What is a one-hitter

As the name suggests, one-hitters are smoking pipes that hold one or two hits of dry herbs. As one of the oldest and most reliable forms of smoking devices, these one-hitters work well if you are looking to be more discreet with your smoking sessions. They are also great at conserving your supply of smoking products since they hold just one or two hits worth of dry herbs.

Because of the emergence of bongs and other more flamboyant-looking pipes and smoking devices, one-hitters seem to get lost in the pool. Nevertheless, they are still useful and sought after by older generation smokers who understand the history behind these smoking pipes.

One device, different terminologies:

One-hitter has their origin marked as one of the oldest forms of smoking devices, spanning the globe using the peace pipe used by the Native Americans to the midwakh primarily used in the middle eastern nations where they smoke tobacco herbs mixed. They make Midwakhs from wood, glass, bone, and metal.

Traditionally, one-hitters were used as a cultural aspect and for medicinal purposes, such as the Japanese kiseru, a pipe made from a combination of bamboo and metal. Another common one-hitter is the Morrocan Sebsi, which can be up to 18 inches long and made from bamboo and metal.

Because of the wide variety of one-hitters you can find worldwide, and they have different names in different cultures. One such example is the bat one-hitters because they resembled a baseball bat. They are usually made out of metal and are one of the most common choices of one-hitters in the market today.

Another type is the chillum pipes which date back to the 18th century. Chillums were known to be one of the first pipes smoked by Hindu monks and other religious men. Initially, Chillums were made out of clay. 

Nowadays, the only significant difference between these one-hitters is the pipe’s design and look; otherwise, they all serve the same purpose: carry one or two hits. Likewise, many other forms of the same device, but different variations exist throughout the world.

What does it look like?

The usual shape of a one-hitter pipe you will find is in a cylindrical, tube-like form. It comes with a narrow, screened bowl where you can put your dry herbs or smoking products. These spaces are usually tiny, holding only one or two hits worth of product.

You can find them in metal or glass material and even in the form of a cigarette for ultimate discretion in the market today. You can use One-hitters as a standalone device, or they can come as a part of a set called the ‘dugout.’ Dugouts have spaces to hold one-hitters and the smoking product together. 

Benefits of using a one-hitter:

  1. One-hitters come in a compact design that makes them discreet and can be kept out of sight easily. If you prefer your smoking sessions to be low-key and inconspicuous, one-hitters are the way to go.
  2. They are easy to use and great for on-to-go smoking because they’re lightweight, and you can carry them around easily.
  3. There is less fragrance released into the atmosphere with a one-hitter.
  4. It is easy to light, unlike traditional bowl-type pipes where you have to position youth ads in an awkward motion.
  5. You conserve a lot of your product by using one-hitters. With traditional bowl-type smoking devices, you tend to add a lot more product and end up wasting half of it when you can’t finish. With one-hitters, you only pack as much as you need, and there’s no wastage.
  6. One-hitters are great for micro-dosing fanatics. Micro-dosing means that you take a small amount periodically. Typically, medical patients and people with low tolerance adopt this type of smoking. This method is excellent for moderating your smoking.

Types of one-hitters:

Metal one-hitter pipes:

Most metal one-hitter pipes mimic a cigarette’s look, so it aids in the tube’s discreetness. Metal pipes are the ones that you can typically find in dugouts.

Glass one-hitter pipes:

The most common material used to make one-hitters is glass. Hass one-hitter pipes are usually referred to as chillums and are less subtle when compared with metal one-hitter pipes. You get a fantastic assortment of designs and colors with glass pipes as they are all hand blown, and you can even customize one to your liking.

Because of this reason, glass one-hitters tend to be unique in the look and design.


Dugouts are two-piece devices that use a traditional one-hitter pipe and a chamber that holds your smoking product. These dugouts are easy to pack and more convenient as you don’t have to carry an extra item to keep your smoking product. Having a dugout makes it easy to load your one-hitter efficiently.

How to use a one-hitter:

Here is a step-by-step on how to use a one-hitter:

  1. Load the bowl end of your one-hitter with the smoking product of your choice. Ensure that the packing is tight enough to prevent the product from moving when you hold the pipe horizontally.
  2. Place the pipe against your lips, mouthpiece first and inhale while simultaneously lighting the other end packed with the smoking product.
  3. After you smoke, you can tap it against your palm to ask out the one-hitter and keep it ready for the next use. Some people prefer to blow out the excess ash from the mouthpiece.

Some crucial points to keep in mind when using a one-hitter are:


Make sure that you use the right consistency of any product you are using to smoke. For example, if you’re smoking cannabis, you don’t want to ground it up into powder form, or else it will become ash once you light it up and inhale ash instead of cannabis.

The key is to keep the consistency moderate- not too powdery that it becomes powder but not too big that it doesn’t fit in the pipe.


The best way to fill your one-hitter is to do it vertically. Press the pipe face down on the product and twist it a few times to make sure you pick up enough product for a long-lasting hit. Ensure that the packing isn’t too tight as it will obstruct the airflow, and you won’t inhale any smoke.


To make sure that your one-hitter doesn’t get too hot when smoking, light the entire pipe for one or two seconds and keep the flame as far away as possible from the hitter. The pipe should be pointing downward to avoid it from heating up too quickly and end up burning your fingers and mouth.

How to clean a one-hitter:

Since a one-hitter is a device you always have close contact with your mouth, you should always keep it clean and hygienic. You can also consider getting a pipe cleaner to clean your one-hitter thoroughly and efficiently. Cleaning it after every use has significant benefits to your smoking session like:

  1. It is safer and more hygienic for you
  2. It removes any buildup of product in the one-hitter.
  3. This cleaning process ensures that you get a smooth hit every time you smoke.
  4. By cleaning it often, you can remove bad taste and smell in your one-hitter.

Here is a step-by-step process on how you can effectively clean your one-hitter:

  1. After smoking, rinse your one-hitter by running it under hot water.
  2. Use rubbing alcohol and salt to clean the surface and the inside of the one-hitter. To maximize its effect, you can also pour these ingredients into a zip bag, toss the one-hitter inside and shake it thoroughly.
  3. After this, you can take out your one-hitter and run it under hot water once again to get rid of the salt and alcohol smell.
  4. You can leave it out to air dry or use a blow dryer to fasten the process.

The five best one-hitters:

Silverstick Travel Pipe

This one-hitter is made with stainless steel and is durable. You also get a pipe cleaner along with this product and 25 free filters that you can attach to the device easily.

Luxury Wood Dugout Kit

With an aesthetically pleasing look, this luxury wood dugout kit is one of the best one-hitters with a product storage compartment’s efficiency. It comes with a triton wooden finish that is shiny and adds elegance to your overall look. Although expensive, this one-hitter is a must-buy for the ones looking for convenience and style.

Glass Chillum Tan Frit Eyeball Pipe

This pipe is indeed very unique, made with high-end borosilicate glass. It uses the frit technique, which gives this one-hitter an unusual textured feel.

Digger One-Hitter Pipe

For those who prioritize discreetness in their pipes, this one-hitter is the best choice. It mimics a cigarette’s look with a claw tip that helps you grind your product more efficiently. You can even choose between a two-inch or three-inch pipe according to your preference.

Jane West: The Wand One-Hitter Kit

With a classy design, this one-hitter is perfect for those who want to be discreet. It resembles a mascara container that protects as well as hides the appearance of a pipe effortlessly. This metal one-hitter comes with a boxy construction that prevents it from rolling around.

The enamel finish on this pipe protects you from the heat with a cleaning tool attached to the cap. It even comes with a pouch that makes this product even more travel-friendly

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