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Buying Your First Vape Pen? Beginner’s Vape Pen Guide

You might love your vape pen a lot, but are you taking proper care of it to ensure it lasts as long as possible? Or maybe you don’t have your own vape pen yet and are looking to buy one. Do you choose high-end or disposable? Which CBD products should you prioritize? And how will you make sure the vape clouds are of good quality?

We don’t want you to get into the bad habit of buying low-quality vape pens. So we have a great guide for how to take care of your vape pen. Vape pen maintenance is no joke, and if you’re a beginner, follow this article to get the most out of vaping. You’ll know a vape pen from an e-cigarette, a disposable from a long-term, and which CBD products are best to use.

Why Vape with CBD?

Vaping CBD gained traction when marijuana became legalized in more countries around the world. Marijuana has been long believed to have therapeutic medical properties. However, it’s only when it became legal in several large countries that vaping became more common. Although marijuana and CBD aren’t exactly the same thing, CBD similarly became more accepted.

With legalization and encouragement from medical communities came business and manufacturer opportunities for marijuana and CBD. Today, there are lots of choices for CBD available to regular vapers.

Vape Pen vs. E-Cigarette

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Beginners to vaping usually have this dilemma: buy a vape pen? Or buy an e-cigarette? There are some differences in the style of vaping and CBD consumption here. But there’s one main factor that vapers look at when considering their options.

If you’re vaping to quit a smoking habit, then an e-cigarette will be better for you. It might sound counterintuitive like you’re just going back into the same habit, but it’s actually the opposite. By transitioning to e-cigarettes, you’re easing yourself off the habit and replacing that tobacco with CBD.

The main difference between vape pens and e-cigs is just the feel and style of the motion. E-cigs will be more familiar for smokers like we said. It’s discreet, simple, and feels traditional. You don’t have to overthink cartridge sizes or styles. If you’re simple and practical about it, e-cigs will save you from any struggle or dilemma. Besides, if you find that you enjoy vaping more than its motion, you can always transition to a vape pen later on.

But if you want to dive straight into it, you can always start with a vape pen right away. The fun thing about vape pens is that they’re a piece of style all on their own. You can go for sleek and sophisticated vape pens with darker colors. There are also bright vape pens that pretty much announce their presence. Some come shorter, others longer, and might also affect how well you’re able to store them. When choosing the vape pen style, make sure they have the right cart size you want. Anything else is up to preference.

Reusable vs. Disposable Vape Pens

So let’s say you’ve settled on choosing a vape pen. You’re leaving e-cigarettes behind, and you’re ready to get into the thick of vaping. Reusable vape pens are significantly more expensive than disposable ones, so we’ll help you decide which you want to buy.

In general, we highly recommend getting a reusable vape pen. It’s long-term, less wasteful, and something you can keep coming back to even if you drop vaping now and then. Especially if you’re vaping for medicinal purposes, you never know when you’ll want to pick it up again. With a reusable vape pen, you can refill it instead of buying a whole new disposable one.

Let’s compare the pros and cons of each type.

Reusable vape pen

Reusable vape pens are much less wasteful. You can recharge them for long-term use. If you recharge them regularly, then you’ll never find yourself suddenly out of battery. If you run out of juice with reusable vape pens, you can replace the cartridges with pre-fills. Overall, buying new cartridges, regardless of the strain, is usually much cheaper than buying a whole new pen, whether disposable or reusable. You also have a wide selection of strains and contents to choose from when buying replacements.

Of course, the main downside is that reusable vape pens are an investment. Once you buy one, you should stick to it. Hopefully, you won’t get bored of the style and size — unless you want to start a collection. That being said, a long-term vape pen takes maintenance to last as long as it should. For example, making sure that it doesn’t waste battery, taking care of its shell and structure, and the heat regulation of the vape while in use.


  • Can be used regularly
  • Can be recharged
  • Cartridges may be replaced with pre-fills
  • Customizable


  • More expensive
  • Needs more maintenance

Disposable vape pens

vape pen

Disposable vape pens are overall a more convenient option. They are less expensive individually than a reusable vape pen. Instead of investing in all the other things that come with a starter pack, they are a quick solution to a quick need to vape. If you’re bringing one for a holiday, or intend to use it short-term, then disposable pens are likely the better choice.

One great thing that people appreciate is that disposable vape pens come with their cartridges already full. You basically don’t have to think about the next strain you want to vape or even the size and volume you have. The strain you get with the pen is what you have. These are great options for beginners who want to try vaping out. You can think of it as the “free” taste (it isn’t free, but you get what we mean). Use it to decide whether or not vaping long-term is going to be your next habit.

Another is that you don’t have to charge or maintain disposable vape pens regularly. The battery of the pen will run out at around the same time the cartridge finishes. It’s not really about the strength of the battery but the longevity of the CBD oil. And we already covered how long they are estimated to last in a previous section.

If, in the end, you decide that you want to vape for the long-term, these pros will soon become negligible. Buying disposable vape pens over and over can get quite expensive. Soon you will want some longevity, flexibility, and investment in your life. Once you’ve reached that point, you will want to get a reusable vape pen.


  • Less expensive individually
  • Comes pre-filled
  • No need for charging
  • Good for beginners


  • More expensive long term
  • Potentially more wasteful
  • No flexibility with strains
  • No refills, no strain mixing
  • Fewer choices available

Not a beginner anymore, but still caught in a dilemma? See how quickly you go through your vape pen. How quickly do you finish a cartridge? How regularly do you vape? Is it only on occasion, or is it every day? Overall, we would advise you to go the more cost-efficient route.

How To Determine Vape Pen Lifespan

Whether you’re using a reusable vape pen or a disposable one, you likely still want to know how long it will last. A lot of the time, this depends on the brand of the pen and even its type. Of course, it will also change according to how you use it and how well you take care of it. The concentration of the CBD will matter, as will the temperature, frequency, and more. You will even have to account for the size of the cartridge and how long your puffs are.

There are many factors to consider if you want to find out how long your vape pen will last. Here are some rough estimates that will help you determine the lifespan of your disposable vape pen.

Size of Cartridge

The smaller the cartridge, the shorter the pen will last. If the vape pen’s cartridge only accommodates a half mL, then depending on your draws, you can get 50-150 puffs.

Length of Draw

You may have noticed that 50-150 is a bit of a wide range. This is because some people take longer draws. If your puffs are longer, you will end up with fewer puffs, on the 50-puff range for a half mL cart. If your puffs are shorter, then you’ll spend it slower.

Battery Size

The size and capacity of the pen’s battery also matter. If the pen only has relatively low power storage, then it won’t last as long. However, there are some great vape pens out there that are rechargeable through a micro-USB port.

These vape pens will last much longer, even if left inactive for several months. We find rechargeable vape pens much more reliable than battery-powered ones. As long as you stay in the habit of charging them, then vape pen maintenance shouldn’t be a problem.

Those are the three main factors to consider when you’re trying to estimate how long your vape pen will last. Although vape pens will advertise being “500mg” or “250mg”, the biggest indicator is still the volume of the cart.

Because we puff by volume and not concentration, then the amount of liquid is a better sign than the concentration of CBD. That being said, you can have a 250mg CBD concentration, but it will last longer if your vape pen’s cart contains 1 mL.

How Many Hours do Vape Batteries Last?

vape pen

Since smartphones can be recharged, you might be expecting your vape battery to last just as long. That is entirely not true. Vape batteries last for around two hours straight on good-quality pens. It might not sound very long, but that pen is boiling your marijuana or CBD on the spot. It’s emitting constant heat to give you that vapor at a consistent rate. A two-hour vape pen battery is already on the higher end of the spectrum.

If you see vape sellers that claim days of battery life, this is most likely untrue. Their claim likely  

doesn’t cover constant vaping but an on-and-off situation instead.

Other Factors Affecting Vape Pen Maintenance

There are a few other considerations you should make to estimate the quality and longevity of your vape pen. First, you have your personal preferences. How large a cartridge do you want? What amount do you feel secure with? You also have to consider how long you usually vape. Is it for hours on end or just a few puffs at a time?

Now, if you’re looking to invest in a reusable vape pen, then you have more to consider. Like any device or appliance, vape pens have a few features that you should look at.

Temperature Regulation

How well does the pen regulate its temperature? It’s going to be boiling your marijuana, but it should still be able to control its external temperature. It shouldn’t overheat itself, and neither should it burn you.

Coil Material

Vape pens will come with either ceramic coils or quartz coils. Both of them are good, reliable materials but can produce different types of clouds. Quartz heaters are more prone to creating large clouds. Ceramic ones will give you smoother and thinner clouds. This mostly comes down to personal preference.

Hardware and Body

Vape pens need to have strong bodies. You’ll likely keep the vape pen in your back pocket. You don’t want it to break as soon as you sit down and forget that it’s there. It’s also good to have a pen that fits nicely in your hand. You have various options thanks to the different lengths and sizes of pens, but make sure your vape pen fits in your pocket, or your hand, or wherever you plan on storing it.

Choose Carefully

As we’ve seen, there are many things to consider in choosing a vape pen or even maintaining your current one. Should you go for a vape pen or e-cig? A disposable or a reusable one? Always seek within your budget. And since vaping is for your health and enjoyment, be sure to address your preferences too.

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