How to make a Can Pipe

Nowadays, from glass pipes to bongs, there are many high-quality instruments that you can use to smoke pot. There’s still a workaround, though, if you ever find yourself in a position where you don’t have anything to smoke with. You may use a water bottle, an apple, and all types of other household products to make a smoking unit. But the Can Pipe is one of the most common homemade smoking instruments.

Due to how easy it is to craft, the Can Pipe is a common alternative for crafty smokers. A can of soda and something to poke holes in it is what you need, but you may want to add some foil as well. Although it won’t be just as rewarding as having a regular pipe, it will get the job done when you need it. Here’s a guide to how to make a can pipe for pot smoking.

What you need to make a pipe for a can

One of the best homemade smoking gadgets you can make is A Can Pipe, and many crafty stoners would have made one of these in their day. In order to make one, you don’t need much equipment because you already have everything you need lying around your home.

You’ll need a soda can, naturally. You can make use of any aluminum pull-tab can. It will give you decent airflow due to the can’s hollow structure, contributing to some pretty good hits. Often, to poke holes in the side of your can, you’ll need a needle, pin, or small knife.

While all you need to make a can pipe is a can and a pin, you may want to try using some aluminum foil for the bowl. The aluminum foil can protect the paint on the side of the can from getting burnt, contributing to healthier hits. Of course, you’re still going to need a lighter one and some of your favorite weeds. When you’ve got what you need, it’s time to make the Can Pipe fast and straightforward.

How to make a can pipe for pot smoking

It’s effortless to make a can pipe, so many smokers quickly whip one up when they need something to smoke out of. Make sure you have an empty soda can of aluminum, a pin, a needle or a knife, a lighter one, and some marijuana.

On top of the can, cut the ring tab and dent a hole in the rim. Switch the can over so that it faces you. Your mouthpiece will now be the cavity that you usually drink out of, and the dent in the surface will become your mug. To keep your marijuana, make sure the indentation is deep enough.

Using a pencil, needle, or small knife, poke holes in the dent on the CAN. You want the holes to be wide enough to inhale the pot’s smoke without being huge enough to cause the cannabis to fall in. Although it’s optional, you might want to add some aluminum foil on top of the dent, stick it down and poke holes in it with blue-tack or chewing gum. You are not going to smoke and inhale any color fumes this way.

The Can Pipe is pretty much ready for use now. Just grind your favorite marijuana strain, put some of them on the can in the dented tank, light your weed, and inhale through the mouthpiece. It can quickly fill up with pot smoke to inhale, because the can is large and hollow. Take as many hits as you want before your high is fulfilled.

Will you use a pipe with a can?

As good as a Can Pipe can be, it comes with some disadvantages. Forming a pipe out of an aluminum soda can is incredibly fast and straightforward, but at the same time, it is far from the perfect option for smoking. Using a bong or pipe would automatically give you much healthier, safer smoke. Plus, you can make other homemade devices, such as a water bottle bong, as well.

The biggest downside to using the Soda Can Pipe is that you can burn harmful contaminants from the paint on the surface of the can. Also, because of this, it is advised not to use a soda can. However, by covering the bowl of your can with some aluminum foil to avoid burning the paint, you can prevent this problem.

A Soda Can Pipe can be handy for all of that said. You can make one in seconds, and when you don’t have any other choices, it can give you pretty decent hits. When you want an easy way to get heavy, it’s also seen as an alternative to rolling joints.

Alternatives to piping with a can

There are several options to consider since using a Can Pipe is easy and convenient. Here are some of the better alternatives to using a Can Pipe if you want another affordable and straightforward way to build a homemade smoking system or choose to invest in a higher-quality smoking method.

Water Bottle Bong – The Water Bottle Bong is one of the best homemade smoking instruments you can make. Poke a hole in the side of a water bottle, cover it with a hollow pen hose, roll it into a bowl with some aluminum foil, close the hole, and fill the base with water. You’ve got a handy homemade bong now that also filters the smoke through the water.

Apple Pipe: For consumers who want a convenient handmade product, the Apple Pipe is another classic. It entails punching holes in an apple’s top and side to meet. At the top of the apple, place some marijuana and inhale from the foot. It’s also comfortable and safer to make than using a Soda Can.

Pipe/Bong – Using a high-quality glass unit for smoking marijuana, nothing beats. Although it’s not as cheap as just using a Soda Can, it will make up for the volume of the hits you get. Plus, you will last a lifetime with a decent pipe or bong. In all sorts of shapes and designs, you can buy pipes online and purchase bongs online.


The Soda Can Pipe is not the safest alternative for smoking marijuana, but it’s a handy substitute when you have nothing else to use. Although you may like to add some foil, all you need is a soda can and something to poke holes in it. It’s short, it’s easy, and it gives you some decent hits. Check out DestinationSmoke.com for a upgrade!

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