How to Clean a Bong without Isopropyl Alcohol

The world is freaking out in the wake of the coronavirus. Most of us find ourselves in the middle, or near the end of, lockdowns sweeping across states all over America. With most of us having to stay away from work, friends, and family, being ace-out can start to leave you feeling anxious, frustrated, and maybe a little scared at the situation we’re all facing.

Fortunately, with a little help from Mary Jane, some “Netflix-and-chill,” along with a few hours on the Xbox, most of us stay entertained when cooped up indoors. Being at home all day with nothing to do but blaze your way through a few ounces of the latest exotic flavors is fantastic, but you’ll probably end up smoking a little more than you should.

Ok, who are we kidding? Chances are your intakes way up, and that dab rig or bong is starting to look super crusty. Just look at it right now.

That magnificent symbol of glory, sitting right there on your coffee table.

The golden-brown, ok – more like brown-black, glass walls of the bong are a testament to your thick-blazing habits since the start of the lockdown. You might feel like patting yourself on the back for all your hard work. After all, it took some effort to coat the inside of the bong with all that resin.

Before you start to pack your next bowl or heat the nail for a dab, think about the current situation.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic.

COVID-19 is causing anything from mild symptoms to people lying flat on their backs on ventilators in the hospital. Even doctors don’t know why. One thing is for sure; we don’t want that to be us. While none of us are sharing bongs right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t do everything we can to prepare our bodies against resisting disease.

The Problem with Dirty Glass

The dirty glass might be a trophy of your heavy-hitting habits, but it’s a health risk that you don’t need in your life right now. When a respiratory disease is out there, we need to protect our lungs from infection.

Sure, smoking cannabis probably isn’t the best thing for your lungs right now, but it sure goes a long way to helping you maintain your mental health during this crisis. The polyphenols and terpenes in cannabis are great for relieving anxiety and flushing free radicals from your bloodstream.

However, the resin and grime building on the inside of your bong or dab rig isn’t good for you. This residue can harbor bacteria and viruses that lead to the onset of diseases. The last thing you need right now is to catch something like bronchitis. What if you somehow get infected with COVID-19 while you’re recovering from another respiratory disease?

The results could be disastrous. So, let’s do the right thing in this pandemic climate – and clean your glass.

The Issue with Isopropyl Alcohol

If you wander down to your local store to kit yourself out with cleaning materials – don’t bother. The chances are that you’re going out there to buy isopropyl alcohol to clean your glass, right? Well, we have bad news for you.

First – Where’s your mask and gloves? You shouldn’t be going to the store without the right PPE, don’t give stoners a lousy reputation.

Second – Isopropyl is a primary ingredient in hand sanitizer. In the days of COVID-19, finding a store with hand sanitizer is like finding someone growing the original Chem Dawg strain – it’s just not out there anymore.

People also caught on to the fact they can make hand sanitizer at home using isopropyl alcohol from the store, the same stuff you were going out to risk your life to buy. So, that leaves you flat out of luck with that.

How to Clean Your Bong or Dab Rig without Isopropyl Alcohol

So, how do you clean your bong or dab rig without isopropyl alcohol? It’s not that hard; there are a few homestyle methods using stuff you probably have lying around the kitchen. Here are a couple of go-to ways to clean your glass.

The All Organic Method – Vinegar and Baking Soda

Our first idea is a time-tested method used by stoners all over the planet. If you’re trying to clean stubborn grit and grime out of your bong, then these ingredients will lift the resin and return your glass to sparkling condition.

Fill the glass with white vinegar to a little more than you would with the regular water line. Next, take a ½-cup of baking soda and a sheet of paper. Roll the sheet of paper into a funnel and pour the baking soda into the neck of your glass piece.

Close up the ends of your bong or dab rig with cleaning caps to seal the holes, and then give the rig a good shake. Leave it for a few minutes, and then shake again. Repeat this method until the glass turns clear, and the stains disappear.

The Convenient Method – Dishwasher Powder and Hot Water

If you don’t have a few hours to sit around and wait for the vinegar and baking soda to do the job, then try this method instead. Boil the kettle and get some of that granular dishwasher powder. Using your paper funnel, pour a half a capful of the coarse powder into your bong or ring.

After the kettle finished boiling, take some thick kitchen gloves, your glass, and the kettle, and go outside. In a clear area, pour the boiling water into the bong, and shake it around. The results will be immediate, and you should have a sparkling clean bong in seconds.

Let the bong cool naturally before rinsing it clean. Pouring room-temperature or cool water onto the glass may cause it to crack.

What’s with All the Hassle?

If all that sounds like a bunch of hassle you don’t need in your life right now, then visit our online store at destinationsmoke.com. We have specialized cleaning products to help you get your glass looking brand new.

Try our ResRemover and Resolution cleaning products for glass. While you’re shopping, pick yourself up a few other pieces for your rig or bong while you’re at it and treat yourself with your stimulus check.

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