bubbler vs bong

Bubbler vs Bong

Bubbler vs Bong, the age old question. Glass bongs and glass bubblers are two distinct types of smoking pieces that both have their uses. But they can seem like identical items to those who aren’t very familiar with the variety of smoking apparatus. It’s a mix-up that we come across a lot. So, for the uninitiated, we here at Destination Smoke will clarify the differences between the two. So sit back, light a joint, and grab some snacks. It’s time to learn about smoking gears!

Glass bongs and glass bubblers: The Basics 1

Glass Bongs: Structure and Design 2

Glass bongs: Different Styles 2

Glass Bongs: The Benefits 2

Glass bubblers: Structure and Design 3

Glass Bubblers: Different Styles 3

Glass Bubblers: The Benefits 4

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Bubbler vs Bong: The Basics

The confusion between the bubbler vs bong is understandable. They both have similarities that can make them seem like the same item.

For starters, both hold and use water to filter the smoke when you light it. Also, they’re usually made from borosilicate glass and come in very durable and intricate designs. The durability of these glasses comes from thebubbler vs bong boric acid (about 5% content), which allows them to endure higher temperatures. Finally, both bongs and bubblers are bigger than the typical smoking pipes people use.

These are some of the ‘glassy’ similarities between the two. But bongs and bubblers are very different in other aspects. Let’s take a look at the two pieces in a bit more detail and figure out which is best, bubbler vs bong.

Glass Bongs: Structure and Design

The most apparent feature of glass bongs that separate them from bubblers is the size. The former is visibly larger than the latter. This makes them lose points on portability in comparison to their smaller bubbler counterparts. But it also gives them a sturdy and strong base. This means they can assume upright or even tilted designs depending on the maker’s tastes.

Glass bongs usually hold the water at the base, but this can also vary based on the design. For example, more complicated designs like percolators can have the water move through different chambers. These features can create a smoother and cleaner experience while smoking. If you want maximum diffusion, some bong designs come with complex and upscale percolators.

Regardless of design, most glass bongs come with some common apparatus parts. These include the main bowl, the mouthpiece, a downstem, and a slide.

Glass bongs: Different Styles

Glass bongs can come in the widest variety of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. But most designs will carry a base (bulbous body) and a neck (tubular style). Bong makers can express creativity and style through the different structures they create. Some of the standard bong designs can include:

  • Beaker Bong
  • Genie Bong
  • Straight Glass Bong
  • Vase Bong
  • Heavy Base bong
  • Wrap Vase bong
  • Table-top Hammer Bong
  • Recycler Bong
  • Triple Percolator Bong
  • Glass Bong with a Banger

Glass Bongs: The Benefits

  • Glass bongs usually give you a much smoother and cleaner smoking experience.
  • They give a more level and even pull in comparison to plastic bongs
  • Glass bongs allow you to add more customized elements. There are tons of accessories and components you can add to glass bongs to enhance the experience.
  • While complicated pipes take a lot of effort and care, glass bongs are very easy to maintain and clean.
  • They also come in a variety of glass designs, shapes, sizes, etc. Regardless of your tastes, there’s a glass bong design for you out there.
  • Their size and weight give them a much more durable and stable structure compared to smaller items.
  • Finally, glass bongs double up as excellent home décor elements even when you’re no using them.

Glass bubblers: Structure and Design

At first glance, glass bubblers may not seem any different from glass bongs. But as you see enough pieces, you’ll notice that they’re usually much smaller in size. The benefits of glass bubblers also slightly differ from bongs (which we’ll discuss in a bit).

However, like bongs, bubblers also come with a bulbous base or chamber that will help hold the water. There are some designs that come with more than one base chamber. Also, similar to bongs and pipes, glass bubblers also carry a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece. You’ll find that glass bubblers offer a much wider variety of mouthpiece designs compared to other smoking kits.

Glass Bubblers: Different Styles

Like glass bongs, makers of glass bubblers can also bust out their creativity through different styles and designs. Some of the most sought-after designs for glass bubblers are:

  • The Hammer Bubbler
  • The Mini Bubbler
  • The Double Bubbler
  • The Sherlock Bubbler
  • The Sidecar Bubbler

Once you get used to smoking on a glass bubbler, you can venture out and try out some of these different styles and designs.

Glass Bubblers: The Benefits

Although they have different features compared to bongs, bubblers also offer a lot of advantages.

  • The most significant benefit of bubblers is perhaps their portability. The smaller size makes the bubbler much more comfortable to carry around with you. The bong, on the other hand, can be inconvenient to take out of the house.
  • Glass bubblers are known to give a smooth smoking experience
  • You don’t use as much water with bubblers as you do with bongs.
  • With compact bubblers, you can smoke discreetly without drawing too much attention.
  • Glass bubblers are also more convenient to handle and operate. You can even use bubblers with one hand.
  • If you’re a fan of style and design, glass bubblers offer you a better variety in mouthpiece forms.
  • Glass bubblers are a union of glass bongs and smaller pipes. They give you the smoothness of bongs and the convenience of pipes.
  • Some glass bubblers also allow you to use them without adding water.
  • Bubblers are generally made with durable material, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.

Bubbler vs Bong: Wrap up

Bubbler vs Bong, can naturally seem like a very difficult question. To understand the difference, you have to be aware of what makes each piece useful and handy. With this short but comprehensive guide, you should be able to differentiate between the two easily.

This information will also help you decide which pieces to buy when you need a pipe, bong, or bubbler. Destination Smoke dedicates it’s time and resources to curate and offer only the best pipes, bongs, accessories, and all you’ll ever need to enjoy a smooth and stress-free smoking experience!

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