How to Fix a Broken Bong

How to Fix a Broken Bong: Different Methods and How They Work

We can feel you; we can feel that pain and that depression creeping inside of you. Dropped your bong or smashed it against a piece of furniture? It broke into pieces, and so did your heart – Don’t worry, this cannot be the end of your love story. In this post, we will guide you about how you can easily repair your bong. So, let’s get started!

First Evaluate the Damage

Not all bongs can be repaired. These methods may work on bongs whose condition is not that worse. You can evaluate the condition of the bong by comparing the damages with the following:

  • If the whole is bong is larger than the size of a pea it cannot be repaired
  • If the broken pieces are more in quantity (say greater than 10), then you are wasting your time in repairing it

But minor chips, cracks, and clean breaks can easily be repaired, and a broken glass bong can be salvaged with a little glue and some prep work.

Let’s See Which Seal Suits Your Broken Bong

In this post, you will find a handful number of ways to repair the bong via commonly available items. So, let us see what methods we have gathered for you:

  • Food Grade Silicone
  • Two-Part Epoxy
  • Loctite Glass
  • Cyanoacrylates (Super-Glue)
  • JB Weld, Quick Steel, or Plumbers Putty
  • Duct Tape
  • Blow Torch

Food Grade Silicone

What could be better than using a waterproof and non-toxic material to repair your bong? The food-grade sealant is a convenient and reliable way to repair your broken bong. Though if the structure of your bong is ruined, it will not be restored via this substance.

But attach it to the affected area, cracks, and chipped off the area and the bong will be good as new. If the patch doesn’t work, you can easily remove it by peeling it off and experiment with any other method. No-fuss is created, and no mess is made. But make sure to use this material on the joints of the bong or where the tube connects with the base.

You cannot cover the entire bong with food-grade silicone and expect it to function perfectly. Even if you have applied a non-waterproof glue and want to keep it secured, cover that part with this substance and water will be ineffective in that area.

Two-Part Epoxy

The ‘two-part’ in the name suggests that this epoxy is a polymerized mixture of two substances; resin and hardener. The intricate composition may indicate that the availability of this substance would be limited, but that is not the case. Many brands provide heat and water-resistant substances that are used to bond glass. And you can easily find this long-lasting fix to keep the glass pieces bonded together.

A downside to this may be that it can easily become waterlogged. If you keep this seal submerged in depths of eater too long, the seal will become ineffective and peel off. But the easy remedy is to keep the bong empty between the uses.

This epoxy can only work on clean cuts. So, if the broken glass surface is uneven or sharp, you would have to purchase a glass cutter and keep the broken area smooth and evenly cut. You can smooth out the sharp edges by sandpaper too before applying the epoxy.

Loctite Glass

The use and appearance of this adhesive are quite similar to super-glue, but the chemical compositions of the two are very different. This adhesive is a butyl formula that is very useful in bonding broken pieces of glass together. This method shall also be on top of your list when it comes to repairing your bong. You don’t have to worry about excessive heat and water affecting the effectivity of the glue and making it redundant.

But you may not like it very much as it does contain few chemicals which could be harmful to your health if consumed a lot indirectly. It is perfect to seal small crack and bond bowl pieces, but it would require frequent changes.

Cyanoacrylates (Super-Glue)

This substance has to be one of the most common items in a tools box. But sadly, this widely available glue does not stick to the glass. It can seal and mend the small gaps and cracks emerging in plastic bongs and several other materials though.

Super-glue is characterized as the downside of Loctite Glass as it offers no help in bonding of glass. And as most of you know, bongs are commonly made from glass. So, the most efficient use of the super glue will be on acrylic. But make sure you use it in small quantities and controlled environment. You don’t want to create a mess made out of super glue.

JB Weld, Quick Steel, Plumber’s Putty

Such sealants have putty-like consistency that can easily be shaped into cracks.

Three putties are waterproof; JB Weld and Quick Steel are similar products and will get stiff and hard after curing, but the plumber’s putty will not dry up and will remain flexible long after you have applied. But be cautious that you don’t use any of this on a crack that is located anywhere near the bowl of the bong’s pipe as these putties consist of toxic chemicals.

Duct Tape

You will be adamant about using this method if you care deeply about the aesthetic of the bong or how it appears. But it is one of the effective ways that can seal any crack in the bong and make it functional. The dark-coloured patch may not look appealing, but it will allow the bong to work as usual. If you seal the crack airtight with the duct tape, it can resist water for longer lengths of time too. Just carefully wrap it around the cracks, broken pieces, and the affected area and voila! You are good to go!

Blow Torch

Using this torch is definitely not part of a DIY project, so make sure that you use this while taking all precautions. But it is best if you leave this challenging task to the professionals. Most substances from which a bong is made usually melts at high temperatures. And this may require a propane or butane blow torch. glass alone starts to melt at 560 degrees Celsius.

Your best chances are to use an acetylene torch and a kiln to melt glass at such a high temperature. But this should be the option you avail at last as it requires skill and due diligence. Only this way you can heat the bong thoroughly and melt the glass fully so that it bonds.

Maybe it’s Time to Call a Professionals

If nothing seems to go your way, maybe it’s time to use the big guns: experts. You probably would have underestimated the damage and repairing the aggravated condition of the bong would transcend your knowledge of salvaging a broken bong, so at this instance, you will require a professional. This shall be your go-to option if everything else fails or if you are too afraid to treat the broken bong manually yourself.

But keep in mind that you would have to loosen up your pocket strings as the repair costs can vary between $40- $300. This will solely depend on three factors; the severity of the damage, the quality of materials used for repairment, and the expertise of the professional chosen.

But you may not be able to eliminate a sentimental bias that will draw you towards hiring a pro to restore the bong, no matter what the charges are. Certain things are too precious, and you can’t compromise on them. One of these is a man’s personal bong.

If you hire a professional glassblower, they will ask you to clean the bong and the pieces thoroughly before they can begin working on the repair. This explicitly means that you must remove any glue, resin, or tape that you had attached to the bong to fix it temporarily.

Does nothing work? Get a New One

Sometimes, when you put your DIY hat on, you cannot hack your way into everything. That is when you have to accept defeat and realize that it is time to purchase a new bong. It won’t be the same, but you will get used to it and attached to it in no time. And trust us, we know how special and treasured a bong is to an individual. Keep the previous one as a memento and move on to a new one. It will be a hefty investment, but the pleasure received will be worth all the expenditure.

Final Words

This experiment will be very interesting as you will get to repair your bong yourself. Bong breaking accidents are more common than you think and cause just as much damage. But with these effective methods, you might just be able to do the unimaginable. So, no more crying whenever you inadvertently smash your bong into something, and it breaks. So, it’s time to get a little creative and see which method works best for you!

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