How To Clean Your Quartz Banger

How To Clean Your Quartz Banger

If you take dabs, you probably have had to deal with a dirty or discolored banger. Quartz bangers are great because they are durable and retain heat well, but they can also get dirty with heavy use.

If you’re here wondering how to clean your quartz banger, do not fret, since it is relatively easier to clean compared to other types as long as you know what steps to take. The following are some step-by-step instructions on how to give your banger a deep cleaning if it is turning dark brown or black.

A Good Soak

If your banger is in urgent need of a full cleaning, start with a soak. The soak should be made of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt and put in a Ziploc bag. The combination of these two will create a strong solution that can cut through the residue on your banger.

First, pour in the isopropyl alcohol into the bag and then add in 3-5 tablespoons of coarse salt (kosher salt). Shake the solution so that the two combine and then drop your banger into the bag and seal it. Leave it in the bag overnight so that the residue can properly separate from the banger. You can even shake the bag every few hours to allow the residue to fall off.

Rinse With Warm Water

After leaving it in the solution overnight, remove your banger from the bag and rinse it under warm water. While rinsing, make sure to wash off and clean as much of the residue as you can. You can now throw away the solution.

Once the residue is softened, you can also use any scraping tool or your dab to scrape off the excess residue.

Heat Your Banger

To remove any more leftover residue, heat your banger to around 600-800 degrees Fahrenheit. This will turn the residue into ash and loosen up any other gunk still stuck to it.

Use A Q-Tip

Then, take a q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol and use it to clean up the bowl. Be careful, make sure your banger has cooled down sufficiently before doing this. The yellow residue or fresh puddles should be able to get wiped off without being too sticky. The q-tip should be efficient in scrubbing off the old, harder to clean up sticky residue.

After this, use the dry side of the Q-tip to remove any excess alcohol off of your banger.

You can rinse your banger again in warm water, and all the remaining residue should wash off.

Rinse And Repeat

Rinse the banger once again in warm water but this time, you should get all the residues out as well. Repeat the whole process until all your residue has been washed off.


Now that your banger is squeaky clean, you can use a paper towel to dry it off and then let it sit to fully air out. After some time, your banger should be ready to be put into good use again!

Tips For Regular Maintenance

The technique described above is for a full deep cleanse of your banger if it’s completely dirty. You should ideally be cleaning your banger after every few dabs to keep it clean and your dabs pure. Quartz can get dirty fast, so regular cleaning is necessary to avoid performing a whole deep cleaning.

The best way to keep your banger looking good as new is to try and clean it after each dab or every few dabs. Keep a jar of Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol around you while smoking.

Take a dab and let it cool enough to allow the puddle formed to stay in place or a consistency that is easy to wipe away. This will be around 30 seconds or a minute after hitting the dab. Then, using the Q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol, wipe away the residue carefully. You can then wipe up the alcohol with the dry side of the Q-tip if you want because it will evaporate very quickly anyway.

You can even use alcohol wipes or pads to clean up on the go. Some companies make cotton swabs with ends already filled with isopropyl alcohol, which can be useful for travel and saving time.

Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Quartz Banger

Remember to keep your dabs at lower temperatures if you’re using a quartz banger. If you are heating it till it gets red hot every time you take a dab, your banger will break down faster and reduce its usability.

If you heat it too much, it causes the banger to get cloudy and form black tar-like remnants.

When you heat up your dab to high temperatures repeatedly when it is dirty, it can make the residue crystallize into the quartz and degrade it. This is known as devitrification. Things like dirt, oils, and other contaminants can encourage the growth of crystals making your banger look cloudy and opaque.

To save your banger from getting dirty and degrading, you should lightly brush the flame of your torch or lighter on the bottom and sides of it while smoking. This will ensure that all the heat is not concentrated and forming hot spots that will burn up your banger. Moving the flame around the base will ensure an even distribution of heat on the surface.

Using high-quality fuel also makes a difference. Butane torches are preferred over propane ones as they burn cleaner.

Try to invest in a good quality quartz banger instead of a cheap one. Cheaper bangers are more prone to discoloration, less resistant to high temperatures, and are not as sturdy. Buying a higher quality banger will be more beneficial in the long run.

How Not To Clean Your Banger

Now that we have told you how to keep your banger clean, here’s what you should not do!

Never use bleach or any acid-based cleaning products on your banger. Only use diluted water or isopropyl alcohol.

Do not try scraping off or cleaning your banger with any sharp, abrasive tools. Only use cotton swabs, q-tips, or any blunt objects scrape and clean your banger.

Summing Up

Try to keep up with the maintenance of your banger. Cleaning after every dab may sound like a chore, but this will keep your hits clean and flavorful in the long run. Now that you are all caught up on how to keep your banger clean, you’ll have no excuse to leave it dirty!

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