what is a steamroller pipe

What is a Steamroller Pipe

What is a steamroller pipe? Although there is a wide variety of smoking devices available today, many users prefer handy pipes over complex rigs. Also, most pipe smokers feel that they’ve narrowed down on their choice of smoking gear. Whether it’s a mini travel pipe or an eye-catching spoon pipe, you may think you’ve seen it all. And to be honest, pipe designers have covered pretty much everything you could expect from a traditional pipe design.

But if you haven’t experienced a steamroller’s hit, you’re in for a whole new treat! We’ll teach you how to use a steamroller pipe. It’s a union of strong hits without the harsh tones of an ordinary pipe. Steamrollers bring you the convenience of a compact piece with the strength of a standard bong. They come in a diverse variety of sizes and designs and are guaranteed to deliver in every form.

To find out whether you should use a steamroller, it’ll help to understand how they work. Today, we want to share with you all you want to know about steamrollers. By the end of this article, you’ll be informed enough to make a decision on whether you want one or not. Plus, you’ll understand the pieces enough to make a choice on what type and design will suit your style.

How to use a Steamroller Pipe

At first glance, steamrollers look pretty simple and straightforward. They’re like a cross between a dry bong and a regular pipe. Steamrollers come in a long, narrow structure, which makes them work like a tube bong. This means smoke can cool down before it reaches your lungs. This feature gives it a superior hit compared to ordinary pipes.

They’re not as efficient as glycerin coils. These pieces come with liquid glycerin on top of the glass coils already inside. They work together to slow down and cool the smoke before it hits your lungs. This gives you a much smoother and cooler hit compared to other devices. But steamrollers still do a considerably good job of adding smoothness to the smoke. They don’t scorch your throat like your run-of-the-mill chillum.

How to use a Steamroller pipe? It’s easy! Just put your lips on the device’s mouthpiece and use a finger to cover the carb at the other end. The carb is essentially a hole for air. It lets you clear up the bowl when you release your finger. To proceed, light up the bowl and let the smoke fill the tube to capacity. Let go of the carb as you inhale, and enjoy the heavy hit from your favorite strain.

However, it’s crucial to remember here that steamrollers can deliver really strong hits. So, it may not be the ideal choice if you’re a newbie at the smoking game. It makes more sense for experienced users who maybe want an upgrade from a smaller pipe. If you think the harsh hit may be too much for you, consider going for bongs or rigs that can smoothen the hit.

Steamroller Pipe: The Features

Steamrollers usually come with some standard features – a tube with a mouthpiece in one end, carb in the other, and bowl on top. As far as steamroller pipes go, these features are pretty universal and basic. But you’ll find additional features and radical designs on some models that make them indistinguishable from fancier pipes. However, steamrollers are known to sport a variety of shapes and designs. These designs sometimes have practical benefits. Other times, they’re mainly added for aesthetics and appearance.

As you shop for steamrollers, try to remember some basic practical features first. For example, the Fumed Ice Cube steamroller has a cubical shape that prevents it from rolling around. Even the Colored Glass Mini Steamroller has small ‘feet’ that keep it steady in place.

Since steamrollers can sport a bigger body than traditional pipes, they can also offer additional features like percolators. With percolators, steamrollers can cool down the smoke way before it reaches your lungs. So, you get the benefits of smoking form a bong without the hassle of adding water to your piece. Designs like the 5″ Mini Steamroller come with an ash-catcher that keeps your mouth ash-free.

Some designs, such as the Giant 18″ Steamroller, come with a detachable bowl. You can remove the bowl by detaching the keck clip that holds it in place. One of the best things about the keck-clip feature is that your bowl is super easy to clean and maintain. Also, you can try out different bowl designs that fit the opening based on your preference. The clip serves the additional function of acting like the pipe’s ‘feet’ if it gets turned over on one side.

What is a Steamroller Pipe

What is a Steamroller Pipe

Steamroller pipes are generally made of durable glass. You’ll find that borosilicate glass is a popular choice among manufacturers. Also known as scientific glass, this glass is thicker and more resistant to heat.

These useful properties make it an ideal choice for a smoking device. The thickness prevents it from breaking easily even if dropped. And the heat-resistance is a must-have feature for obvious reasons – it’s a smoking pipe!

However, you may occasionally find steamroller pipes that aren’t fully made of glass. For instance, this model comes with a glass tube but a mouthpiece made of wood. These types of designs will suit those users who prefer a classic element to their pipes.

Steamrollers: The ideal size

The ideal size of a steamroller pipe really depends on your preference. There’s no perfect steamroller size that fits with every use and context. Having said that, pipes of different sizes each offer specific advantages. You can hold the 4.5″ Mini steamroller easily within your palms and still get a decent hit of whatever you’re lighting up. It gives you a decently smooth pull compared to ordinary pipes, but it’s not as cumbersome as a dabbing rig.

While the smaller compact steamroller pipes are easier to carry around, the larger ones can come with extra functionalities. It’s essentially a trade-off between convenience and utility. But the good news is that you’ll find pipes in between that can satisfy both factors. We hope this guide has answered your question of, what is a Steamroller Pipe.

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