How to make an Apple Pipe

How to make an Apple Pipe

Ever wondered how to make an Apple Pipe? The basic aspect of so-called marijuana survival is learning how to make a pipe for smoking weed from everyday things (sometimes organic).

Imagine the situation that follows:

Somewhere in the wild, away from tourist resorts, you’re having a wonderful time on vacation.

It’s been a couple of days since you got there, and you’ve respected mother nature more often than you generally do. You already have plenty of stash in your jars late in the evening, and even if the clock doesn’t point to 4:20, you know it’s time for a hit before bedtime.

So you’re searching for some of the rolling papers that you purchased before you came, but you know you just sold out of the last file… there’s no bong, no pipe around, and the last store that could hold rolling papers is ridiculously far from where you’re staying.

And you find an apple, too. It’s a perfect, polished apple that looks like a bowl, except without a mouthpiece, a carb, and all the other things you need.

Thankfully, you’re working on Wi-Fi, and you’re googling this post.

Saved, are you!

To learn how to make an apple pipe for smoking marijuana, continue reading.

Why Make an Apple Pipe?

How to make an Apple Pipe

A pot pipe is a convenient instrument for cannabis for smoking. Marijuana pipes consist of a bowl, where you pack the weed, and a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke, equivalent to tobacco pipes.

However, depending on their type, model, and scale, weed pipes can also have a few other components.

The Pipe Fundamental Elements

Here are a marijuana pipe’s four primary components:

  • Bowl
  • The Carb
  • The Chamber
  • Mouthpiece

The bowl is the place where the marijuana is stored. The chamber where the smoke accumulates is just under the bowl. The part you put your lips over to inhale the smoke is the mouthpiece. Finally, the carb is a tiny hole that you cover with your finger and release until the chamber has accumulated enough smoke. This is how you clear the pipe.

Here’s the good news: each of those components can be inserted into your apple pipe. You can do the same for virtually every other fruit; it will do its job as long as it has these compartments.

How to make an Apple Pipe

For smoking marijuana, this is what you need to make an apple pipe:

  • An Apple (of course)
  • It would be best if you had a tool to clear the ink and everything else from a pen/knife/flat screwdriver.
  • Your favorite cannabis strain.
  • A lighter or a wick of hemp.

Now that all the essential elements have been obtained and know how a weed pipe feels let’s get down to drilling.

Step 1: Preparing the Chamber

You need to cut the bowl out first to build the chamber. Remove the stem and stab the cutting tool right into the middle of the apple to do this.

Poke a breakthrough at the core halfway through. This will be your apple pipe chamber. When you actually light the bud, the smoke will pass through this channel.

The chamber is also related to all the other holes in the apple pipe you’re going to make, so make sure it’s not too shallow.

Step 2: Drill the Bowl Some Room

Remove the pen from the top of your apple after building the chamber. Take the instrument back to where the stem was and cut out the apple’s top with a bowl-shaped fraction.

The bowl should be wide enough to accommodate an average volume of marijuana in an ordinary marijuana pipe that you pack. Mind placing the bowl above the chamber precisely.

Step 3: Carve the Mouthpiece Out

It is swift to make the mouthpiece; you need to punch another hole into the fruit. You ought to use the side of the apple instead of the top this time, though. The most important thing here is to poke the hole deep enough to connect it in the middle of the apple with the chamber.

Step 4: Render the Carb

Press the pen into the apple on the other side of the fruit to create a carb. Again, make sure the hole of the chamber is connected. Your apple pipe would be easy to keep this way, allowing you easy access at the same time to the carb.

Remove it slowly until you’ve squeezed your instrument into the apple and out the other side. To allow the smoke to flow safely to your lungs, each of the holes and pathways you’ve just made must be clean of any residue. Otherwise, you could end up inhaling particles of fruit and start to cough like crazy.

Phase 5: Breath in

It’s time to smoke some cannabis now that you’ve made your apple pipe. Prepare your pre-ground buds and put them on top of the apple in the tub. Keep the fruit tightly held so that the thumb taps the carb and the lips are over the mouthpiece.

As for every other marijuana pipe, the apple pipe functions just the same. Keep the carb with the thumb until you light the weed, and begin drawing the smoke through the mouthpiece. Take the thumb from the carb and inhale the smoke softly, clearing the bowl of the fruit.

A final hit on how to make an Apple Pipe

Cannabis users are inventive people, as you can see. Even though you face an emergency like the one mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are still plenty of options without the traditional paraphernalia to smoke your herbs.

The best natural materials for producing cannabis pipes are fruit. Not to mention the flavor that comes with smoking the weed from a fresh fruit, they are easy to make and operate. For years, people have been using fruit for smoking marijuana, but apple pipes are nothing new. They have only recently had their second life, mostly because they are cheap, ecological, and simply fun.

Now you know how to make an Apple Pipe!

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