How to Store Dabs

How to Store Dabs – The Best Way

How to store Dabs is a crucial priority when it comes to preserving and keeping your smoking materials durable. Methods and tactics may have changed over the years, but the purpose remains the same. But the actual practices do not work the same way for all materials and stashes. Today, we want to look specifically towards how to store dabs in a way that ensures safety as well as preserves taste.

Why is it important?

When it comes to the cannabis community, innovation and invention aren’t new trends. And this is a good thing because we constantly get introduced to newer materials and devices that enhance our cannabis experience. Thanks to this innovative streak in the community, the number of new and old users has constantly been growing. With this growth, newer dab rigs have arrived, and better vape pens have entered the market.

As creative ways of smoking have grown, so has the need to know how to store dabs safely and securely. The question of how to store your dabs has constantly accompanied the discussions of how to enjoy your dabs. Today, we’ll consider some of the most efficient/best ways to keep your stash safely with you or in the house so that you don’t compromise on quality and taste.

The beginnings

As with any cannabis product, the easiest way how to store dabs have been parchment paper. It’s easy to get parchment and even easier to store. All you had to do was simply fold the slabs up a couple of times and toss it in the box (or envelope), and that was it. Of course, most people also knew it was a pretty fragile way of keeping your dabs safe. It meant you could not sit on it, leave it in a car, get the paper torn, etc.

A lot of us may not know that the whole parchment paper thing originated from the black market history of selling concentrates. It wasn’t as easy as it is nin today’s market to buy or sell the goods. And this method gave it a discreet and easy to pass-around kind of packaging. If you don’t have anything else to store your dabs in, parchment paper is still a decent option. In fact, it’s a great choice if you want to use it as an additional layer of protection. This is because it has non-stick properties that make it great for storing organic materials. But today, silicone containers do a much better job.

Current Method How to Store Dabs

What users mostly do now is to place different types of dabs in their own containers. If you get the dabs from a dispensary, you’ll likely get it in a glass container and a plastic lid. Some people don’t mind using these containers at home. But a lot of users consider them to be disposable containers. One issue with these smaller glass containers is that you have to limit your stash to only what they can hold. Also, there are times when dabs can stick to glass, and that isn’t good for anyone.

So, more and more people are using silicone containers. These units are non-stick like parchment paper but have way better resistance to heat and damage. So, you get the benefits of old-school storage as well as the advantage of new technology. And if you value your dab, you don’t want to cut corners in the storage department.

The Ideal Method How to Store Dabs

How to Store Dabs

Ideally, we all wish that we could buy dabs in the quantity we want from a legitimate dab shop or store. Then, keep using the containers we get from the store as permanent storage units for future purchases. But we aren’t quite there yet.

However, we do have the next best storage option. This alternative is to store your dabs in a single container that comes with multiple compartments or boxes. Silicon remains the best option for storage material how to store dabs because they can keep heat, light, and impact-damage from ruining your stash.

You can find hard clamshell plastic containers like the Wax wallet in online stores. They have silicon on both sides so that your stash remains safe. Wax wallets are compact and portable, which is handy, but they can fall short on space for some people.

For those who need more storage, products like the Wax wallet XL bring you both safety and size. It’s a larger silicon container that provides different compartments for varieties of dab materials. It also comes with a latch that can be folded on for air-tight containment. The compartments come in the form of indentations where you can keep different varieties of your dabs. Although the design is flat, there’s still enough room to store a whole lot of materials.

Best places to store your dabs

A lot of people believe that storing dabs work the same way as to weed storage. While there are similarities, there are surely a few crucial differences. Your dabs are concentrates that become more fragile compared to a cannabis plant. And since they are plant-based materials, there’s a misleading myth that you should store them in a freezer. While this may be true for hash, it’s not nearly as useful for dabs. Dabs have Trichomes. And they contain THC crystals and cannabinoids that can turn brittle or even shatter in freezing temperatures. This kind of change in the dab’s physical state can really affect the quality when you use it later.

You can store your dabs in the fridge (Not the freezer). Also, it’s important not to decrease the temperatures to extremely low levels, even in the fridge. We know that higher temperatures work against your cannabis. But low cold levels can ruin your stash too. If your container isn’t air-tight, the air’s moisture can also work against the dab or weed. If there is any airspace within the container, your dabs can attract the moisture made from resulting condensation within the container. So, your best bet is to avoid both extremes but still store them in a cooler and dark space.

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