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Why Weed Grinders are important

Weed grinders come in all shapes and sizes. But they can also seem excessive and even unnecessary. In addition, it is easy enough to work your herbs with your bare hands. A pair of scissors will also get the job done. So do you really need grinders to indulge your herb? This is an inevitable question.

If you’re talking about necessity, then no. You don’t need a grinder.

However, if you are talking about the overall smoking experience, then yes, absolutely! A grinder can completely make every smoking session wholesome. And isn’t that what we want – the overall indulgence?

How weed grinders elevate your smoke sessions.

You could easily crush your decadent herbs and take a hit. Nevertheless, you will agree that the size of your herbs can be very inconsistent. This means that the level of smoke and the intensity they produce will be compromised.

On the other hand, grinders yield evenly cut herbs with every batch. Evenly cut herbs will give you a smooth and pleasurable hit. And this is something every decent smoker will appreciate.

At a glance, grinders can seem like an indulgence. But as you can see, they can take the smoking game to a whole new level.

Think you’re ready to get yourself a weed grinder? Now comes the part where you decide which one to add to your herb paraphernalia. So before you can get the right grinder, here are the features you need to consider.

The material of the weed grinders.

The material used in the construction of the grinder is very important. So let’s break down the material of the grinders and see what they have to offer.

  1. Plastic.

Weed Grinders made of plastic are the most common. Although these grinders are marketed as plastic, the material is essentially acrylic. The advantages of acrylic grinders are that they are very affordable. In addition, you can carry these grinders with you everywhere you go. The options for varied designs are also the best with acrylic grinders.

On the other hand, acrylic grinders are not durable. So it’s a tradeoff between buying cheap grinders and sacrificing longevity.

  1. Wood.

Wood grinders are not as common as plastic grinders. However, they are also not uncommon. Wooden grinders have a classy and natural appearance. They are also sustainable options as they are a natural material. Wood grinders have the advantage of being lightweight and easy to use.

  1. Metal.

Weed Grinders that are made of metal are the gold standard. These grinders have the best value for money as well. Because of their metal construction, they tend to last a lot longer than the other two types of materials.

Metal grinders have a magnet in their design. The magnetic component is typically located in the upper section. This makes grinding easy and effortless. Metal grinders are also the easiest to use as well.

Design of the grinder.

It goes without saying that weed grinders come in a wide range of designs. Some grinders come with windows either on the side or at the top. Depending on the windows’ location, you will be able to see the amount of kief without opening the grinder. You will also get the option to see the grinding process.

On the other hand, some grinders have handles. This is used to grind the herb instead of traditionally turning the grinder’s lid.

The grinder’s material decides the types of design that may or may not be included in the grinder. Moreover, the grinder’s size also has a lot to do with the overall design and aesthetics.

Tier of the grinder.

As briefly mentioned above, grinders come in a lot of designs. Irrespective of that, all grinders fall under these three tiers.

  1. Two-piece with a single chamber.

This is the most common tier of grinders. It consists of the upper and bottom sections, which form a single chamber. Grinders that fall under this tier have teeth on either side of the section to grind the herb. Most of these grinders have teeth that are diamond shaped to facilitate easy grinding. If you plan to get a two-piece grinder, look for one with a lot of teeth.

However, the downside to single chamber grinders is the difficulty in getting out the kief. Working manually to get the herb from between the teeth can take a toll on your patience.

  1. Three-piece with the double chamber.

Grinders that fall under this tier have a three-piece construction. The top section of these grinders is similar to the top chamber of a single piece.

The difference is in the second section. Here, in addition to the teeth, there are holes in the section. Through these holes, the ground herb falls to the third section of the setup. This is where the kief collects, making it effortless to remove them.

  1. Four-piece with the triple chamber.

These grinders are the big daddy of grinders. The two top sections in these grinders are the same in the three-piece tiers.

In addition, there is a neat feature of these grinders. The bottom of the second chamber comes with a small sieve or a screen. This component allows the kief to sift down and collect in the third chamber. You will undoubtedly be getting the finest ground herb, which will elevate every hit you inhale.

Most of these grinders also come with a small spatula type component. Using this, you can scrap the kief that collects at the bottom section. This accumulated kief makes a fantastic topping for joints and bowls, in case you are interested.

So, are weed grinders worth getting? Definitely. They are the perfect tools for getting a kick of out your herbs. They make grinding very effortless. With a grinder, getting evenly cut herbs is guaranteed. So, you also get the most out of your joints since you don’t waste any portion.

Ready to bring home a grinder? Take your pick of the best grinders from our curated list of weed grinders. Irrespective of your taste, we have one that you will appreciate and love using to get respectfully high.

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