Vaporizers for Dummies

Vaporizers for Dummies – Easy Vape Guide

Looking for a Vaporizers for dummies guide? More and more people are making the shift from traditional dry herbs to more potent concentrates. And with good reasons! Concentrates deliver more intensity, and they’re much more convenient to use. And few other devices deliver it better than a good old vaporizer.

Naturally, people are developing a closer interest in what constitutes a vaporizer and how to pick the right model. This means there’s a growing trend towards understanding these devices. And the curiosity is warranted because vaporizers come in certain varieties too. But few other devices enjoy as much popularity and convenience as wax pens, a handy type of portable vapes. These smoking devices offer a discrete, efficient, and convenient way of enjoying your wax/concentrates that is unmatched by others. So, how do they work? In this vape guide we explain Vaporizers for dummies

Vaporizers for Dummies

Vaporizers for Dummies

Wax pens can vary in design and appearance, but most of them have the same structure. They have the battery down at the bottom, which comes connected with a threaded atomizer. The atomizer acts as both the chamber and the heating mechanism. At the top is a mouthpiece from which you inhale the vapor.

The atomizers can come in a considerable variety of mini-types. And each type offers a relative advantage as well as a drawback. Wick atomizers, for example, work through a fiber that can absorb the wax. The absorbing happens when it is heated by a silica or titanium coil, much like a candle’s wick burns through capillary action. Wick atomizers work better with runny waxes compared to other varieties. The coils, however, are not exclusively found in wick atomizers. You’ll also find them in wickless rod atomizers. These atomizers use quartz rods or ceramic instead of the absorbent fiber found in wick atomizers. As you can imagine, these designs work better for thicker wax compared to wick designs. Both wick and rod designs are available with variation in coil designs. They can come in single, double, or even triple coil designs. The basic idea here is that you can go for more coils if you want more heat transferred to your wax or concentrate.

Variations in Atomizers

Besides the difference in wick and rods, atomizers can come in other designs. Flat dish options are designs where you won’t find either a wick or coil. They’re ideal for people who prefer vapes with lower temperatures without the wax coming into contact with the heating mechanism, many vape guides recommend this. Also, some people don’t really like the after taste of silica and titanium coils. So, the flat dish is an alternative for them too.

There are other atomizers that place a screen between the wax and the heating mechanism to prevent physical contact. On the other hand, pancake coil atomizers try to utilize the close contact between the heating element and the concentrate. It essentially comes down to the thickness and consistency of the concentrate you have and the heat you need to find the right consistency.

Vaporizer Basics

The material of the atomizer also determines how it delivers the concentrate. Titanium, for instance, can heat up faster and retain this heat for a longer duration. But it can compromise the quality of the taste. On the other hand, Quartz can also heat up quickly and still give you quality taste on your wax. But it cannot retain the heat as well as titanium. There are also ceramic atomizers. These designs take way longer to heat up, but they can still hold on to the heat long enough. As an added plus, they don’t add any material taste to the concentrate, especially if you operate it at lower temperatures. So, it’s pretty clear that each material brings an advantage while taking away a perk of the experience. To reconcile all these factors, some designs use a mixture of different materials. So, you can find atomizers that have a titanium coil but also come with double ceramic rods.

Atomizer cartridge

Like the constructed material, atomizers can also differ in the kind of cartridge they come in. The usual options are either plastic or glass. Users generally prefer the glass cartridge over the plastic design. The plastic cartridges can react with the wax when the heat is transferred. This means it can either be unhealthy or, at the very least, create a bad taste in the wax. Glass, on the other hand, is an organic compound that doesn’t react with the wax. So, it doesn’t leech on the concentrate or add any unpleasant tastes to the mix. Glass cartridges are typically more expensive, but they provide better quality vapes.

Power source

Wax pen batteries normally come with around 510 threading. This means you don’t have to worry too much, even if that first drag wasn’t all great. The important bit to know with wax pen batteries is the temperature and voltage. Many are very simple vaporizers for dummies.

Fixed Temperature

Wax pens usually require around 3.7 volts or more, so they need more energy than average oil pens. Buttonless stylus batteries can be affordable and easy to use. The cartridges are usually made of polycarbonate and are disposable. Fixed voltage batteries can come in button or buttonless varieties, depending on your preference.

Adjustable Temperature

These are batteries that can vary their voltage based on the temperature and not your inhaling strength. The good thing about this variable design is that you can choose the precise level of vape you prefer. It’s workable down to the consistency and customization you’re used to. They’re more expensive, and you’ll generally find them on higher-end models of wax pens.

Vape Guide Conclusion

We can safely conclude that these devices offer enough range and choice to accommodate both the casual and intensive user. As far as wax pens go, there’s a type and variety for every user out there. They’ve made vaporizers more affordable, accessible, and convenient to experience. Also, alternatives like disposable vapes harm the environment much more because of the plastic and lithium-ion batteries. Today, it’s pretty clear that refillable wax pens are superior in almost every way. So, if you’ve always wanted to try one, now’s the time!

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