things to do while high

Things to do while high

The experience of being stoned is unlike any other. Both casual users and seasoned veterans of the art will agree that you can experience or understand things in an entirely different way. Often, you don’t’ really plan for what to do before you start with the hits. This means you’re left with a multitude of options but few ways of narrowing down on what to do.

So, what are some of the best things to do while high? The answer really depends on the state you’re in at the moment. Depending on the dose and extent of your hit, you can choose a wide variety of stuff to do.

Things to do while high

So, the choices boil down to how stoned you are at that moment. To start with, if you’re intensely medicated with a huge hit from your rig or a strong dose of your favorite edibles, you have slightly different things to do while high.


Music is a high in itself for some people. When you combine this with a state of high from a good dose of your stash, it’s a different experience altogether. The best way to enjoy the session is to find a comfortable place, pick your favorite album, and grab a quality audio device (headphones, earpiece, etc.). The patterns and metaphors in music get drawn out with new meaning when you’re in the right state.

The interpretations may vary depending on who you ask, but the consensus is clear. It’s an experience that stands out from regular listening.

Taking a Nap

Few things to do while high are as relaxing as napping when you’re high and heavily medicated. Whether it’s drifting off on the nearest couch or falling into a fully relaxed state of bliss, it’s all there. And you wake up feeling more renewed and refreshed than ever. If you’re not a big fan of toking and getting some sleep, you may find more use in CBD products.


Make sure you pick a movie to watch before you start with your sessions. Once that’s done, you can enjoy watching it with a new perspective and greater association in the brain. Old films can take on new meaning, and futuristic movies will take on new manifestations as you watch. It’s also a great idea to do it with friends, which can greatly enhance the whole watching experience.


Conversations are at the top of things to do while high. And it can go along with almost any of the activities mentioned here. As you get more hits off your favorite bong, you’ll find your conversations taking on more enthusiastic and insightful tones. Marijuana can help you make connections between different topics better and faster. It’s also common to see a decrease in verbal memory. So, don’t be surprised if you go on a monologue and forget what you started with in the first place.

Conversations, while high, can be extremely rewarding and therapeutic. It enhances the way you articulate your thoughts and carry forward your words.

For milder and more recreational doses

things to do while high

If you’re on a milder dose, you’ll find that there are more activities you can keep busy with. As the options increase, so do the benefit you draw from these activities. You can also engage in the activities already mentioned above, but they’ll likely be more enjoyable if you’re on a heavier dose.


It’s crucial not to overexert yourself if you’re high on weed. But most physical exercises are ok things to do while high. The top options here are yoga and jogging. These are physical activities, but they require a certain degree of patience and mental variation. It’s a good way to kill time if you’re high and still want to burn some calories as you enjoy your favorite strain.

RPGs (Role Playing Games)

If we talk about role-playing games, there’s one title that always trumps the rest – Dungeons and Dragons. This brilliant RPG is always a favorite for stoners who want to relax with epic fantasy stories. And it’s pretty common to see groups of friends enjoying the game in a basement that’s puffed in smoke with a few bongs lying around. The game itself has become a common element in the cannabis culture because they get along so easily. It’s an excellent combination of recreation, relaxation, and bonhomie that can fit any smokers itinerary.


A pothead’s games aren’t just restricted to physical board games. Regular video games can be incredibly fun and exciting if you play when you’re stoned. It’s also another great smoking pastime you can do with friends and things to do while high. One thing to note here is that your hand eye coordination may not be at its best if you’ve had a few hits. If you play competitive gaming, you’ll find that you have a slower reaction time. So, it’s best to go with leisurely games that feature more exploration than fast-paced, accurate headshots.

Competitive gaming aside, it’s a great way of balancing relaxation and focus. And if you have a few friends who are up for the experience, it makes the whole thing even better.

Engage creatively

Smoking a joint is also a great time to let the creative juices start flowing. You can use the time to find inspiration for designing new material or better ways of decorating the living room. Whatever the scene, you’ll find that certain ideas come easier and better when you’re slightly high and stoned. Also, as you put these ideas into application, you’ll find that you can think and do stuff with new perspectives. Ultimately, it can give creative results that are more wholesome and radical in hindsight.


Art is a world of both subjectivity and creativity. Both these elements are enhanced when you’ve just taken a hit from your dab rig or smoked a spliff. You’ll find that there is a new perspective or fresh ways of expressing your work. Of course, you should not continuously rely on it to get a good work of art. But it can be a fresh take on things that seem old and done. A good deal of quality art comes both from inspiration as well as execution. The best painter cannot fully commit if he doesn’t know what he wants to paint. With the right dose of cannabis, you are taken to a place where your mind is free from doubt or anxiety. This makes it conducive for the most creative expressions to take place.


Many writers claim that overcoming writer’s block is easier when you’ve had some cannabis to relax. While this may depend on the person, there’s no doubt that you’re in a different creative space when you’re smoking a joint. It helps you focus on what you’ve already written and formulate where you can go next. These twin benefits can add great value to your writing skills. You can even experience new inspiration that prompts you to create new content. It may vary depending on the writer, but it’s definitely a strategy worth trying for those looking for newer experiences.

Stage fright and performance

Mild doses of cannabis can also give you more articulation and confidence when you have to present something in front of a crowd/audience. The enthusiasm is real, but so are the risks. So, make sure you keep the doses low and controlled. Don’t be dependent on it just to make public experiences. It can enhance your presence, but you shouldn’t use it as a crutch.

There’s no lack of things to do while high for your smoking or dabbing sessions. The best things to do while high are stuff that’s spread across a whole range of hobbies, pastimes, and activities. You just have to know how high you are so that you can choose the ideal thing to do in that state.

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