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Complete Guide to Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs? Yes! If you are not familiar with this latest development from enthusiastic smokers, welcome!

For ages, cannabis smokers have been among the most creative and unconventional. Smokers continuously experiment with materials to take smoking joints to the next level. You might have seen everything from honey bear jars, corncob pipes, and ceramic bowls. And just when you think that the level of experimentation has reached its peak, bam! The silicone bong was introduced.

So what is all the fuss about silicone bongs? Find out everything in this article.

What are silicone bongs?

Silicone Bongs

As the name suggests, these are smoking pipes made from silicone. The silicone used for making the smoking pipes is of the highest quality. These are non-toxic, food-grade silicone and BPA free.

Silicone bongs consist of two main parts of their design. The base also functions as the joint for the stem and the top part, which is the neck.

All major components of the pipes are made of silicone. Only a few parts, such as the bowl and the downstream, may be made of glass. However, smoking pipes that are 100% silicone are also not uncommon. Some silicone pipes also come with metal bowls instead of glass. The size of these pipes can range from miniature versions to massive Sherlock types.

Advantages of silicone bongs.

Water pipes are traditionally either plastic, wood, or metal. And each of these materials has its positive points as well as some drawbacks.

Silicone bongs, on the contrary, are hard to find negative features. There are a couple of minor issues, which we will talk about later. Nevertheless, find out the advantages of silicone pipes below.

  1. Extreme durability.

For lack of a better word, silicone bongs are the most durable. Silicone is literally unbreakable, so these pipes are an excellent investment. This is not the case with pipes that are made of other materials.

Silicone pipes also come with glass components. But for the most part, silicone is almost indestructible.

  1. A new definition of versatility.

Some water pipes are confined to your table or a smoking corner. As gorgeous as they are, these types of pipes cannot serve you outside the assigned location.

On the other hand, silicone pipes are the ideal travel companion. They are also the perfect pipe to take a hit while lazing around the pool, hiking, or any outdoor activity. Heck, you can even take silicone pipes to music festivals across the country.

Another versatile aspect of silicone bongs is in their use. You can use the parts separately. The base with the bowl and the stem of the pipe can function independently, which is fantastic. You can also join the neck of the pipe and make it a fully functional dag rig. Silicone water pipes give a new meaning to versatile use in the truest sense.

  1. Unrivaled stability.

Another fantastic advantage of silicone water pipes is unrivaled stability. The base of these water pipes is wider than the stem and the neck. This makes them very stable irrespective of where you place them.

In addition, most silicone water pipes have bases that function like suction cups. So once you plunk these bad boys down, they will not go anywhere.

  1. Cool silicone designs.

In addition to outstanding practicality, silicone water pipes also have the coolest designs. This comes from the fact that the silicone comes in different bright colors. These pipes come in different designs and shapes, which makes them more interesting to use.

Moreover, silicone pipes glow in the dark! Some colors of the water pipes glow brighter than others. Although we are guessing that you may not appreciate these glowing pipes after taking a few hits. Pun intended. Nevertheless, they make an interesting topic of conversation and a definite art piece.

  1. Reasonable pricing.

Considering all the outstanding features, silicone pipes are also very friendly on your wallet. Of course, the price of the water pipes will depend on the designs as well. The price will also depend on where you purchase the pipes. At Destination Smoke we price all of our silicone pipes at the lowest possible prices. However, silicone water pipes are generally very affordable.

If you got a glass or a metal pipe that comes with the same features as silicone, they would cost a mini fortune.

Are there any disadvantages of silicone bongs?

As we mentioned above, silicone water pipes are hard to fault. However, by being very critical and petty, here are two minor issues we can think of.

  1. You cannot see the smoke.

This comes from the opaque nature of the silicone. If you are a veteran smoker, then the inability to view the smoke will not be a problem. However, for a newbie, the smoking experience is also visual. So not being able to see how and where the smoke is traveling may be an issue. On the bright side, you won’t care where the smoke is coming from after a few powerful hits!

  1. Staining of the water pipe.

Another issue with silicone water pipes is that they can stain. As bright as the color of the silicone may be, the color can also disintegrate over time.

Thankfully, there is a solution. You can clean the water pipe as often as you can. The ideal way to clean a silicone water pipe is by using a water and baking soda solution. Alternatively, you can also use dish soap.

The cleaning of silicone bongs is also effortless as the parts can be taken apart. So to avoid dark smoke stains on the pipes, clean them regularly.

Final thoughts.

Silicone bongs are the new kids on the block in the smoking realm. They combine the best of both worlds in terms of practicality and durability. In addition, silicone water pipes are very portable and can take a lot of beating.

They also have unrivaled stability, which makes these water pipes highly sought after. However, only those who know its worth appreciate silicone water pipes. So come be a part of these elite smokers today! Check out our selection of silicone water pipes for your smoking pleasure.

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