Wax Pens vs Oil Vapes

Nowadays, people consume substances such as dry herbs or extracts, and this process is known as vaporizing. Despite what some people may think, it is relatively healthy and clean in comparison to the conventional ways.

There are various vape pen variants available in the market, accepting a mixture of dry herbs and extracts. Generally, it features a different atomizer or extension.

In this write-up, we will learn the contrast between a vape pen designed for wax and that made for oil.

Wax pens and oil vapes are different from each other in many ways. The features, style, and size of the two types do differ a lot from one another.

Now while that may be so, it is crucial to know that there are some similarities between the two in regards to vaporizers. Vape pens that are portable come with a power button that, when clicked five times, the device turns on.

Once the pen is on, long press the power button, and the heating coils will heat up the materials inside. Similarly, five repetitive clicks will shut off the vape pen. Simply put the extract into the compartment, warm it up and savor the flavor.

With that said, let’s look into five contrasts as well as the similar factors between a wax pen and an oil vape.

Dissimilarities Between Wax Pens and Oil Vapes

Vaporizers come in various types, and the dissimilarities are great in number. Be it design or the functions, there are factors you need to look into.

Wax vs. Oil Extracts

While evident, this factor certainly needs to be mentioned. For consuming wax, you need to look for vaporizers that are designed for wax consumption. Similarly, to consume oil, you have to look for vapes made for oils.

There are various variants of vaporizers that do both oil and wax and even certain dry plants. But unlike concentrate-specified models, these vaporizers do not function at their optimum best.

Overall, vaporizer pens designed for one specific chemical are of top quality.

Coils vs. Cartridges

The device used for vaporizing the concentrated substance is one other crucial contrast you need to be aware of.

Wax vaporizers usually feature atomizer coil systems. In due course, these elements end up burning out or clogged. This will obviously need to be replaced.

Oil cartridges that can be disposed of are widely available on the market these days. You can clean them with ease after using them once.

You will also find large atomizers designed for oil vaporizers. These atomizers are extremely durable, and you can use them for an extended period of time. But, similar to coils, you will need to replace them.

Container Loading Procedure

While wax makes a lot of mess, you can prevent it by using a convenient dabbing tool. Adding to that, you need to make sure you load the wax gently and see to it that you do not overfill. If not, you may make a mess by spilling it.

The same could be said for oils. But because of the invention of pre-filled oil cartridges, you will hardly do any wrong. All you need to do is bolt the cartridges, use them, open and dispose them off.

Right Vape Temperature

You need to set the right temperature during vaporization so that you will enjoy the taste and the experience. The ideal temperature for vaporizing oil ranges between 350degree F and 400degree F. The ideal temperature for vaporizing wax ranges between 315degree F and 385degree F.

It is possible to vaporize at a higher temperature, but you may burn the concentrate. Pretty sure you will not like the burnt flavor.

Maintaining Vape

Wax is a sticky substance, so the vaporizers can get gummy everywhere. Even the mouthpiece, as well as the container, will get sticky. There is always the option to get a new wax coil, but you can maintain it by simply scrubbing off the overflowing wax.

Furthermore, it is advisable that you keep the wax vaporizer straight up after use. Searing wax flows and pools with gravity.

On the other hand, oil vaporizers mostly feature cartridges that are pre-filled. So there is not much of a mess. Oils are not as thick as waxes, so they will not leak.

You can easily maintain oil vaporizer pens by occasionally rubbing when required. Without proper maintenance, it will get jammed, making it hard to suck from. This mostly happens with wax vaporizers, so make sure you scrape off the remnants regularly.

Common Factors Between Wax Pens and Oil Vapes

Putting aside the contrast between the two, let’s talk about what factors make them similar to one another.

Portable Vape Pens

Vaporizer pens, both wax, and oil are generally portable. Featuring a compact and slim design, you can tuck it inside your pocket with ease. These pens come in a carry kit, perfect for storing the accessories in an organized manner.

You can easily grab these compact and portable vaporizers and carry them around in comparison to other larger vaping devices.

Low-key Vaping

Portable aside, both oil and wax vaporizers are exceptionally low-key. This is in comparison to other vaping processes like oil or wax rigs.

Vaporizer pens are compact, as mentioned above, and easy for slipping them into your bag. Enjoy a low-ley vaping time within seconds at a low temperature with these vape pens.

Convenient Vape Pens

Almost all vape pens are easy to use and operate. It is as simple as it can get. There are also complex variants available in the market offering additional features such as adjustable temperature settings.

It is highly recommended that you refer to the instruction manual prior to using the vaporizer pens. After a certain time and practice, you will get to know more and soon become an expert at vaping.

Other than that, you can always go online and check out the reviews, guidelines, and so on.


The energy stored in a battery is measured in mAh. So, if your vaporizer has high mAh, it means it is quite powerful. Dry herbs quickly consume the energy of a battery. It is the same when it comes to oil and wax vaporizing.

Before, concentrate vaporizers had a single setting for producing energy. But these days, you will find that there are vaporizer pens featuring adjustable voltage settings. It allows you to choose the highest power output for vaporizing the substances.

Vapor Temperature Settings

Temperature adjustment is essential when it comes to vaporizing dry herbs effectively. While many of the dry herb vaporizer pens offered this feature, most oil or wax pens did not.

However, there are a lot of variants coming up that feature this amazing variable temperature setting.

Vaporizers offering the heat controls are the best. They are a little on the expensive side compared to ones without the setting, but they are a definite value for money. Simply set the right temperature and enjoy the experience.

How to Vape Wax Vaporizers

  • To enjoy the optimal taste and experience, always go for the variable voltage vaporizer pens. These devices allow you to adjust the temperature according to your choice and get the best flavors.
  • Vape pens usually last for long with no problem. However, if you are finding it hard to suck from, it means your mouthpiece needs to be cleaned. Using a dab apparatus, scrub the inside of the pen properly. You can also wipe the exterior clean. Make sure to never clean it with detergent or water.
  • Keep your vaporizer straight up. Lying it down while hot will end up in the wax flowing, causing leakage inside other parts. Keeping it straight up also prevents the pen from being jammed.
  • It would be best if you keep the wax in a sealed pot and put it in the freezer. Doing so will solidify the extract, and handling and loading it will come easy as well. Ensure that you do not overfill the atomizer with freezing material as it may damage the atomizer.

How to Vape Oil Vaporizers

  • Make sure sufficient energy flows into the oil cartridge because if it is excess, the cartridge will end up burning out. It will be a waste if it gets exhausted even before you use it properly. See to it that you vape at a low temperature first before increasing the setting.
  • In case the vapors produced are very hot as well as strong, you need to try and lower the temperature control. If not, ensure that the coil is cool enough before using it again.
  • To get the optimal setting and the best quality, consider customizing it and making it a box mod vaporizer. Of course, box mods are expensive, but they do come with all the bells and whistles. Not only are they powerful, but they also ensure durability compared to the compact vaporizer pens.
  • If you prefer using a pre-filled oil cartridge over others, you will find a wide variety of options available to choose from. It even includes the Steam Cloud Mini oil vape, which features a battery of 650 mAh. You can use it for an entire day.

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