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How To Use Pipe Screens – Super Guide

How To Use Pipe Screens

A pipe screen is a smoking device that is designed to make your smoking experience more enjoyable. They are a must for all smokers as they are tiny screens that prevent clogging, resin build-up, and pull through. They are available in numerous sizes and styles to suit your preferences.

Why use a pipe screen?

Pipe screens are circular mesh items made from varying materials. They are placed inside the bowl and can be bent to fit inside. Smoke and fine ash can pass through it with ease; however, large chunks are held back.

Pipe screens make it significantly easier to smoke. This is because the mesh is used to collect ash and can be removed later, keeping your pipe clean. More importantly, they prevent clumps of ash from getting pulled through to your mouth.

Types of Pipe Screens

While pipe screens are made in a variety of ways, the most common ones found online are made of stainless steel, glass, and brass. These are the most suitable pipe screens as they are safe to use, easy to clean, durable, and do not change the taste.

Stainless steel

pipe screen

This is the most popular type of pipe screen. They are extremely convenient as they are cheap, available in multiple sizes, and durable. Stainless steel pipe screens have little to no effect on the taste, and they are more long-lasting than brass pipe screens.

However, over time, stainless steel pipe screens can become weak due to the prolonged exposure to heat. To prevent pull-through of lumps of ash, make sure to check the pipe screen before using it. If the holes get bigger or begin to crumble, it is not safe to use while smoking.


pipe screen

Glass pipe screens are known for being available in the shape of flowers or animals. Although the most expensive type of pipe screen, they are durable and increase airflow. They do not have any effect on the taste and are safer to use as they do not emit fumes like that of their metal counterparts.

Glass pipe screens can improve the aesthetic of smoking if that is where your interest lies. It is easier to clog are completely worth it if you are not a clumsy smoker. When handled with care, these pipe screens can last very long.


Brass pipe screens are known for being the cheapest type available. They are durable and add a touch of elegance to your smoking experience. They are available in numerous sizes and get the job done without any problem.

Brass pipe screens, however, tend to crumble when exposed to heat for too long. The fumes released can be harmful, and therefore, you should keep an eye on the brass pipe screen before smoking. Overall, brass pipe screens are a great option for smoking as they offer similar advantages of using alternatives.

Destination Smoke offers a whole variety of pipe screens to suit every individual preference. We offer quartz crystal stone pipe screens along with a large number of items for all types of smokers.

How to use Pipe Screens?

how to use pipe screens

Using pipe screens is extremely easy, and it provides numerous advantages while smoking. Following these simple steps will be enough.

Step 1

Make sure that your hand pipe or glass bowl is clean before use. Clean out any ash or herb residue that could be present from previous use.

Step 2

Ensure that the pipe screen you buy is the right size and fits inside your bowl or pipe. Pipe screens that are not big enough to fit will fall through the hole and cause clogging while smoking. Screens that are too big will sit too high and will prevent you from packing it completely because it is too loose.

Step 3

Pack your bowl or pipe with herbs as you normally would except with the screen pipe present. Feel free to smoke your bong or hand pipe like you usually do until the herbs have turned to ash.

Step 4

You can go ahead and remove the pipe screen once you are done smoking. Shake it off to remove the ash and place it back in your glass bowl or hand pipe if you plan to smoke again.

Step 5

Make sure to clean your pipe screen thoroughly to reap the benefits of its durability. You can use tweezers and a lighter to burn the pipe screen clean. An alternative method will be dipping it in an alcohol and salt solution if you are particular about the cleanliness of your pipe screen.

How to make Pipe Screens at home?

Are your pipe screens from Destination Smoke still on their way, and you want to smoke? There are many ways to make a temporary pipe screen at home while waiting for your package.


Wanting to smoke without a screen has an easy fix using materials lying around your house. Using aluminum foil is convenient and quick, and unlike popular belief, it is not dangerous to smoke with aluminum screens. All you need to do is cut a piece small enough to fit in your bowl and poke small holes into in with the help of a toothpick or paperclip.


If you are all out of aluminum foil, there are other ways to create crafty pipe screens at home. A steel paperclip is easy to bend, and you can easily change its shape to fit in your bowl. You could make it a flat spiral and place it in your bowl, and you have got the perfect pipe screen alternative.


When smoking therapeutic herbs, you can use leftover materials such as shredded tobacco to pack the bottom. A small amount of tobacco is enough to act as a pipe screen as well as preserve airflow. Smoke the herbs until you reach the tobacco.


Pipe screens make the life of a smoker much easier. They are also known for reducing the risk of inhaling clumps of ash and improve the overall experience of your smoking session. You can shop for the best pipe screens at Destination Smoke along with other items that are perfect for smokers.

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