What is a bubbler

What is a Bubbler Pipe | All-inclusive Guide

For someone who has no idea about bubblers, you might ask yourself, what is a bubbler? Well, we have the answer! They are a source of endless questions. For one, these gadgets have exotic and outlandish designs. In addition, their exquisite designs can only be matched by their purpose – smoking!

Regardless, glass bubblers are fantastic when it comes to weed culture. So this post is for everyone who is unfamiliar with this smoking device. We explain the different types of bubblers, as well. So if you plan to start looking for a bubbler, it can help you with your purchase decision.

Let’s start right away.

What is a Bubbler?

Bubblers are essentially hand-held water pipes for smoking. Despite their insane proportions, bubblers have some vital components. These include a bowl, stem, water chamber, and a mouthpiece. As is evident from the name, bubblers also have a percolator that bubbles the smoke before it hits your mouth. However, a percolator may or may not be present in all bubbler pipes.

Another characteristic feature of bubblers is the water chamber that helps with diffusion. The water chamber’s diffusing action is also responsible for a pleasant hit you get from bubblers. Every hit from a bubbler is distinctly pleasant, which makes bubblers even better than a dry pipe.

When it comes to designs, bubblers are wild and do not compromise. They are typically made of glass with a lot of textures and colors. However, you can choose from minimalist and straightforward designs as well. This brings us to the next topic of types of bubblers.

Types of bubbler pipe according to their shapes.

It is no secret that glass bubblers have different shapes. It can range from a simple one to those with wacky and mindboggling ones. Nevertheless, all bubblers inevitably fall into one of the four categories.

  1. Sherlock Bubblers.

The first types of bubblers are Sherlock. Sherlock bubblers are by far the most popular ones. Their inspiration comes from the classic S-shaped pipe of the dry herb. Sherlock bubblers are curvy and classic. Some of these bubblers are among the most subtle in terms of design. However, you will find some extravagant designs with Sherlock bubblers as well.

While choosing Sherlock bubblers, look for those that have a solid base. This will make them stable, so you do not have to worry about knocking them over.

  1. Hammer Bubblers.

With hammer bubblers, you will have no problem with stability. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about knocking them over. These types of bubblers have a wide bowl and a water chamber that forms the head of the hammer.

The overall design roughly resembles a hammer and hence the name. The relatively slender mouthpiece will rest on the counter or your table making it one of the most stable bubblers.

  1. Double and Multi Bubblers.

As the name indicates, these bubblers have two water chambers. In addition, they might also have two percolators, although it is not found in all double bubblers. As you suspected, this snazzy bubblers undergo double filtration and double diffusion. This means you can get that nice heady experience every single time.

In addition, multi bubblers can have up to three and four chambers. Because of their setup, double and multi bubblers have some of the most gorgeous and excessive designs. But apart from their over the top designs, the double filtration is also the reason these are a hit among the users, literally.

  1. Concentrate Bubblers.

Concentrate bubblers stand out because of their design that is similar to a dag rig. They come with a nail and vapor dome. Moreover, some of these glass bubblers come with a percolator.

Although concentrate bubblers are smaller, they easily measure up to a dab rig. They can pretty much deliver the same results and functionality as their larger cousins. Concentrate bubblers are among the most versatile, which makes them a top choice as well.

How to use a Bubbler

How to use a bubbler

Bubblers are mini water pipes, to put it simply. So they have the same mechanism as well. When you take a hit from a bubbler’s mouthpiece, it forces the smoke to pass through the small tube that runs below the water chamber. Because of this, the smoke is diffused, and it starts bubbling in the water. If you are interested in how to make a bubbler, check out our guide here!

This makes the smoke palatable in three ways:

  • One, the diffusion breaks down the larger molecules of the smoke. In addition, any type of debris that might be in the smoke is also filtered.
  • Two, the smoke transforms into vapor, which is the part that hits your taste buds.
  • Three, the diffusion, and filtration also cool down the hot smoke before it reaches your mouth.

What are the advantages of glass bubblers?

Bubblers have been the choice of smoking device for veterans. However, unless you know that they are good at, it can be hard to decide on a bubbler. So here are the advantages of bubblers and why you should consider getting one.

  1. Elevated taste.

Bubblers are known for their fantastic filtration capability. In combination with percolators, the diffusion can make one of the finest hits you will ever experience. The filtration is even more outstanding if the bubbler in question has a double design. In many ways, smoking with bubblers will make your taste in smoking a lot more refined.

  1. Portability.

Another fantastic advantage of bubblers is its portability. This comes from bubblers being relatively small in design. If you appreciate smoking with class, bubblers are the ultimate smoking devices.

Most bubblers can easily fit into your carry bag and even handbags. This means you don’t have to give up your indulgence irrespective of where you may be in the world.

When buying a new piece, many smokers run into the question, buy a bubbler or buy a bong. Fortunately we created an in-depth comparison guide here.

Bubbler Pipe final thoughts.

Bubbler pipes are indeed the best of both worlds. They are a visual treat with their intricate designs. In addition, their functionality is the same as a traditional bong, even better. Moreover, bubblers can accompany you wherever you go. So you don’t have to compromise taking a hit anytime you want.

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