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What Is A Wax Atomizer

Wax Vaporizer Pens

After the origin of vaporizer pens in the year 2009, the wax vaporizer pens business truly has stood firm with the test of time. It has proved itself as being adaptable and accountable in meeting the growing demands of the consumer.

Even though the functioning of a wax vaporizer unit has, on a more or lesser note, remains unchanged. However, its technology has somewhat come to be convenient and easy to use for new users throughout the years after its inception.

There is new advancement of technologies in components such as adjustable voltage batteries, atomizers, and high-tech production output in terms of durability. This has proved that the new wax vaporizers ensure versatility, reliability, and they are certainly more powerful now.

With all the developments, wax vaporizer pens clearly live up to their statement in terms of accountability and convenience. Not to mention, they are compact and lightweight, easy to carry around for the ones who are always on the go.

Let’s take a closer look at how a wax vaporizer pen functions so as to understand the product clearly.

Wax Atomizer

Wax atomizers are components that are placed inside the wax vaporizers for taking a portable dab through a pen. In the simplest of terms, vape pens are devices operated by a battery. More so, it comprises four integral components, which include the battery, atomizer, chamber, and sensors.

Dry herb vaporizers are integrated with most of the same integral parts in variation with almost all the different types of vape. Generally, it includes a cartridge featuring a wick structure and a replaceable coil, in which the extracts can centralize and load.

In addition, it can come with a 510 thread structure which is suitable for prefilled cartridges. As such, these components work in equal balance in order to warm the wax according to the preferred temperature.

There are many interchangeable words that exist in relation to wax atomizers. Unfortunately, sometimes, this makes it more confusing to talk about wax vaporizers, contrary to concentrate pens and e juice.

Certain words used are a heating chamber, heating element or coil, and so on. Above all, with the help of the atomizer, you can heat up the concentrates and even wax for vaping.

How to Use a Wax Atomizer?

To make a wax vaporizer work properly, you need to make sure the oils put over the pen are perfectly liquified. More so, the wax should not be too thick so that you can heat it up at the right temperature. This way, you also prevent combustion.

Vaping at the wrong temperature will lead to the wastage of wax. Not only that, you will miss out on a finer flavor and experience.

Furthermore, the internal components of a wax vaporizer include an atomizer, a metal heating coil, and a wick. It is similar to e-cigarettes.

How it is done is the wax is put over the coils and heated up perfectly, so it burns and produces vapor. You can then draw in the vapor through the wick.

There are many dry herb vaporizer pens that feature convection heating. In this process, the air is used to heat up the substance and allows it to release vapor. This is different from the conduction process, where the substance comes in direct contact with a heating coil.

Using the convection method is quite risky since it could burn the materials rather than vaporizing them. This is because it is placed directly atop the heating coil without any screen filter.

By taking off the mouthpiece, you will find the atomizer, including the container, to store the concentrates. You can use a dab tool to put the wax on the plate. While doing so, you need to be extra cautious so that you do not break the coil when you load the wax.

After filling the container with wax, put back the mouthpiece and start the device with five consecutive clicks. Long press the power button to heat up the coil and begin inhaling the vapor.

A wax atomizer and a box mod can be used together in order to produce massive clouds of vapor. Use the mod with a wax accessory so that it increases the versatility as compared to most mods.

It also allows you to choose between a typical e-liquid or your preferred extract.

There are many atomizers that feature a 510 threading connector. This allows fitting of any type of vaporizer, allowing you to use other coils, brands as well as materials. You do not have to buy a new vaporizer altogether.

Difference between Wax Atomizers and Other Vape Pens

A wax atomizer is designed to burn extremely hot. It uses a type of material specifically made to burn and withstand extreme heat. In addition, the coil and battery can generate the optimum temperature for the best result.

The combusted taste was one major drawback of wax vaporizers before. This occurred due to the concentrate combusting or the rig not being cleaned for a long time and forming remnants.

However, now, there are better materials such as quartz crystal rods, titanium coils, etc., which certainly improve the flavors of the vapor.

The chief factor that sets the wax pens and vape pens apart is the material used to put on top of the devices.

It is true that the functioning is somewhat similar. However, there are dry herb vape pens, mainly designed for vaping flowers, and function better while making use of them.

Other vaporizers perform well with oil or other extracts. Ultimately, everything depends on your choice.

Types of Wax Atomizer

In regards to choosing the atomizer for yourself, once again, it does depend on your choice. There is a wide range of atomizers with both advantages and disadvantages.

Basically, atomizers are the most integral component of vaporizers. Not only does it vaporize, but it also influences the taste as well as the thickness of the clouds.

An atomizer is normally constructed from ceramic, quartz, or titanium. These materials produce unique qualities which cater to different vape choices and flavors.

Figuring out the dissimilarities between the atomizers may not be an easy feat. However, we have done all the hard work for you and listed the differences below. Now you can opt for the atomizer of your preference.

Glass Globe Atomizers

This particular wax pen is well-known among users because they are quite simple to use, especially when it comes to wax. The change in technology has greatly upgraded and improved the globe atomizers.

To use the glass globe wax atomizer, all you need to do is fill the wax inside the globe and savor the flavorful hits.

These globe wax pens are made of glass, so obviously, they can break easily. Cleaning it is not as easy either if you leave it dirty for a long time. However, using them comes easy, and adding to that, it is a convenient option for vaping.

Ceramic Wax Atomizers

Earlier, coiled atomizers were commonly created with ceramic materials. Most of them had ceramic cups and conventional coils tied around a wick system.

Nowadays, with the coils inside the ceramic cup being unchanged, they are tied around ceramic rods in place of wicks. These ceramic vape pens offer massive hits.

However, most people these days go for the quartz kind instead of ceramic because of efficiency. Furthermore, they are relatively easy to clean. Remnants often form on the ceramic vapes, while you will not see many residues building up on the quartz.

Additionally, there are different types of titanium atomizers which include the coil variant and the non-coil variant. The critical difference that sets that apart is that the non-coil atomizer is heated from below the bowl.

The coiled model normally heats the wax and produces vapor without taking much time. It also gets hot fast and has the capacity to reach optimum temperature, unlike the non-coil atomizer.

With that said, a ceramic atomizer is an ideal choice for starters since it is quite user-friendly and durable. It features ceramic rod coils, ensuring a pleasant experience and taste.

Magnetic Atomizers

Recently innovated, magnetic wax atomizers do not get damaged easily because of dead batteries or jammed parts. This is because these vape pens are easy to disassemble and clean.

Every part of the device is magnetic; therefore, you can take them apart with ease. Because of this fantastic feature, the parts which get clogged easily can be reached as well.

There has been talk among the users that Saber Vape Pen is one of the popular wax atomizers out there. The heating element in it features low-heat technology, which lets you heat the wax at a low temperature. This, in turn, produces tasty flavors.

Another reason for you to choose this device is that there are no threading problems with this one. Each part ensures smooth snapping on and snapping off, and in addition, it also has a magnetic charger.

Dual Coil Wax Atomizers

Wax atomizers come in two settings- single coil and double coil. But which is better? The answer boils down to your choice.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in the end, it depends on your vaping style.

Dual coil functions quite similarly to the single coil system. That is, apart from the fact that it releases power from two coils. This means both the coils deliver power, allowing the transferring of heat to vaporize the wax.

Because of this, dual coil atomizers normally release more vapors and larger clouds in comparison to the single coil pens. Quartz wax atomizers are among the most common dual coil vape pens.

All in all, dual coil systems produce equal vapor within a short period. Therefore, if you install double coils in your vape pen and drag for the exact time, it will give way to massive clouds.

This atomizer is perfect for experienced users looking for larger clouds. It certainly is not for beginners who prefer shorter drags. Although this does save battery power, however not as useful for new vapers.

Among many dual coil atomizers, Yocan Torch is a convenient vape pen you can try for yourself. In addition to that, it is also a portable e-nail, allowing easy dabbings.

Best Wax Atomizers

While maintaining your wax atomizer, you need to make sure to clean the interior parts properly and regularly. Remnants easily build up, especially in the coiled vape pens.

Furthermore, if you do not clean the coil for a long time, it will not be able to produce heat normally. Not only that, you will not be able to enjoy your vaping experience any longer, let alone the taste. Neither will the clouds be big.

Having said that, there are many top-quality wax atomizers available in the market. Some best includes the Saber Vape Wax Coils, the Yocan Cerum, the Yocan NYX Wax Atomizer, and the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Coils.

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