Where to Smoke Weed

Where to Smoke Weed: 6 Quick Tips

Finding where to smoke weed is sometimes challenging. It’s especially true if you’re out and about and away from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a casual user or a long-time enthusiast, anyone can face this dilemma.

Where to smoke weed

Finding where to smoke weed can be hard if you’re in unfamiliar territory. You may often find yourself in a new city or country wondering where to smoke weed you’ve been carrying around. Don’t assume that a smoking couch and shelter will just appear out of nowhere.

Very often, you’ll have to find the right place yourself. This means having an eye out for the right places and doing some exploring and walking around. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it can be tougher than you expect. So, how do you ensure that you get to the ideal location and still save time? The best way is to take an organized way of looking at things.

Be Observant for clues.

Smoking weed is a pretty common habit among people, and it’s likely that there are enthusiasts wherever you are. But you have to look out for small clues that might reveal themselves to you. Smokers can leave shreds of evidence lying around after they leave a spot. And if you’re observant, you’ll be able to spot traces of smokers who were in the area before you.

If you’re lucky, you might even see that unmistakable ‘420’ written or scribbled somewhere nearby. But more often, it should be small signs that easily go unnoticed. Stuff like used lighters or a temporary ashtray are usually good indicators. And these aren’t the only signs to look out for. As a smoker yourself, you’ll be able to make out strands of evidence here and there that someone with ‘similar interests’ might frequent the area.

Don’t be afraid to explore

Where to smoke weed

While being observant of clues can help, sometimes, you’re just in the wrong area. This means you have to step out and try to look for better places. The first person who ever found a good spot to smoke must have searched for it. So, take a walk and go check out if there are good spots nearby. Whether it’s down the street, around the block, or behind the lot, there’s always a good place. And it’s usually a spot just waiting for a smoker to be discovered.

The best’ 420’ spots weren’t constructed for smoking. Someone ‘found’ it, and it naturally fit the role. So, don’t doubt the fact that you can find a whole new spot that can become the next smoking corner for the area.

Away from mainstream

Sometimes the best places to smoke your weed are areas where people often don’t look in. So, don’t restrict yourself to streets and corners that everyone else may be looking in. Checking out a unique alley or walking beyond the fence can sometimes reveal great places.

One thing to remember here is to stay within what is allowed in the area. Don’t go off breaking multiple laws in the city just to get a drag from your blunt. A good way to ensure this safety is to stay informed of local laws and regulations on these matters.

Elevation helps

Go high, both literally and figuratively. If you’re having trouble getting a wider view of your surroundings, getting up higher can help. When you’re in an elevated spot, it’s easier to get a wider view of the places around you. This way, you can spot potential spots from a distance. Also, it’s a good way of screening out places that you’d rather not try looking at. So, you save yourself some crucial time and energy that would, otherwise, be wasted on unproductive places.

The good thing here is that these places are usually easy to find anywhere. It can be the top of a building, a hilltop, or a treehouse in the neighborhood. As long as you look for it, you’ll find a usable vantage point.

The exit strategy

It’s always wise to plan an exit strategy, especially if you’re smoking in a new city or area. You never really know what kind of people you may run into. It could be a fellow smoker who wants a drag or some nosy person who wants to get in your business. Either way, if you want to have a good time alone, you’re better off without these people nearby. That means you need to be prepared to bail out of a spot if you see trouble coming your way.

A lot of times, the escape plan happens during the entry plan. When you reach or find a spot, think of how to leave it immediately if required. Generally, it’s good to avoid places that have only one exit or a single door.

Learn to relax

Don’t make the experience more anxious than it has to be. Yes, finding where to smoke weed may take some work. But it’s not a harrowing ordeal. It’s more about finding the space where you can unwind and get some relaxation too. So, don’t get too tense whether you’re looking for a spot or already lighting up the blunt. If you’re constantly in a rush and in panic, you’ll give up any and all benefits you wanted from the experience.

Also, if you’re still searching for where to smoke weed, anxiety will ruin your efforts. To get the ideal space, you need to be clear-headed and observant of the things around you.


Once you’ve found where to smoke weed, it’s time to unwind, whip out that roll, and enjoy. Take your time to digest the surroundings and the air around you. Make it an intentionally enjoyable experience. A good way to enhance the experience is to put on some music and enjoy the view (if you have one).

Finally, try to leave small traces of the great experience you just had in the spot. Who knows, maybe some other smoker may be looking where to smoke weed and might find your clues and create his/her own experience there.

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