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7 Amazing Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories aren’t a new phenomenon. Humans have been using different types of smoking apparatus for millennia now. And with time, they’ve evolved into more intricate, functional, and aesthetically pleasing items.

When it comes to having a good smoking experience, the type of strain you choose really matters. But once this is done, the next most crucial element is your preferred mode of delivery – the smoking device. The device you use can also determine the kind of experience and effect you get. It matters both during and after smoking.

If you’ve always wondered about these different devices or are new to the experience, you’re in the right place. Smoking accessories can be diverse and versatile. But we’ll give you the rundown on each type of device.

Before we learn more about the types of smoking accessories, let’s understand why smoking up is so popular.

Why is Smoking Weed so Popular?

For loyal fans of cannabis, there’s really no other product that can fully replace it. Sure, vaping can be a trendy rage. But it doesn’t match up to the experience you get from a good strain of weed. Some users claim that it’s an almost spiritual and ritualistic escape. Others use it for medical or practical reasons. Whatever the personal view, there’s no doubt that smoking weed is a distinct experience.

Smoking weed is also one of the fastest modes of consumption. This means that the effects take place in less time compared to other products. The moment you inhale the smoke, it takes very little time for the THC to run through your bloodstream. Your brain has cannabinoid receptors that come into contact with the THC within moments.

This fast consumption means that you need only a few minutes for the weed’s effect to kick in. So, for those who use it with medical prescriptions, you get immediate relief or impact. And for those of us who use it for recreational reasons, it simply means a better and faster kick.

However, like any smoke, it’s important to remember that there are ill-effects too. After all, it’s still herbal smoke that’s making its way through your respiratory system. The ignited bits can create harmful carcinogens that you inhale while smoking up. If it’s any consolation, there aren’t a lot of mainstream studies that connect lung cancer with smoking weed.

Anyway, now that we have a better understanding of why cannabis is so popular let’s look at the tools and smoking accessories.

Top 7 types of smoking accessories

Since smoking practices have been around for such a long time, the devices have also evolved over time. Today, we have a slew of smoking paraphernalia that offers more options to all types of users. Let’s look at the seven best types of smoking devices.

Smoking Accessories

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes have been around longer than you might think. They’re among the oldest methods of smoking since ancient times. But they’re popularity continues even today because pipes are incredibly useful and convenient. Pipes are easy to hold and carry around wherever you go.

Maintenance is simple because it doesn’t have a ton of complicated components.

Hand pipes hold the burnt weed and allow the smoke to pass through the tube. You hold the pipe up and use the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke. Pipes can come in a diverse variety of types, designs, shapes, and sizes. You’ll find anything from simple DIY pipes to artistically crafted fancy pipes.


Bubblers are a slightly more complicated version of hand pipes. They have an additional component that you won’t find in pipes – the water filtration system. The filtration system works by creating smoother hits from the ignited weed. It removes some of the harmful elements that you otherwise inhale along with the smoke. You can think of it as a cleaner version of smoke that comes from traditional hand pipes.

You can use bubblers the same way you use a pipe. Just add some water to the bubbler’s base so that the filtration can take place.


Think of bongs as the bigger counterpart of bubblers. Bongs can come with intricate styles or straightforward designs. They’re usually tall and may look like lamps made for science projects. With bongs, the main difference is essentially the volume of the hit you get. You can inhale bigger clouds of smoke from bongs. So, you get a faster onset too.

The larger volume of water in bongs usually means a more efficient filtration process too. The filtration is more complicated if your bong has a percolator. If you get a bong with an ice catcher, you’ll have hits that are infused with a cooler taste.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are smoking devices that have two primary components. One is the body where the filtration happens. The body also holds the device together. The other is the nail. The nail is where your concentrates get vaporized before you smoke them.

Cannabis can take many forms, and some are more condensed than others. This can include extracts, wax, oils, etc. Smokers who prefer more concentrated versions of weed usually prefer dab rigs. Dab rigs come in several options based on budget. And their filtration systems can vary depending on what type and quality you choose.


Hookahs are one of the oldest smoking accessories that are still around. Today, they’re not as popular as smaller pipes or modern bongs. But a lot of people still enjoy or prefer using them. They were originally meant for smoking ‘shisha’ – middle-eastern word for tobacco.

Cannabis may be too dry to work well with a hookah. People often add additional layers of tobacco to fix this. However, the health risks can increase with this kind of smoking.

DIY and Homemade disposables

DIY smoking kits are incredibly useful when you don’t have anything else. You can craft them out of everyday objects like pens, apples, plastic cans, bottles, containers, etc. Whether it’s a simple pen pipe or a rich construction, this type of device is limited only by your imagination. We have a guide on homemade bong making!

Blunts, Spliffs, and Joints

These aren’t strictly devices, but we’ve included them since they’re a common option for smokers. A joint or blunt is ground weed that’s been rolled up with a paper. People usually add a cardboard tip to serve as the mouthpiece.

Spliffs are the same thing, except they have additional elements apart from weed. For instance, some users enjoy adding some tobacco along with the weed for a different kick.

That concludes this guide! We hope you now have the information to make a educated purchase of smoking accessories.

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