how to get reclaim

How to get Reclaim out of Rig – 4 Easy Steps

How to get Reclaim out of Rig

Your rig looks ugly and does not hit as smoothly as before? Now is the time to remove the residual wax out of your rig. But, how to get reclaim out of your rig? Removing reclaim out of your rig is a very simple process and does not take a lot of time. By following some basic steps, your rig will look polished and function as smoothly as a new one. Let’s find out how to get reclaim out of your rig!

What is the Reclaim of a Rig?

Reclaim is very similar to the resin from smoking. It is the residual wax that sticks to your rig after taking a dab. Resin is a changed form of smoke residue. However, reclaim is only wax. Since it is heated before, the terpenes burn off, and decarboxylated wax is left behind. This wax is re-usable and has no ash or tar. Hence it is wise to collect and use this reclaim.

Reclaim is mostly stuck around in the joint, neck, and percs of your rig. If the deposition continues, the rig would taste and smell bad. This gets worse with each dab you take. Hence you should clean it regularly. Fortunately, it is very easy to remove and collect reclaim from your rig.

Is it safe to smoke reclaim?

Reclaim has 60% power of wax but does not give you the perfect dabbing experience. It is sticky leftover when a dab is sucked through the rig. It has an oily consistency and is slightly darker than dab. With each dab, the reclaim clogs your rig and reduces the taste and effectiveness over time.

Fresh wax tastes amazing because of the presence of terpenes. On the other hand, reclaim has a raspy taste and feels harsh on your throat and lungs. Its potency is almost half of fresh wax. This means you need to smoke twice the amount for the same experience.

However, smoking reclaim is safer and tastier than smoking resin. To make the most of the reclaim, you can eat it instead of smoking it. Reclaim gets decarboxylated after the first pass and gets activated. This can give you a heavy and long high if you consume the reclaim orally.

The taste is not good, so you can take it with something that has a strong flavor. Baked items, chocolates, and icing go well with reclaim. You can also make cannabis-infused capsules out of it. Don’t heat the reclaim at a temperature of about 314 F since the wax starts evaporating at this temperature.

How to get Reclaim from your Rig?

how to get reclaim

First, you need to decide what you want to do with the Reclaim after removing it. If you wish to smoke it, you can use a high-percentage ISO alcohol that is a mixture of pure alcohol. High-percentage grain alcohol is suitable if you want to eat the reclaim later. Though both alcohols will evaporate entirely from the reclaim, it is better to use an edible solvent for ingesting the reclaim orally.

Most rigs come with a dropdown. Dropdowns convert rigs to joints of varying sizes and genders. Apart from this, a dropdown collects the reclaim and keeps your rig clean. Hence it is often called the “reclaim catcher.” Just how an ash catcher keeps a bong clean, a dropdown can protect your rig from reclaim deposition.

However, if your rig does not have a dropdown, do not worry. You can still remove the reclaim and unclog your rig.

What will you need:

  • Alcohol
  • Paper towels or cotton swabs
  • Glass container
  • Pipe cleaners

Here is the stepwise procedure on how to get Reclaim:

  1. Remove the nail and pour the old water out of your rig before you begin cleaning. Be careful not to pour out the reclaim along with the water, which will have a thick consistency. After that, fill half the rig chamber with any of the two alcohols. Use less alcohol so that it evaporates quickly. You can add more later if it is required.
  2. Now you need to plug the mouthpiece and the joint of the rig. Use a paper towel or something similar to that. You can even use your fingers. The process of cleaning a rig is less laborious than cleaning a pipe. The wax quickly peels off the sides and dissolves in alcohol. For hard reclaim, let it soak in alcohol for around 30 minutes. It eventually softens and leaves the sides of your rig. Pipe cleaners can also be used to get rid of stubborn reclaim. You should never use salt to clean your rig.
  3. Once all the reclaim has dissolved, pour the mixture into a glass dish. The alcohol will evaporate, eventually leaving the reclaim behind. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can heat the mixture. This needs to be done very carefully since alcohol is a highly inflammable liquid. Some of the ways to do this are:
  • It is not advisable to use open flame because it could be dangerous. You can keep the glass dish on an electric hot plate on the low setting.
  • Otherwise, keep the glass dish inside a bigger glass dish filled with water. Heat the two glass bowls on low flame.
  • Another alternative is to keep it under sunlight for a few hours.
  1. Once the alcohol has evaporated, scrape out the claim from the glass dish. You can store it in a silicone container or wax paper.

Your rig will be looking new after this 15-30 minutes procedure. Doing this process regularly will keep your rig clean and not hamper your dabbing experience. The reclaim will also help you get an additional high.

Reclaiming is a smart thing to do!

Some people look down on using reclaim, but they are missing out on a lot of good stuff. Flower resin is mostly tar, but reclaim is very similar to fresh wax. It can produce the same therapeutic and psychotic effects. So whether you eat the reclaim or smoke it, you now know how to get Reclaim!

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