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5 Best Dab Rigs

5 Best Dab Rigs of 2021

Smoking concentrates doesn’t have to be a difficult process and finding the perfect dab rig for your session can be easy. With more and more states legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, the popularity of cannabis concentrates is definitely on the rise, which caused the market for dab rigs to boom. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different rig options for you to choose from, so how does one select the best product for them? We’ve compiled a list of five of the best dab rigs of 2021 to help you make this difficult decision simple.

If you love smoking cannabis wax, oil or concentrates, regardless of your skillset, there is a rig for you. Whether you’re selecting your dab rig based on design, effectiveness, or convenience, it’s important to look and multiple options in multiple price ranges. Our list is ordered based on price running from lowest to highest. No matter the price, each of the products on our list are fantastic dab rigs that we consider to be the best of 2020 for a reason.

It’s important to remember that the lower priced products won’t come with as many bells and whistles as the more expensive options. At the same time, these lower-range dab rigs are still effective and the ones we reviewed will provide you a clean and enjoyable smoke every time. Here we present to you, the five best dab rigs of 2020.

Our Top Five Dab Rigs of 2021

1. Silicone Bubbler Rig

Small, compact, and affordable — this is the perfect rig set for anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank. Whether you’re looking for an addition to your rig set collection or hoping to start out with silicone rig, this is a fantastic product for you. Silicone rigs are affordable, easy to operate, and offer fantastic heat absorption to protect your hands while in use. This product is no different from the best silicone dab rigs.

This is the ultimate dab rig in terms of convenience. It contains a compartment on its base that can hold your concentrates while on the go. The four slots at the base are for holding your other dab rig tools, offering you both a great rig set up as well as a pretty little carrying case. The customization options are exciting as well with the Silicone Bubbler Rig as it comes in many different colors and splashes.

Every detail, down to the material of the nail, is specifically crafted to ensure you receive a fantastic performance out of this product. The titanium nail on top can be removed to make cleaning simple, and the inner chamber can be revealed to make adding water simple. One of the best features of this product was how it made a rather difficult process simple. The Silicone Bubbler Rig makes smoking accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience!

2. Big Puck Dab Rig

Diamond glass, Klein style body, and a ridged bent neck are some of the most exciting features of this powerful rig. With the way this product was designed, the focus is on creating a powerful rip that will get things rolling in no time at all. The swiss cheese holes on the inner puck allow for more even rips backed with more power. This rig isn’t as large as others on our list, but it’s an affordable alternative to the more massive constructions.

The Big Puck Dab Rig comes with a diamond glass exterior with is a fantastic way to keep the smoke clean and the heat inside. You won’t have to worry about burning yourself and can focus on the rip itself thanks to the 3mm thick walls protecting your hands. The 5-inch wide base provides a layer of stability that some rigs tend to lack.

Despite the rig being made up of mostly clear glass, some customization options are available. You won’t have as many varieties as the Silicone Bubbler, but little decals can be recolored for your needs. Overall, this is a fantastic lightweight set up that offers you the classic glass style in a small and easy to operate package. The 18-mm male bowl can hold a decent amount of herbs and the 4-mm banger nail supports concentrate use. This is one of the best 2021 dab rigs set up for all smokers.

3. Heavy Duty Riggler Set

This is another fantastic dual-use product that supports both dry herb and concentrate use. The body is designed for advanced water filtration that keeps both the water and the smoke clean throughout the use. Many other products have air leaks and holes that can lead to a lessened rip as some of the smoke begins to seep out the side. This product utilizes a carb cap which offers an airtight seal, preventing the angel’s share of smoke.

The flavor transfer on this device is phenomenal as it utilizes a quartz banger and a glass bowl. This combination helps to keep your concentrate clean and pure throughout use. The Heavy Duty Riggler Set also offers an easy-to-clean manual to help you keep your rig clear even after use. No one likes when their rig begins to cloud, and the sleek clear glass starts to blacken. Remove those burn marks and turn your rig into a brand-new product once again.

If you’re looking for a dependable rig that will get the job done right and offers you some of the best base features for smoking concentrates and dry herbs, then this is one of the best dab rigs of 2021. The simplicity of its design coupled with the effectiveness of the process makes this product unmatched for its price range. This mid-range dab rig is a great tool for any experience level and will provide you an effective and fun rip each time.

4. Mini East Australian Current Recycler

Now we’re starting to enter into the territory of more experienced smokers. This dab rig is designed to be both a tool for smoking and an art piece to be placed front and center in your home. The intricate and ornate glass design is stunning and will leave you inspecting it for hours before you can grasp every detail. For the less experienced smoker, fear not, this product isn’t reserved for the veterans. Despite its ornate decoration, it’s close in simplicity to other products.

This product is a current recycler which allows you to smoke more. It enables you to reduce, reuse, and recycle the smoke that is within the body for longer and more effective pulls. The empire glasswork is unique and helps provide a body to your rig that won’t be compromised and can last for years. With both a diffused down stem and a recycling motion, this dab rig is designed to keep your rips clean and smooth, every time.

From the 38mm tubing to the glass on glass joint, this rig has everything you need for a great smoking session. This is easily one of the most unique dab rigs for sale and one of the best dab rigs of 2021. We loved this product and the smooth smoke it provided. Recyclers are a fantastic way to keep your rips going to and reduce the amount of product you use, and this is one of the best recyclers available.

5. California Current Recycler

The most expensive product on our list, but trust us, it’s well priced. The quality and care that went in to both the design and construction of this product is nearly unmatched. Every feature that is utilized in this device is focused on creating the ultimate smoking session. This product is easily the best dab rig of 2021 and one of the most unique dab rigs for sale. The California Current Recycler is a beautiful art piece that doubles as one of the best smoking tools available.

It’s rather similar to the Mini East Australian Current Recycler, but with a couple of improvements. This device includes a honeycomb perc which allows you to hit longer and more powerful rips. It supports a deeper bowl which enables you to smoke for longer and the recycler keeps the smoke clean and ready for later use. It’s designed to optimize your smoking session and to keep the product usage at a minimum while getting the most out of the bits you do use.

We absolutely loved this product and cannot recommend it enough for the advanced smoker. You won’t find a better rip in a prettier package. This dab rig is a great way to wow your guests and to keep your hobby flourishing. The thick glass also acts as a great protector for your hands given you touch the wrong part. The burn you might feel will be significantly less than thinner bodied products.


No matter which product you choose, you’re guaranteed a fantastic rig and an effective rip. Each product comes with its own host of benefits. The Silicone Bubbler offers convenience and customization. The Big Puck offers larger rips in a smaller package. The Heavy Duty Riggler offers easy-to-clean instructions and an air-tight seal. The Mini East Australian Current Recycler is an affordable recycler product with a beautiful design. The California Current offers a top of the line performance in a stunning package.

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