Percolator Bong

Percolator Bongs – Ultimate Guide

The Basics of a Percolator Bong

As recreational smoking begins to grow in both popularity and legality, we are seeing a rise in fascination for different types of bongs. From triple perk bongs to percolator bongs, bongs have always been a popular way for smokers to get their high. They’re easy to use, offer a quality high, and can be designed with some intricate patterns. It’s no wonder why any recreational smoker would want a bong.

But what many smokers don’t have is the basic knowledge to understand and appreciate a bong. Most of the time they’ll simply look up a video on how to smoke from the bong without doing thorough research on how to take care of it. You’re not getting the most out of your bong if you don’t fully understand how it works.

When you properly take care of a bong, you can avoid the internal smudges or any cracks and breaks that could happen. You also can receive a better and smoother high. Many bongs will simply collect the smoke in the chamber and send it up to you through the mouthpiece. But a percolator bong makes the high so much smoother. Your bong might be a percolator bong and you might not be aware of it yet.

What is a Percolator Bong?

In short, the percolator bong is any bong that filters the smoke through water. By cleaning the smoke, you’re working with diffusion to provide a smoother and cleaner high. The marijuana smoke is cleaned and cooled when it filters through the water so you aren’t met with such a harsh hit every time. Typically, once the smoke goes through the water, it should come out close to white which is overall more appealing.

That bubbling sound that happens whenever you hit your bong, that’s a percolator doing its job and keeping your smoke clean and clear for when it hits you. There are many different types of percolator bongs that offer many benefits. These include double percolator bongs and triple percolator bongs. The double and triple are indicative of the amount of filters present in the bong. A regular percolator bong passes the smoke through a water filter once whereas these will filter it twice or three times. Some percolator bongs utilize ice to filter the smoke.

For anyone who tends to find themselves stuck in a coughing fit every time they use a bong, perhaps it’s time to introduce your smoke to water. By cleaning up your smoke through the diffusion process that percolator bongs introduce, you’re making your smoking experience better each time. The cleaner the smoke, the better the high and with the water filtering process of a percolator, your smoke will be quite clean.

How to Fill a Percolator Bong

The type of percolator bong you use will affect how you fill the bong with water. Let’s start with the basics which is a single percolator bong chamber. To fill this, you’ll simply pour your water into the base chamber – below the percolator – via the downstem. Fill it about halfway so that the downstem is properly submerged in water. To fill the percolator chamber, pour the water in through the top until it fills past the slits in the chamber.

For a double percolator bong, the process is a tiny bit more complicated, but not much so. The process starts out the same by filling your base chamber past the downstem. Once you’ve done that, pour the water in through the top and almost fill the top percolator chamber. Blow in through the mouthpiece and push the water down into the second chamber making sure the water levels are high enough in both to pass the slits.

With a triple percolator bong, you’re looking at a similar process to the above two a couple added steps. You likely won’t have a bottom beaker to fill and instead will have to fill the bottom percolator chamber through the downstem. Make sure you fill it with enough water to fill two chambers past the slits and pull. This will bring the water up into the middle chamber past the slits. Next, fill your top chamber past the slits and you’re ready to go.

Quick note about honeycomb percolators: this is a simple process that begins with filling your bong into the second honeycomb chamber through the downstem. Once it’s filled that high, hit the bong like you normally would and the water should be pulled into the top honeycomb chamber. Filling a glass percolator bong is a rather simple process.

How Does a Percolator Bong Work?

The only difference between how this bong works and how a normal bong works is the introduction of water. The process is pretty much the same but the outcome is so different. With a percolator bong, simply pack your substance in the bowl or drop it on the nail and light it up. The substance will create a decent amount of smoke which will go down into the downstem and up through the chamber. Once the smoke is in the chamber, remove the bowl and inhale it through the mouthpiece.

Throughout this process, the smoke will enter and mingle with the water in the percolator chambers and will come out clean and smooth. It’s really as simple as that with no additional steps to a normal bong besides the process of filling the percolator chambers. Smoking out of a percolator bong is preferable for most recreational smokers as it eliminates the dry burn in the back of your throat and the feeling that dry smoking offers you.

Pros and Cons of a Percolator Bong

Plainly speaking, the percolator bong has more pros than cons when compared to any other type of glass bong. The benefits you receive from the cleaner smoke alone make the process so much better. No more will you have to worry about sore throats or coughing fits. The high will be better and the smoke will be smoother.

Sure, there is more to do before you’re ready to rip as you have to fill the bong and make sure it’s properly prepared. But the process of filling the bong is well worth the hit you’re going to receive. Smooth and clean smoke is something that many bong users strive for as it’s simply a better high and with a percolator bong, that smooth smoke is normal.


  • Smoother and cleaner smoke
  • Filters your smoke to eliminate any harmful toxins
  • A simple filling process


  • More steps before you rip
  • Have to fill the bong correctly

Different Types of Percolator Bongs

Shopping for a percolator bong can be an entertaining process as there are so many designs and concepts on how to introduce the filter to the smoke. Many different takes have been attempted in order to create the perfect filter that only allows the best of the smoke through to the mouthpiece. Thanks to the innovation and creativity of many, we have a wide collection to choose from. The following are five of the most popular and interesting percolator designs.

Downstem – It’s important to cover the basics and the downstem percolator is one of the basics. This is a stem that sits in the primary water chamber and creates better airflow. It’s more of an upgrade than a design, but it’s just as effective.

Honeycomb – The honeycomb is named after the design of its filters. Each chamber is separated by a honeycomb disk that filters the smoke as it passes through. The water simply stacks up into each chamber and the honeycomb becomes the final aspect of the filtering process.

Tree – In the bong, there is a collection of branch-like tubes that hang down within the percolator chamber. Each branch has its own pair of slits that grant access to the main tube from which the smoke enters from below. This is the style we were mentioning when explaining how to fill your percolator bong, but the process is applicable to most designs.

Inline – The inline perc is a tube that sits horizontally in the chamber. Typically, this style perc will accompany other types in chambers above it and acts as the downstem for the piece. The more slits in the horizontal tube, the more percolation occurs.

Swiss – The Swiss percolator resembles that of everyone’s favorite style of cheese. The design incorporates many different holes that the smoke and water must make its way around. There are no internal filters as found in other designs, but the movement helps combine the smoke and water to make the smoke just as smooth as your average percolator.

Triple Perk Bongs- These bongs are extra smooth due to the triple perk bong system. This system force smoke to filter through three percolators surrounded by cool water.

Why Choose a Percolator Bong?

If you’re looking for a smoother smoke and a better high, then you should consider purchasing a percolator bong. If you have a percolator and a dry bong, you’ll easily be able to tell the difference between the two. Through diffusion between the smoke and the water, you’re only receiving the cleanest and best of the smoke. Percolator bongs are some of the best bongs available.

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