What is a dugout pipe

As one of the most popular smoking devices you will find in the market, dugouts are very practical and portable. The name refers to the device’s design, which showcases a multi-chamber functionality and contains the dugout itself. You can open a dugout pipe at one end, which includes the storage chamber, and the other end, which keeps the cigarette-like tube inside.

In most dugout kits, you will also find a cleaning tool that comes in very handy when it comes to hygiene and overall care of owning a dugout pipe. Further adding to their glory is their convenience and travel-friendliness along with the pleasing aesthetics and affordability.

Components of a dugout pipe:

A dugout pipe comes in a set that includes different components such as:

The cigarette one-hitter:

Most one-hitters in a dugout kit mimics the look of a cigarette, adding to its discreetness. They usually come in materials like metal, glass, or ceramic. This one-hitter is correctly stored in the dugout kit in a chamber next to the storage compartment.

Nowadays, most dugout kits make their one-hitter chamber with springs so that one push in the right direction will protrude the pipe outward. This innovation makes it easier to take out the pipe, especially when trying to be discreet about smoking.

The cleaning/scraping tool:

Since one-hitters tend to get clogged easily with the product over extended usage, the addition of a scraping tool in the dugout kit is handy. You can fish out gunk and other smoke residues that may be left in the pipe after use.

The cleaning/scrapping tool is excellent for cleaning out ash and char or even oils if you use them in your pipe. This device is long and narrow, with a shovel-tip that fits perfectly in the overall dugout case.

The Storage Chamber:

The storage compartment in a dugout is a place to keep the smoking product of your choice. Some dugouts come with in-built grinders, so you can grind on the go and smoke it. If your dugout does not include a grinder, you will have to manually break or crush it into small pieces to fit inside the chamber.

Make sure that the box is completely dry as you don’t want to risk any contamination.

The cleaning tool

Many dugout pipes come with their own cleaning tool, usually a long metal pole that is thin enough to fit into your one-hitter pipe. You can use these cleaning tools to remove excess products from the one-hitter after smoking.

This cleaning process will prevent any gunk from forming and ensure that each hit you take will be a smooth one. It also means that your smoking experiences will be much more hygienic.

Types of dugouts:


The original dugout pipe material is wood. Dugouts made of this material are lightweight, durable, and stylish. It has an added benefit of earthiness that herbal enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy. Even on hot days, you will most likely enjoy your wooden dugout since wood doesn’t conduct heat easily. The only downfall to using a wooden dugout is that they are not waterproof and may decompose over time, so that you might get tiny chunks of wood in your product sometimes. However, this is isn’t a serious concern as they are most likely to last a long time before they start to fall apart.

The dugouts’ design is such that their lids are pinned to the main body, so there is no chance of losing your lid, which is an actual concern for the storage compartment.


Plastic dugouts are very durable and ergonomically designed with slopes and round edges to help you get the best comfort. Most of the plastic dugouts have entirely detachable lids. These types of dugouts are waterproof and include glass tubes that line the storage compartment.


The classiest of all the dugouts are the metal ones. They are very sleek and elegant, with a smaller size than wood or plastic dugouts. The edges are sharp and have shiny surfaces. These dugouts are known to conduct more heat than a wooden dugout, so you have to be careful when utilizing this type of dugout pipes.

Most metal dugouts are made of aluminum which comes in a cylinders’ shape instead of the traditional rectangular form. These cylindrical dugouts tend to be more watertight and hence, waterproof.

Benefits of using a dugout pipe:

  1. It is a convenient and easy way to store your one-hitter, as well as the smoking product of your choice.
  2. Dugouts are capable of helping you maintain your discreet smoking sessions.
  3. They are convenient and portable, which you can carry anywhere.
  4. They come in a variety of stylish designs and are customizable to your choices.
  5. If your dugout comes with a grinder, you don’t even have to manually grind your product as you would have to use a standalone pipe.
  6. For all the great features and benefits dugouts offer, they are very affordable.
  7. Dugouts tend to be long-lasting and very durable.
  8. With a dugout, you don’t have to worry about getting too little from a one-hitter since you have a storage chamber with all your smoking products.
  9. Adding to the pleasant aesthetics of dugouts, they are unique and very old-school
  10. They are quick and efficient, saving you the trouble of manually loading the pipe or rolling a joint. You can smoothly go for a second hit since you have a portable storage compartment which would be impossible with a standalone one-hitter.

How to use a dugout pipe:

Dugouts come in different forms and can include a variety of features. Some dugouts include an in-built grinder to help you grind your product on the go. If yours doesn’t have a grinder, it is best to grind it up before you load your storage chamber so that you can have quick and easy access to it on the go. Grinding your products is a necessary first step before anything.

This process will ensure that you get as much product as you need quickly, unlike the one-hitter.

Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to use your dugout pipe:

  1. Open the top of the dugout and take out the one-hitter in your dugout kit.
  2. Make sure that the dugout is right-side up.
  3. Open the other chamber that stores all your smoking products and press the end of the one-hitter against the product.
  4. You can twist your one-hitter a few times to as much product as you need.
  5. Ensure that the product is packed correctly into the one-hitter, which is not too tight or too loosely apart.
  6. Place the one-hitter in your mouth and light it while simultaneously inhaling the smoke.
  7. If you want to go for another round, make sure to clean out the top entirely so that you don’t have any residue from the previous smoke session. Use the cleaning tool to clear all scum and reload.

How to clean a dugout pipe:

It would be best to regularly clean your dugout pipe to make sure that it is hygienic and safe for use. Since you come in very close contact with your pipe regularly, it is advisable to have a thorough clean-up weekly or depending on how often you use it. Regularly leaning your dugout one-hitter helps you get rid of any residue and reduces the smell and taste of an overused pipe.

  1. After smoking, you can tap the end of the pipe against a hard surface to ash it out.
  2. An alternate way to get rid of the ash is to blow on your one-hitter to clear the ash.
  3. You can use the scraper to clean out excess gunk in your one-hitter, such as charred remains, resin, and oil.
  4. Using cleaning solvents like isopropyl alcohol, salt, and water to clean your dugout case is also essential.
  5. Soaking your dugout overnight to remove excess dirt is also a great idea. After this, you can run it under hot water to give it a thorough rinsing and allow it to air dry.
  6. Ensure that the dugout storage compartment is completely dry before you pack it with any smoking product, or else you might risk the growth of bacteria and other types of contaminants.

Five Best Dugout pipes to consider:

Grav Dugout

These dugouts are unique, colorful, and durable. These dugouts come in an all-in-one set with a pipe, cleaning tools, and a storage unit available in four different colors. It is easy and efficient for use on the go with a twist-technology that lets you access your storage chambers. You also get a bowl to catch all the ash, which makes this dugout easy to clean. You even get a case which makes it even more convenient to carry it around.

All-in-one metal dugout with grinder:

This dugout is the perfect one for travel. It has a large stash compartment, and the lid doubles as a grinder. This dugout even includes a cigarette-style one-hitter with its compact design. The lid in this dugout doubles as the storage unit. It comes in a premium metal design and has a smooth finish, easy to carry around.

Ryot Dugout Kit

With this purchase, you get a wooden spring bat, a customized BIC lighter, and a grinder. This dugout features a bamboo design with a spring-loaded taster. This impeccable set comes at an affordable price that is unparalleled with its competitors.

Silverstick Leather Dugout:

A compact and subtle dugout set, this silverstick leather dugout comes with a leather case and an oversized one-hitter that gives you about 4-6 draws per bowl. This dugout is made with aircraft alloy, making it super durable and long-lasting. Its compact design aids in its discreetness and travel-friendliness.

Smoke Kayota Revolver Dugout

This dugout is made of acrylic and has a lovely marble-like pattern that makes it even more attractive. It features a twist top and a storage compartment for your smoking products. You also have a variety of colors to choose from with this dugout.

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