How to charge a vape pen

How to charge a vape pen

How to charge a vape pen

As batteries power the vape pens, you are bound to charge your vape pen once you use up the power. Hence, it becomes necessary for you to know how to charge a vape pen. Lucky for you, the charging process is a no-brainer, and you can do it effortlessly. Sometimes, the way you charge your vape pen will depend on its model. However, you can generally follow the given steps below for most types of vape pens. Most of the time, your vape pen will have an internal battery that looks like a tube. It comes with a micro-USB and a plug-in wall cord which you can use to charge the vape pen.

First and foremost, plug the charger into the wall outlet. Ensure that the connection properly fits and is secure. Look for the input that generally situates at the lower end or on the side of the battery. Now, insert the micro-USB cable into your vape battery’s power input. Once connected, an LED display will light up or blink to indicate that the device is charging.

In the case of smaller vape pens, you will find that they come with a USB adapter instead of a micro-USB cord. You will have to connect your vape pen’s charging end with the adapter by screwing it in. Similarly, an LED display will light up or blink to indicate that it is charging correctly.

To indicate complete charging, either the LED display will change its color, or the blinking will stop. Disconnect your vape pen battery from the micro-USB cable or adapter. Now, you can start vaping right away to satisfy your cravings. Ensure that you do not use other chargers to charge your vape pen, as that could permanently damage it. The voltage difference may even cause the battery to overheat.

How long to charge a vape pen?

As vape pens vary depending on the manufacturing brand and models, how long to charge a vape pen varies. It will depend on the battery’s charging capacity and its rate of charging. Usually, it can take from two to three hours for a vape pen to fully charge.

How to charge a vape pen without a charger?

A lost or a damaged charger is a common situation many vape pen owners fall prey to. However, rest easy, as there are a few ways you may be able to charge it. You can conveniently use other devices ‘ USB chargers for vape pens with micro-USB as its charging cable. Though charging may be slower, there should be no problem with the use of the alternative cord.

In case you have multiple vape pens of the same type, you can use their chargers or adapters. This option is most convenient for tiny vape pens, which require screwing its end into the USB adaptor. A 510 threading is the most common type of charging adaptor and will fit with most vape pens.

Another option for you is to make use of an efficient power bank. However, it does not improve your condition unless you have your USB cable to connect with it.

The last option is for those vape pens with external or removable batteries. For this to work, you need to have multiple spare batteries to swap with the used battery. This way, you can continue with your lit vape session and keep on with your moment. However, if your vape pen has an irremovable battery, you will have to look for a replacement charger. And if all else fails, you will have to consider buying a new vape pen.

Tips for charging a vape pen

How to charge a vape pen

The keys to having a long battery life of your vape pen all lie with how you maintain it. Though nothing lasts forever, you can take proper measures to prevent premature damage. Also, it will help you to save some bucks and inconveniences along the way. Learn the best tips on how to charge a vape pen.

Avoid overcharging

Unlike modern cell phones, the vape pens do not come with programmed circuits to automatically stop charging once full. Hence, when you overcharge it, the battery capacity reduces over time and can get easily damaged. It is safest to quickly remove the charger from the vape pen once the LED display indicates a full charge.

Check the charging at regular intervals.

When you leave your vape pen unattended while charging, it can cause overcharging, and hence the aftereffects. Keep monitoring the charging with intervals of 20 to 30 minutes. This measure also helps you detect any unforeseen issues or faulty with the charger or the vape pen.

Do not charge too frequently.

Charging your vape pen right after vaping for a short session is not a great way how to charge a vape pen. Repeating the pattern will soon take its toll on the battery’s life. Also, repeated charging may start damaging the USB connectors and affect charging capacity too.

Use only the original charger as much as possible.

Make fair use of the included charger you get with your vape pen, as long as it’s working fine. Refrain from using chargers of different brands or different model vape pens and from chargers of other gadgets. No matter how compatible they may seem, they can slowly damage your vape pen in the long run. However, if you lost or damaged your original charger, it is somehow okay to look for viable options.

Keep away from liquids.

As a standard precautionary measure for all electronic gadgets not waterproof, the same applies to how to charge a vape pen. Even a little moisture on the surface of the metal parts of the vape pen can lead to rust. Also, exposure of the vape battery to water can cause unwanted reactions and reduce its efficiency. At most, it can cause irreparable damages to the battery. Hence, it is safest to use it in a dry environment.

The battery is not getting charged.

If you can’t vape for at least two to three hours after a single charge, it defeats its purpose. In case you happen to notice that your battery is not charging, you can try following the few measures below.

Firstly, ensure that the cord connectors you have correctly plugged into the wall outlet and the vape battery. In the case of USB adapters, check whether you have securely screwed the vape pen into the adapter. For confirmation, you can inspect the LED display and see whether it is blinking.

Another viable option is to try detecting the source of the problem by using an alternative charger. If the battery starts charging, then you have a damaged charger. However, if the vape’s battery does not charge, then the problem lies with the battery. Accordingly, you can choose to either buy a new vape pen or replace the charger.

Problems like these are common to any electronic gadget owner. Hence, it would help if you are ready for such circumstances. However, you always have the option to visit the respective shop and request troubleshooting aid. Or you can head out to buy a better and more reliable model.

Is it okay to overcharge a vape pen battery?

Overcharging your vape pen’s battery may not cause any blow-ups or burning-ups like most expectations. Though it may heat up, its capacity is not strong enough to be significantly dangerous to humans. However, speaking in terms of damage to the battery, overcharging can drastically shorten the battery life. Thus, it is not at all okay to overcharge a vape pen battery.

Getting a power bank for your vape pen

Power banks are a worthy alternative to wall outlets for how to charge a vape pen. The most need for it will arise when your vape pen battery life drains away quickly. You may also have much need for it if you love to vape without taking breaks continuously. As power banks are portable, you can take them wherever you go and take vaping sessions even while charging.

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