Nectar Collector

What is a Nectar Collector

Are you headed out on the road, and you can’t take your dab rig with you? What will you do when you get to your destination and need a dab session? Fortunately, the Nectar Collector offers you a discreet and compact dabbing solution to take with you anywhere you go.

We love the portability and simplicity of the Nectar Collector. The self-contained dabbing experience from this piece makes it a must-have for your collection.

What is a Nectar Collector?

Nectar Collector

Hand a Nectar Collector to someone who’s never had the pleasure of using one, and you’ll likely get a confused expression. The long glass is different from what most people expect, and the best way to explain it is to think of the Nectar Collector like a dab straw with a percolator.

The Nectar Collector works with your favorite concentrates and dabs, vaporizing them efficiently with minimal waste.

If you’re looking for a portable dab rig, you don’t get much better than the Nectar Collector. The water filtration and spill-proof design of this piece make it a great rig to take with you on vacation or to a friend’s place for a session.

What are the Different Types of Nectar Collectors?

Nectar Collectors come in 4-different glass and silicone models, and we sell all of them at In this section, we’ll cover a short review of the most popular types of Nectar collectors available at our online store.

Eyce Silicone Nectar Collector

In this Eyce silicone nectar collector review, we’ll look at the latest innovation in this dabber. This tool is an excellent choice for the connoisseur, with a unique look and feel. Functionality with this silicone model is fantastic, with top performance on every session.

This Nectar Collector includes

  • A platinum silicone bumper body
  • Multi-percolation with advanced water filtration
  • Storage compatible with the Rig II and the Hammer
  • Unique GR2 titanium nozzle with proprietary design

Another note-worthy mention about this Nectar Collector model is the titanium nozzles compatibility with the Eyce Shorty. With this model, you have the option of using the Shorty Glass Bowl, or you can convert it for use with dry material.

10mm Clear Nectar Collector

This model comes with a keck clip and a quartz tip. This 10-mm Clear Nectar Collector includes a 10-mm female joint, allowing you to replace your tip with any compatible 10-mm male piece. The Clear model comes with a quartz banger, but you have the option of upgrading to a titanium tip.

The 10-mm Clear Nectar Collector rig comes with the following.

  • Dual concentrate accessory
  • 10-mm Quartz banger
  • Keck clip
  • 7″ clear glass body
  • 10-mm female-to-male joint

The handy keck clip included with this model holds the tip firmly, ensuring that it doesn’t fall into your concentrates. You also get a fixed down-stem to smooth out the vapor. When you need to put this model down after taking a big hit, the three glass bubbles at the mouthpiece act like feet for keeping your mouthpiece away from the table.

Nectar Collector with 14-mm Titanium Tip

For those dabbers that want a titanium nail on their Nectar Collector, we present the 14-mm Titanium Tip Model. This Nectar Collector features a detachable titanium nail, as well as a 14-mm female joint. There’s a flared mouthpiece for additional comfort, and a splash guard to prevent splashback from the percolator.

The Nectar Collector 14-mm with titanium tip includes the following with your kit.

  • GR2 premium-quality titanium nail
  • Water splash guard
  • 14-mm female joints
  • Detachable 14-mm titanium nail

This rig is for dabbers that demand more from their Nectar Collector during longer sessions. It’s a bigger rig for bigger hits.

Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set

Check out the Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set if you’re looking for the Rolls Royce of Nectar Collectors. This premium model features everything the hardcore dabber needs to enjoy their favorite concentrates.

This item is in high demand and efficiently vaporizes your concentrates without any hassles and less waste. When you receive your Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set, you get the following in the box.

  • 10-mm quartz banger and titanium nail
  • 3-piece glass body, neck, and straw
  • Diffused water chamber
  • Glass dab dish

The spill-proof design of this Nectar Collector makes it appealing, and the option of both quartz and titanium is exciting. This setup is entirely modular, with all the components fitting into one another. It’s a fantastic setup that every dabber will love.

How to use a Nectar Collector

Many dabbers wonder how to use the Eyce Nectar Collector when eyeing it for the first time. This rig is unique, and it offers a different perspective to the traditional dab rigs pout there. We think that the nectar collector focuses on the portability of the device. However, it’s a great dabbing tool to use at home as well.

The unique functionality of the Nectar Collector means that instead of applying your dab to a banger or a nail, you heat it and apply the hot tip of the Nectar Collector to the dab in the glass dish.

The glass dish is convenient, as you can drop your entire gram and then blaze on it over the whole evening. There’s no hassle of reloading for every hit. You heat the titanium or quartz tip of the Nectar Collector like you would with a regular mail or banger. When it’s ready to go, just press it into the dab in the dish and inhale.

When using the Nectar Collector, make sure you give the nail a second to cool before taking your dab. The bigger the dab, the harsher the flavor and hit. We recommend you take moderate hits frequently for the best dabbing experience using this rig.

What are the Pros and Cons of Nectar Collectors?

So, what’s the difference between using the Nectar Collector and a standard dab rig? Here are a few pros and cons to consider before you invest in your first Nectar Collector.

What are the Pros of Nectar Collectors?

  • Different – The unique design of the Nectar Collector makes it appealing to dabbers looking for something new.
  • Efficient design – The Nectar Collectors spill-proof design is ideal for travel and offers easy cleaning.
  • Portable – This model has less mess, and you can take it with you on the road.
  • Self-contained – No tools and no fuss, heat the tip, and start dabbing.

What are the Cons of Nectar Collectors?

Multi-component design – The modular design of this dabber can fall apart at inconvenient times, smashing to bits on the floor. Make sure you always complete your setup correctly. The keck clip helps to keep the assembly secure.

Not as User-friendly as you expect – The long glass mouthpiece and keeping your mind on the setup not falling apart can be somewhat distracting when you’re taking a rip.

No variable temperature control – The tips don’t work as well as your typical quartz bangers and titanium nails. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the sweet spot with this device.

Go Grab a Nectar Collector!

Does a Nectar Collector sound like something that you need in your life? Check out the range in our store and choose your favorite piece. We offer free shipping on all orders, and you’ll be dabbing with your Nectar Collector in no time. Please drop us a comment about your experience dabbing with this portable tool!

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