How to dab without a torch

How to dab without a torch

Dabbing brings an entirely new experience for enjoying cannabis. But the big question is, how to dab without a torch. Each hit from a dab gets you a wholesome hit of THC. Plus, you get to enjoy a whole new array of flavors and scents that you don’t get in regular blunts.

If you’re new to dabbing, it might take some time to learn the ins and outs of how to do it correctly. There’s no fixed rule for how to correctly dab, but there are a few things you should know if you want to get the best out of it. And if you’re someone just starting out, you may be dreading all the tools and tricks you need to learn.

To put it simply, dabbing is essentially a more scientific bong. It comes with a few additional elements that allow you to enjoy certain concentrates. But what concerns most new dabbers is the torch. Like any other fire source, the torch also posts a fire hazard if not handled cautiously. With a dabbing rig, it’s easier to burn yourself if you’re not careful.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can dab without a torch, the good news is that you can. In fact, there’s more than one way you can light up your rig without a torch. Today, we’ll explain each of these no-torch options for you. Before we get into the fiery details, let’s understand why people prefer torches first.

Why do I need a torch for dabbing?

The whole point of dabbing is to flash-vaporize the dab on a nail. The ‘dab’ here means a cannabis concentrate. The ‘nail’ is where you put the concentrate. And it has to be heated red-hot before you place the concentrate in it.

This heating is where the torch comes in. The most common option for heating is to use a butane torch lighter. They can provide a consistent and intense flame towards anything you want to light up.

You may notice that people also use butane torches for lighting cigars. It’s especially useful for cigars too because they can light the damp, wide, surface of a cigar evenly and quickly. The same principle applies to your dabbing rig. You use the torch to heat the nail until it becomes extremely hot. Then, you put the dab (concentrate) into the nail. As the dab gets almost cooking, you place your lips over the mouthpiece and inhale the smoke.

It sounds like torches are essential to dabbing, right? Well, they are. But as we said, there are other lighting alternatives that work well too.

How to dab without a torch

Use a stove to heat your dabbing rig

A common way to dab without a torch is to use a stove. You can do it regardless of whether the nail is made of metal or glass. But it would be best if you used a sturdy pair of tongs to hold it over the stove. The tongs are crucial because they prevent your hands from going to close to the flames.

Here’s how to use the stove for dabbing

  • Turn the stove on, and set the flames to high or maximum.
  • Use the sturdy tongs to hold the nail, and hover it over the flames
  • Hold it in place for about 4-5 minutes (or till you feel it’s right).
  • Move away from the stove and place the nail back into the dabbing rig
  • Enjoy a torch-less dabbing sesh.

The advantage of using a stove is that it’s cheap, easy to do, and accessible (there’s always a stove in every home). However, sometimes you’ll find that the nail is not evenly heated all around. So, you might have to take a few more trips to the kitchen in between hits.

Use an E-nail

If you don’t want to deal with fire altogether, the e-nail is your best bet. E-nails use a box-loaded coil to provide flameless heat. E-nail devices can have a combination of elements (usually quartz and titanium). This combination offers better conductivity in the device. Plus, you get more accurate control of temperature too.

Unlike a stove, you can carry around an e-nail anywhere. It gives you convenience and portability. The only downside with e-nails may be the price tag. These flameless heating devices can cost a few hundred dollars or above.

Use a Health stone

Health stones are essentially a smoking apparatus that has a pipe and an attached bowl. The ceramic stone is 100% inert to ensure it does not react to the concentrate or the heat. First, you need to place your chosen dabs on the stone. Next, use a small lighter to heat up the stone from below. The stone will transfer the heat and vaporize the concentrates on the surface.

Health stones are also a convenient choice for dabbing. However, they do wear out after some time. Depending on the frequency of use, a health stone may last around 5-6 months on average.

How to dab without a dabbing rig?

Besides the torch, dabbing rigs are also an issue for a lot of people. They’re expensive and not easy to carry around. Here are some excellent alternatives to rigs


how to dab without a torch

Vaporizers are popular inhaling devices that have a few different uses. One of the best and primary uses can be to inhale the smoke from concentrates or dry herbs. If you want to use concentrates, you need a container that’s also compatible with dabbing. Vaporizers come with excellent battery strength. The good ones can last you an entire day if you use it economically.

Use the top of a bowl

People have been smoking cannabis concentrates way before dabbing rigs came around. So, how do you think they did it? One of the easy alternatives was to use a bowl. They simply dabbed the top of the bowl that was packed with weed.

If you’re someone who has already tried this, you can go for a couple of dabs per bowl. You can pack the concentrates between two layers of weed to protect it from direct flames.

Lining a joint

First, you need to make or have a blunt ready. Next, grab your dab and fashion it so that it looks like a long snake. Then, wrap it carefully around the outer lining of the blunt you just made. If your concentrate doesn’t have a consistent texture, use the dabber to paste them on/around the blunt.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing can be an expensive habit if you want all the tools and accessories that are available today. But with the right creativity, you can do it even dab without a torch. We hope these alternatives we’ll let you dab with more ease, convenience, and accessibility.

However, having the right dabbing tools allows you to get more out of your concentrates. If you’re someone who wants the comfort and convenience of having the right dabbing gear, check out this awesome collection of dabbing rigs and torches.

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