Why you should corner the bowl while smoking

Oh, Puff, Puff, Hurry UP! It is a time-honored tradition of smokers everywhere, especially those who enjoy other smokers’ company. Smoking with your entourage, though, will also cause herbs to deplete spontaneously at a quicker pace. There are, however, ways to get the best out of your flower. For smokers who wish to preserve the weed in their glass pipes, cornering is the perfect technique. To find out what cornering is, read on about why it’s the right solution for you.

Cornering, what’s that?

Cornering can be second nature, rather than a mysterious practice, for most seasoned smokers. Cornering encourages smokers to save the green for multiple hits inside the glass pipe. And, as you may have guessed, the process is straightforward in itself. Instead of burning all the herbs inside the cup, smokers only light a part of the herb or a corner instead. This increases the herbs’ durability, allowing you more time to enjoy a quality smoking session (and your friends).

There are two three methods of cornering a bowl:

1. The Bowl Tilting

The most popular way of cornering a glass pipe is this. Tilt the bowl slightly to the side when lighting up the herbs, allowing the flame access to just one portion of herbs.

2. Lighting the Bowl’s Rim

Hold it a safe distance away from the bowl instead of keeping the lighter very close to the pipe. This will mean that the herbs will only hit the edge of the blaze. The herbs you do not smoke will then stay green, allowing you and your friends more opportunities to enjoy smoking.

3. Use a hemp wick

You will get the purest cornering feeling by removing the lighter from the equation almost entirely. Guide it toward the portion of cannabis that you will smoke after lighting the hemp wick. This approach ensures outcomes that are more precise—and more fun—.

Why Use the Technique of Cornering?

1. Herbs Conserving

As everybody at Destination Smoke knows, every bit counts when herbs are at stake. Throughout the smoking session, cornering helps spread the herbs in the glass pipe, so everybody gets a decent share.

2. Build a more social environment

Passing the glass pipe hurriedly around while the herbs flame out is not conducive to building a comfortable climate. It’s a smoker’s worst nightmare. Cornering totally removes this tension and makes it possible for each person to savor their hits. There’s just something oddly satisfying about the next smoker passing the bowl down.

3. The Influence Of Cherrying

Cornering can offer another added benefit in certain instances. If the ember stays burned at the bottom of the pipe, each subsequent smoker merely taking a drag would be able to ignite their portion of the herbs. Why is a cherry named that? The embers, of course, are bright.

4. No Chemicals Incorporated

Not cornering the bowl will distract from the flavor in other ways, in addition to the absence of tasty chemicals on the herbs. In your glass pipe, holding the flame of a butane lighter over the herbs will taint the taste. The chance of this contaminated taste is minimized by cornering.

5. The Last Smoker Suffers Not

All dreads being at the edge of the circle of smoking. The delicious taste is gone, all the others have had their fun, and now you are reduced to the scraps. You can guarantee that each person gets his or her fair share by applying the cornering technique.

Alternatives here

What are people doing instead of using cornering? If you do not corner the glass pipe, there will not be disastrous results, but it will be a less fun experience.

1. Lighting the bowl evenly many times

When you light all the herbs in the cup, much of the herbs’ flavor is removed. This means each subsequent strike would also create the smoke, but without the same delightful flavor.

2. The Entire Bowl Lighting, then Passing

Although this strategy is perfect for beginner smokers, it is less than optimal in most other cases. Even when people don’t do it, hastening the smoking process for someone else will distract from the environment and dampen the experience.

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