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As fun and easy-going it is to rip from your bong, cleaning the rig can ruin a night. You have to be careful not to break the glass or lose a piece and you’re left with quite the mess afterwards. The amount of paper towels you end up going through is astonishing. Luckily, there’s a new way to clean your dab rig that is safe, mess-free, and simple to enact.

Bong and dab rig cleaners are fantastic products that are designed to keep your set up clean and support healthy smoking afterwards. The best bong cleaners have eliminated the use of harmful chemicals and cleaning materials so that you can smoke well knowing you’re not ingesting anything too harmful.

Finding the perfect bong cleaner presents a different problem as there are so many options available. We have composed a list of our three favorite cleaners to help you find the perfect product for your bong set up. Cleaning your bong doesn’t have to ruin your session anymore.

Three Great Bong Cleaning Products

These are three of the best bong cleaners. If your dab rig is starting to cloud up or burn marks are diminishing the look of your set up, it’s time to clean it. Each of these products allows you to clean your set up in little to no time so that you can get right back to smoking. The materials these products use is safe and won’t leave a lingering smell or residue that could affect later sessions. If you need to clean your bong and are looking for a safe and effective way, these three bong cleaners are what you’re looking for!

Gel Solution Glass Cleaner

Keeping your bong clean should be a simple process which is free of harmful products and dangerous chemicals. The last thing you want is to clean your dab rig and leave bleach aromas on the interior which will only end up getting inhaled later on. This product ensures that harmful chemicals and cleaning products won’t be used to clean your bong. The simple to clean method allows you to place the items directly into the zip-lock bag and start the process.

Resolution’s Gel Solution Glass cleaner uses non-toxic, non-alcoholic, and non-harmful materials to return your bong to the clear status it held when you first got it. This product is one of the best dab rig cleaners of 2021 as it supports a healthy clean in a non-toxic way. You won’t have to wait around for the product to settle and for the chemicals to clear out before smoking again. With this bong cleaner, no toxic chemicals will linger around, and you can get right back to the fun of smoking.

Some products that use abrasive salts can be damaging to the glass and might leave scratch marks or cracks if improperly cleaned. With the Gel Solution Glass Cleaner, you won’t have to worry about any abrasive salts ruining your rig. The clean that this product offers is amazing and the lack of toxic cleaning chemicals is a bonus as well. With this product, you know you’re getting a safe and effective clean for your dab rig set up every time.

420 Cleaner

This cleaner offers many uses out of one product. Some bong cleaners are a one use item that should be disposed of after the first use, but this resealable bag enables you to clean your bong multiple times with one package. The ease at which the 420 Cleaner can clean your entire dab rig is amazing. Simply fill the bag with hot water, add your items, and leave it overnight. The product will work its magic throughout the night, and you’ll have a fresh and clean rig the next morning.

No shaking, no scrubbing, no mess. This is easily one of the best bong cleaners and one of the easiest ones to use. What makes this bong cleaner so effective is the all-natural plant-based formula inside the packet. It works to give your dab rig a deep clean and removes any leftover smudges or burn marks that might be clouding up the glass. The natural aspect ensures that it will be safe to smoke out of after cleaning. No harmful cleaning chemicals will linger afterwards.

This is an amazing bong cleaner and one that allows smokers to keep their set up clean and clear. It fosters a healthy shine using natural materials and boasts an easy to operate cleaning method. If you’re looking for an effective, safe, and easy way to clean your bong that eliminated unnecessary messes, then this is a fantastic product for you. We loved this bong cleaner, and we’re sure you will too.

Kryptonite Cleaner

This product boasts a unique design and implementation process compared to most other bong cleaners on the market. Many similar products come in a resealable bag which you can place the equipment in, seal it up, and let it sit. This product does the opposite and requires you to place the cleaner in the bong or dab rig and let it to the cleaning right in the surface.

The benefit of this direct application is much lower cleaning times. Where it might take other products 24-hours to properly clean the entirety of the bong, the Kryptonite Cleaner will be done in a matter of moments. The speed at which this product gets rid of the resin and grime from your set up is incredible and makes it one of the best bong cleaners of 2021.

This bong shaped package doesn’t include any salts or additives which will allow you to continue smoking after cleaning. No harmful cleaning materials are used and no left-over chemicals will be present after washing. This lack of salt helps keep the bong in top shape without the threat of scratches or cracks. We love this bong cleaner because of its speed and ability to provide a thorough and deep clean to any glass surface. No longer will you have to worry about cleaning your dab rig.

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