produced for harder, less viscous, and sticky concentrates. They are heated to higher temperatures and usually hold their temperature for longer than bangers as they are commonly made from titanium or ceramic.

How Much Do Dab Nails Cost?

Can easily purchase a dab nail in the price range of $25 to $50. The prices can also exceed this range based on the design and construction material. Most expensive dog nails are made from titanium under the cheapest one is made from quartz.

Should I Get A Nail for My Bong?

If you classify yourself as someone who doesn’t care much about the dab All owns a bong that cannot a dab ring, We would suggest that before purchasing a dab rig, try out a nail or a quartz banger attachment to experience a different kind of dabbing.

Dab Torches – A Necessity

If you are thinking of turning your bong into a dab rig, a dab torch is a must-have that’ll help you heat your dabs just to the optimum temperature. The highest-quality ones will have easy-refill fuel cells, an incorporated temperature control, and different safety measures.

If it comes down to buying a perfect torch for your dab rig, you must be assured that you’re purchasing the one that will make your life easier. You have to be sure that it has some sort of some temperature control, as this is the only way you can come to a conclusion that which dab temp is best for you. Sometimes, you can also get flavorful hits, or if needed, take up a whole glob, at once. This will help prevent your lungs and other organs from extreme heat and also prevent any possible harm to the rigs.

How Much Would Torches Cost me?

Generally, the price of the torches varies from $30 to $50; however, the high-end ones might cost you around $70. Yes, you can purchase a cheaper one that consumes fuel fastly or break after some days but isn’t it better to invest in an item that lasts a longer period, and that gives you all the flame-control you could ask for?

Propane Vs. Butane Dab Torches – Which proves out to be better?

Unbiasedly, both the flammable gases are used widely to fuel the spark for a dab torch. Both Butane and Propane will burn at a comparable pace of speed and almost cost the same for some refills. It only comes down to your inclination to the fumes. Not only has Propane known to be just a bit more harmful to our organs by the fumes it produces, but it also isn’t as common as Butane. So just for the sake of your health and convenience, you are better off buying a butane torch.

Where Should Search for Affordable Torches for Dabbing?

We were hunting for premium deals on torches that are PRECISELY FORMULATED FOR DABBING? Then look for our selection of torches on our online headshop right now!

Male to Female Adapters – Fits Any Extra Add-on

One of the frequent problems individuals run into when they are trying to modernize their bongs with some of the high-end accessories. However, the items need hard to find, and people are not able to find items that fit correctly because their joint is either the incorrect size of the incorrect gender. Such cross-gender adapters are explicitly designed to help cater to this problem.

This is perhaps one of the most appropriate and handy bong accessories presents on our listings. It permits any bong add-on to fit into any possible joint you can think of. Provided that you buy the right size, the likelihoods are almost countless.

The actual cost of a Male to Female Adapters?

For the starters, these accessories are inexpensive. Varying on the brand, design, size, and characteristical features you can buy these in the range of $5 to $15.

Is the Male to Female Adapters actually Worth the hype?

It is! Primarily because they are so reasonable, some can even be purchased for under $10. Apart from that, they come in a range of sizes that will turn your gear into a universal piece that is compatible with a lot of bong attachment present in the market.

Bong Attachments FAQ

We should take some time to answer some repeatedly asked questions about the bong attachments.

Q. The best choice for a bong attachment?

It heavily depends on your requirements and priorities. For individuals that are hunting for a bigger bowl pack, we think a new glass bowl would do wonders. Stoners who are interested in taking dabs, we suggest some of the top dab rig accessories. For the individuals who are searching for an effortless hit, we would suggest either an ash catcher or a percolator.

Q. Would I need additional accessories for my bong?

You would not. When buying a brand new bong, you must choose the one that is well equipped and comes with all the necessary extras you want. But in case you have an older item and are smoking on a budget, bong extras would be a great option, and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Q. How would I know if an accessory would fit my water pipe perfectly?

Bong accessories are classified into two main categories: female and male. You need to purchase the opposite gender of extras to the gender of the joint on your bong. After that, you’ll consider the actual size of that attachment. Mostly, it falls under the 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm category, but exceptions can be there. If you want to check the details, then look into this guide.

Q. How much would water pipe attachments cost me?

The expenditure depends on the size, the brand, and the type of accessories you are looking for. Generally, the price of the bong accessories ranges between $30 to $60. You will be able to find a special glass that modernizes your bong in this price range.

The Best Bong Accessories for 2020 – Concluding it Up

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