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What is Silicon Carbide

What You Need to Know About Silicon Carbide Dabbing

As the cannabis industry matures at the rate of lightning, new items hit the shelf as never before. You’d be forgiven for assuming that we’d reached a saturation point with too many options open; there couldn’t be anything more than what’s already available, right?

Yet the dabbing scene has never been one to sit on its laurels, and fans still look for the latest developments in dabbing technology to focus. The newest of these comes in the shape of nails made of Silicon carbide. These cutting-edge heating components have a lot of hype about them, so let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about.

What’s Carbide Silicon?

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a high-performance, durable ceramic which has many uses. Silicon carbide is one of the miracle products of the 21st century, with uses ranging from grinding tools and car brake disks to battle armor, heating elements and next-gen semiconductor electronics.

It is very thin, and highly strong, and can be moulded into almost any shape. In fact, in the field of high temperature/high voltage electronics and computing devices, and even cladding for nuclear reactors, we are still finding applications for Silicon carbide. However, it is the outstanding heating characteristics of SiC that make it such a successful choice for dabbing.

Dab Nails with Silicon Carbide

The high melting point of 5,130 ° F of silicon carbide, unrivalled thermal conductivity, and its capacity to endure rapid, drastic temperature changes without shattering, all combine to make SiC dab nails an excellent vaporization surface. In comparison, SiC dab nails do not “Chazz” as fused quartz does, and consumers report a significant taste advantage over titanium or quartz glass nails and bangers.

SiC is a tough substance, as well. SiC ranges are 9 to 9.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. For comparison, diamonds are 10, and glass is around 6, the hardest material known to man. This makes Silicon carbide dab nails extremely tough, and they can last a lifetime with careful treatment.

Is It Poisonous to Use Silicon Carbide?

Oh, no. SiC is so chemically inert that it hardly interacts at all with any other material. Which ensures if you dab off a Silicon carbide nail, it would not contain poisonous gases. However, if you happen to work in a facility that produces it, there are many health risks involved with silicon carbide.

SiC is produced using an Acheson Furnace that creates tiny crystals of Silicon carbide that take a powder’s shape. Using hydraulic leverage, this powder is then squashed into a mould and, eventually, this formed piece is fired like any other ceramic in a kiln. Although Sic is not poisonous, many Silicon carbide ‘whiskers’ are created by the method of producing it. These tiny SiC shards can stick around in the air, and inflammation of the skin, eyes, and lungs will occur if you come into contact with them. The most significant risk is breathing in SiC whiskers, since these shards will cut the interior of your lungs, allowing scar tissue to build up with time, eventually reducing the lungs’ capacity to take in oxygen. It’s referred to as Fibrosis.

Yet there’s absolutely no reason to think about this as the end customer. That’s because there are no whiskers in the final Silicon carbide product that you order, and as used, it will not produce any.

Should I use Silicon Carbide to Dab?

A Silicon carbide dab nail is clean, performs exceptionally well in terms of heating and, most of all, enhances your dab’s flavor. So yeah, you certainly need to consider one. However, because the Sic nails are so recent, at the moment, they are very costly.

The production of Silicon carbide is not an environmentally sustainable method after a century of invention. It’s energy consuming as well as carbon-intensive. So, you may still want to stick with a titanium or quartz glass nail if you are an environmentally aware citizen, since the manufacture of these nails has a much smaller carbon footprint by contrast.

The most significant selling point of nails made of silicon carbide, though, is that they can last a lifetime. If you change your quartz bangers fairly frequently, then SiC nails are worth the investment because the last nail you will need to purchase could be a Silicon carbide dab nail.

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