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Gas mask bong are crazy!

It is unclear how the gas mask bong came to be as popular as it is today. The name itself is self-explanatory- it is a bong attached to a gas mask. The material of the bong is usually plastic, acrylic, metal, or even glass. The gas-mask component typically comes with adjustable straps that you can wrap around your head. These straps double as a seal to prevent the smoke from escaping and get directly inhaled by the smoker.

The concept of the gas mask bong is an innovation in itself. Especially among cannabis and other smoking products connoisseurs, this piece is like a relic and an art piece while also serving the purpose of a perfect gadget to get the best hit. With that said, this is more of a novelty piece, like a great conversation starter and a fun thing to do at parties or with friends, than your regular go-to item to smoke marijuana. Many people make their own DIY gas mask bongs, but you can also get them online.

Pros and cons

Although the addition of a gas mask bong to your paraphernalia collection seems more gimmicky than reality, there are some advantages and disadvantages to using a gas mask bong.


  • The bong portion is detachable from the mask, which makes it easier to clean and store.
  • Using a gas mask bong is also economical. You get extended use of your smoking products since it traps the smoke inside the mask and acts as a hot box. You experience the hit faster, so you don’t need as much product.
  • Unlike joints or pipe-like bongs, you have the freedom of motion with your hands since a gas mask bong is always attached to your head throughout the smoking period.
  • One of the most notable benefits of using a gas mask bong is that it is hygienic. No one has to touch their lips on the bong or the mask.
  • If it fits your paraphernalia collection, then this mask could aid in pleasing your aesthetics.
  • It comes in many different shapes and sizes, colors, and even designs. You can also design your gas mask bong or make one easily.


  • The gas mask bong could be a hassle to use. You will have to strap on the mask and unstrap it after you finishing for each smoking session. This aspect of the gas mask could be especially bothersome to use when passing it around in a group of friends.
  • It is not for everyday use; instead, it is more like a fun item to display and use once in a while.

Types of gas mask bongs

gas mask bong

Although the gas mask seems to cater only to a niche group of customers, they are available in various designs, colors, and shapes.

You can add so many customizations to your bong, including ones that characterize famous people or tv personalities. You can even get the ones that look exactly like authentic gas masks.

The gas bong mask is the most easily customizable compared to the bong component, where you have to choose from already available bongs. However, both of these two components come in wide varieties of options, especially in terms of color, so there isn’t any limit to what your gas mask bong can look like.

Because these bongs are also DIY friendly, they can come in many different forms, as per the smokers’ convenience.

How to make your own gas mask bong

Making your own gas mask bong can be a fun DIY project for you to enjoy. To get started, you will need a few items which you can easily find in any departmental or hardware stores.

Materials required:

  • A gas mask
  • Rubber sealant
  • Bowl with rubber tip
  • Electrical tape
  • Big tube and a small tube
  • Melt-proof plastic piping
  • Drill


  1. Drill one hole on either side of the larger tube ¾ of the way down. One of the spots will act as a carb which helps airflow, while the other hole should fit the down stem and bowl.
  2. After this, place the bowl on the down stem and attach the down stem into the hole that you drilled in the first step.
  3. You can use the sealants and electric tape to seal in the stem.
  4. Ensure that you seal the bottom of the tube completely with no chance of air escaping, or else the bong will not serve its purpose.
  5. Take the filter off from the gas mask and make sure that you seal all the or openings in the mask.
  6. Attach the tube to the gas mask and use the electrical tape and rubber sealant to secure them all in place.

How to use a gas mask bong

Now that you know how to make your own DIY gas mask bong, here is a step-by-step on how to use a gas mask bong:

  1. Fill up the bong with enough water but be careful not to overflow the stem.
  2. Attach the bong to your gas mask. If you are using a DIY gas mask bong, make sure that the mask and the bong are the perfect fit. For commercially bought gas mask bongs, you typically have the provision for screwing the bong onto your mask.
  3. Please fill up the bowl of the bong with whatever product you’re going to smoke and pack it on firmly.
  4. Slide the mask over your head and be careful of the water in your bong. Make sure that all the straps are in place behind your head and secure them. You should feel comfortable with the straps attached to your head. Ensure that the straps aren’t too tight as they could cause significant problems.
  5. After everything is in place, you can light up the bowl in the bong and start to inhale as you light the bong.
  6. The best part about using the gas bong is that the smoke doesn’t disperse when you exhale after your initial inhales. It is trapped inside your mask and lingers around so you can breathe normally with the smoke.

How to clean your gas mask bong

The maintenance part of the gas mask bong is also another important aspect. You should take proper care of your gas mask bong and ensure that you always keep it in a hygienic place. Since you will be using it very close to your mouth and face and have other people occasionally use it, it is of utmost importance that you clean your bong as thoroughly as you can after use.

The most common recommendation is to use isopropyl alcohol, salt, and hot water to clean all the bong’s nooks and crannies. If you are using water in your bong, make sure that you change the water now and then and between smoking sessions. You can also clean the mask with a surface disinfectant or wipe it with a wet cloth. Always remember to read instructions or seek the advice of the maker before using chemicals on your mask.

The best gas mask bongs

Personal choices do matter in choosing the best gas mask bong since some people may prefer traditional-looking ones while others may like to go all out. With all things considered, we have listed the top three gas mask bongs that you can find in the market:

Acrylic Gas Mask Bong

This bong comes with a 9-inch water pipe, available in a wide variety of colors. With this gas mask bong, you even get a built-in card to help you get a big hit. The mask straps on this bong are tight and secure, ensuring no smoke escapes the mask. With the combination of functionality and novelty, this mask features an additional compartment for a dryer sheet so that you can enjoy a discreet smoking session.

Unique features:

  • It comes with a secondary seal that protects your eyes from the smoke
  • There are five straps on the mask, which ensures an airtight fit.

Sealed Acrylic Joystick Gas Mask Bong

With its aesthetically pleasing features, this gas mask bong comes with adjustable straps that fit your head comfortably. The bong is made of acrylic, ensuring durability and portability since it doesn’t get damaged easily. For the best results, you should place a metal screen in the bong bowl to prevent the ash and herb from moving towards your mouth.

Unique features:

  • It has detachable parts, made for easy cleaning
  • The joystick grip model makes this bong a well-sought after gas mask bong.
  • The seal in this mask bong does wonders and doesn’t allow any smoke to escape.

Monster  Diamond Tube Gas Mask

This gas mask bong is simple yet high quality with a wide range of customizations that you can choose. The bong is made of acrylic, which means that it will be long-lasting and durable. This bong is also detachable from the rest of the body, so it is easy for you to swap colors as you desire and even aid in cleaning.

Unique features:

  • At a very affordable price range, this gas mask bong enjoys unparalleled competition with its counterparts
  • It is easy to customize since it comes in a variety of colors and detachable
  • The straps’ design on the masks sits comfortably and snugly on your face without feeling too tight or unpleasant.

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