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The Benefits of Silicone Bongs

When you’re shopping for a new bong to round out your collection, it’s important to consider what material the bong is made out of. Many people aren’t aware that the material used to make the bong can have a great impact on the experience. No, you’re not going to notice much of a difference in how it smokes, but factors like cleaning and display will play a huge part in the material you might prefer.

Silicone water bongs are quickly becoming a popular choice among enthusiasts for their durability and fresh new looks. Many people are beginning to look into adding a silicone bong to their collection. For anyone who is new and looking to get started smoking, having a silicone bong as your first piece might be a smart way to go. Silicone bongs tend to be simpler than glass bongs and will give you the footing you need to understand what you’re doing.

Choosing the style of bong that suits you best is all about knowing what you want from your piece. This article looks to explain the benefits of silicone bongs and to provide you with an understanding of what you might receive by choosing a silicone bong. We will compare materials and provide you with the knowledge necessary to make the choice of what material you want your bong to be made out of.

The Basics of a Silicone Bong

The first step to choosing your bong material is to understand the basics of each option. Silicone bongs come in many different styles and orientations, just as with any other type of bong. Just because the material is more durable and designed to last, doesn’t mean you can’t have variations on the design. The creators of the silicone bong want to have as much fun with it as you will when using it so some creative designs are common.

You can choose from your normal silicone bong or go with different types such as the silicone hybrid bong or the Eyce silicone bong. Perhaps the nucleus silicone bong is more your style. When shopping for a silicone bong, don’t limit yourself to the design or manufacturer just because the material is different. Take your time and shop around, manufacturers like Eyce and Nucleus are only the tip of the iceberg.

Overview of the Layout

Before you begin using a bong of any style, it’s important to know what everything is and what it all does. Otherwise, you’ll be left with technical jargon that makes no sense to you and you’ll end up more confused than before. There are a couple of basic terms and parts that you should know before you start smoking. Firstly, the biggest part of the bong is the chamber. This is the long tube where the smoke flows through towards the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is typically located on or near the top of the chamber and is where the user places their mouth to inhale the smoke. Next up is the bowl: this is either a glass or metal piece where the material smoked will be placed. You can either “pack” it with dry material or dab some cannabis on it. Either way, you light the bowl and the smoke travels into the chamber where it meets water and eventually goes up to the mouthpiece.

The stem is connected to the bowl and is where the smoke is initially conducted into the water at the base of the chamber. This is all done to help keep the smoke clean and clear for the smoker to enjoy. Another part – which some setups might not have – is the ice catcher. This is an indent in the chamber that keeps an ice cube from falling down into the water. The cube will act as a filter and refresher for the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece.

How to Use One

Now that you know the basics of the layout, how do you use a bong? It can be quite simple depending on the design of the bong. Other designs can be much more intricate and might require more steps than the typical silicone bong. We’re going to stick with the basics as they will apply to almost every piece with the slight variations being attributed to the complexity of the design of the bong.

Depending on the material you’re smoking, your first step is to pack the bowl. You can either dab a little bit of the paste or fill the bowl with the dry material and then light it up. Once the material is lit, the smoke will begin to travel down the stem into the chamber where it will mix and mingle with the water in the water bowl. The water helps clean the smoke and make it a much more pleasant experience for the smoker.

It will then travel up the chamber where it will encounter the ice cube if you’re using one. This will act as another filter and will be held in place by the ice cube catcher. Once it passes through here it will meet with the mouthpiece and you’ll begin to inhale. By this point the smoke should be clean and ready to go. For many silicone bongs, you’ll have to remove the stem before the smoke can flow up through the chamber into the mouthpiece. Once again, the more complex the design, the more steps will be required before you can finish the smoking process.

Silicone Versus Glass

silicone bong

There are many benefits of the different types of materials used in a bong, both glass and silicone alike. The real difference comes down to your personal preferences and what features matter most to you. Below we have compared two of the most popular bong materials for you to see how silicone bongs hold up against their glass counterparts. Glass is one of the most popular materials used for bongs, but silicone is quickly becoming a favorite.

Silicone Pros and Cons

Silicone is durable and is able to take a hit. Because of its flimsy build, you won’t have to worry about your bong being broken. The silicone material also helps prevent burns to the user from improper use. With glass, you run the risk of touching the wrong spot and burning yourself whereas with silicone, this risk is greatly decreased.

One issue with silicone is the lack of variation possible with the design. The artwork can be found in the decals on the silicone, but very little is possible so far when compared to the complex designs possible for glass bongs.


  • Durable and adjustable
  • Safer to the touch
  • Insane colors and mixes


  • Not much possible with complex designs

Glass Pros and Cons

Probably the most common and popular material used in a bong, glass style bongs offer the user plenty of possibilities when in use. One of the biggest benefits of the glass bong is the design possibilities. Glass blowers specialize in making extravagant designs and beautiful twists in the glass which can make your glass bong the centerpiece of the room. The glass material is tried and tested and is proven to be a favorite for bong users.

It can be easily broken, however, which is the biggest issue people have with glass bongs. Because of the glass build, if it falls off a table or is packed improperly, you could be $50 down the drain. The glass can also become easily fogged requiring much more cleaning than with a silicone bong.


  • Intricate designs and beautiful twists
  • A favorite for bong users


  • Easily broken
  • Fogs up quickly

How to Clean Silicone Bong

Another great feature of silicone bongs is how simple they are to clean. There are many methods to clean your silicone bong from alcohol to freezing to dish washing. Silicone is completely dishwasher safe and as long as you remove the glass materials, you should be good to go. The most effective method and the easiest has proven to be freezing the bong.

For this method, all you have to do to clean your silicone bong is place it in the freezer and let the cold do the work. The silicone will expand and the gunk will be easy to remove. After it’s been in the freezer for a couple of hours, simply bend and manipulate the silicone until it forces the inside gunk to come out. The silicone won’t break and the gunk won’t stick so your bong will be clean and ready to go. The one issue with this is that it doesn’t remove the smell like the other two methods.

Finding a nice combination of the methods might be beneficial to you. Freeze the gunk away and then once it’s returned to room temperature, wash out the smell with an alcohol mixture. Silicone bongs are easy to clean and safe to freeze.

Finding the right silicone bong is all about knowing what features to look for. If you’re looking for a safe, durable, and easy to clean bong, then silicone might be the material for you.

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